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How to replace your old vinyl floor


<ul><li> 1. 1</li></ul> <p> 2. From the old floorto a new floor.2 3. Whats in it for you?By replacing the old floor, you may: Enhance the aesthetic look of your house Increase your house resale value Decrease your floor maintenance Have the new vinyl floor installed in few hours Most vinyl floors have a lifetime warranty frommanufacturer By installing it yourself, save ~75% of total floorremodeling cost. Or save 50% and your time, I know agood contractor. 3 4. BENEFITS:1. Design flexibility vinyl sheet tiles are available in many styles &amp; colors. Theinstallation can be laid out in patterns to customize a logo or guide the traffic.2. Resilience reduces noise &amp; provides comfort underfoot.3. Durability - Vinyl flooring is durable and time-tested, maintaining its beautyunder heavy foot traffic and use. It is moisture and stain resistant, so spills canbe easily removed. When compared with alternative materials, vinyl offers anattractive installed cost with economical maintenance over the life of the floor.4. Aesthetics - Todays vinyl floors are made to enhance the aesthetic featuresof an interior environment. While often mimicking the look of other hardsurfaces, they are "warmer" than ceramic tile.5. Safety features - A wide range of both tile and sheet vinyl floors is availablewith enhanced slip-retardant surfaces. These floors are suitable for a variety ofcommercial and institutional applications. Because they are vinyl, these slip-resistant surfaces can be easily cleaned. Check with manufacturers for vinylfloors designed to meet other special needs like static control.6. Healthcare applications - Vinyl flooring is frequently used in healthcarefacilities because it is nearly impervious to water, offering a significant sanitaryadvantage over carpeting.7. Sports facilities - Sheet vinyl flooring products can provide an attractivealternative to expensive wood flooring systems in gymnasiums, exercise roomsand other recreational areas. 4 5. LIMITATIONS:1. Some vinyl floors can be susceptible to tears when heavy or sharp objects (such as cans or knives) are dropped. In addition, they can be subject to permanent indentation from static loads or damage from rolling loads.2. Vinyl flooring may not be recommended for automotive maintenance areas or automotive showroom areas unless the flooring is protected from oil spills and contact with rubber tires.3. In addition, vinyl flooring is not recommended for outdoor installation, where excessive heat, cold or sunlight may cause fading and discoloration. 5 6. Work in progress in the garage 6 7. INSTALLATION:1. Measure the room &amp; determine how many tiles areneeded2. Read the laminate instructions3. Tools: scissors, utility knife, carpenters square, pencil,measuring tape4. Ensure the subfloor is flat and smooth5. In my case, I installed the new vinyl tiles over the oldones it worked like a champ6. For irregular shapes, some advise creating a papertemplate for the floor layout. I did not, but cut theindividual tiles to fit as needed7. Apply caulk at the edges8. Enjoy your new floor 7 8. MAINTENANCE:1. Use a hard surface floor attachment whenvacuuming the floor2. Use non-rubber protective mats in front ofdoors, to eliminate gritty sand from getting ontothe floorcover3. Install felt floor protectors on all furniture legsused on vinyl flooring4. Dust mop or vacuum at least twice a week;sweep the floor as often as needed5. Really enjoy your new floor 8 9. The bathroom took about 3 hours 9 10. The hallway 3 hours labor 10 11. The kitchen about 5 hours 11</p>