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Vinyl Fence F.A.Q.'s Vinyl Fence Installation Installation Tips What is "On Center?" Hill Installation Reducing The Width Of A Lattice Top Fence Vinyl Fencing At An Angle

Vinyl Rail Vinyl Rail Installation Porch/Deck Post Surface Mount Angle Rail Bracket Installation

Product Specifications Warranty

Vinyl Fencing F.A.Q.'s1. Will vinyl fencing deteriorate like wood or metal? P.V.C. vinyl is formulated to meet Federal Government ASTM Standards, just like vinyl siding and vinyl window extrusions and will not yellow, rust, rot or decay, we guarantee it! Our Limited Lifetime warranty is one of the best in the business. 2. Will I ever have to paint my white fence to keep it looking good? No, special ultra violet inhibitors (U.V.) in the vinyl keep it white. There is no maintenance. 3. Can I paint my new vinyl fence? Your new white vinyl fence is a maintenance free product. Vinyl is a nonporous material and paint will not stick to its surface. Therefore, if someone vandalizes your fence by spray paint, in most cases a product like "goof off" will remove the paint. 4. My pre-built fence is fused together using a specially developed adhesive, can I replace a picket if necessary if one comes off? Yes, replacement pickets, tops and adhesive is available, either, directly from the manufacturer or through your retailer. To replace a picket: Remove broken picket or board. Clean backer rail of old glue and dirt. Glue backer rail where new picket is placed. Clamp picket for a minimum of 1 hour. Then let it dry 24 hours for maximum adhesion. 5. Are pre-built vinyl fence sections available in other styles? The pre-built vinyl fence styles represent the most popular styles requested by customers and retailers to date. There are other styles available in the Special Order program. 6. Do I install these pre-built vinyl fence sections and posts any different than wood? Laying out your fence job and installation of the posts is done much like a wood fence installation (see instructions). The advantage of vinyl vs. wood is that vinyl is much lighter weight and easier to install with less help. Check your on center post spacing before you dig holes and install your posts. Vinyl fence sections install between the posts. 7. How can I contact U.S. Fence if I have additional questions or comments? You may send your e-mail to or you can call us toll free at 1-800-336-2383.

Vinyl Fence InstallationEasy to assemble


Set posts.

2Allow 2" from bottom of fence picket to ground

Attach rail brackets.


Install vinyl fence section.Slide fence section into rail hanger brackets

Use 3/4" screws to attach rail hangers to posts On center means the distance from the center of one post to the center of next post Dig a 12" diameter hole and fill with concrete & level post in holePosts should be set in concrete 24" in the ground (59" post should be 19" in the ground)

6" Gravel12"

Use 3/4" screws to attach fence section to rail hangers

Installation InstructionsPost Installation Formula Measure the width of your panel. Measure the width of the post you are using. Allow 1/4" (or 1/2")* for hanger brackets and screws. Add the post width to the width of panel plus 1/4" (or 1/2")* and that will be the on center spacing to set your post. Example; 36"x8' Classic Gothic Picket Fence actual panel width 92-1/4" actual post width + 3-1/2" allowance for hanger and screws* + 1/4" on center post installation 96" or 92-1/2" between posts (panel width plus bracket hanger allowance). *rail hanger bracket allowance 1/4" for this rail *rail hanger bracket allowance 1/2" for this rail Gate Installation The opening should be 1-1/4" wider than gate. The gate bottom should align with the fence bottom. Options 3-1/2 x 3-1/2 Gate Posts* Insert 2 Pressure Treated 2x4's inside post to mount hinges for added strength. Rip 1/2" off wide side of 2x4's. 5 x 5 Gate Posts* Insert 2 Pressure Treated 2x4's (or one PT4x4) inside post. Keep the 2x4 flush to the hinge mounting side of post for added strength.*Wood Recommended For Gate Posts Only Insert 2 pressure treated pre-drill gate & 2 x 4's inside post to mount use hinge lag hinges for added support. screws to mount to gate backrail. wood inserts are on all gate backrails. inserts are 8" in from end of rail for left or right hinge or latch mount. pre-drill & use latch screws on post.

Once posts are set, simply match the bracket heights with fence rails. Attach rail hangers to posts with 3/4" screws. Slide fence section into rail hangers and fasten with 3/4" screws. Drive Gates Use standard fence panels to make Drive Gates For3' to 4' high fence panels you will need two Drive Gate Hinges per panel. For 54" to 6' high fence panels you will need three Drive Gate Hinges per panel.

1-1/4" wider than gate

Drive Gate Hinge Kit includes wood inserts and complete assembly instructionsWood Insert

Drive Gate Drop Rod Assembly Kit includes: handles, drop rod, lockable latch, wood filler blocks and complete assembly instructions

1/4" x 1-1/2" Lag Bolts

1/4" x 1-1/2" Lag Bolts

Vinyl Fence Installation Tips1. Attach rail brackets on all post prior to starting installation. After making sure the spacing is exact on the first post attach brackets. Use this post as a template for remaining post. This will speed up installation. Install one panel at a time. This method will allow you to keep a level and straight line of fence. Setting all posts in ground prior to attaching fence panels can be risky. The spacing has to be exact which is hard to do. Use a 3' or 4' level for top line of fence. You can use some type of shim to keep panel level while concrete cures. Mix concrete with as little water as possible when setting post. A soupy mixture makes it harder to keep the panel and post level. Vinyl fences can be cut just like wood. Always cut the panel between the fence boards. Check to see if gate can be used as a filler panel. See specific instructions for lattice top panel that are attached. Vinyl fence can be installed on inclines by using the step method. This could require a 9' post, which is available by special order. After installing gate and all hardware to post the best way to complete job is to fill with sand and mix up to the top of both posts.







On Center?On center is a standard form of measurement pertaining to the distance from the center of one post to the center of another. One way of measuring this is to simply measure from one side on one post to the same side on the next post.

96" 96" OR



Hill InstallationThe following diagram shows a posible fence installation on a hill*.*To measure ground pitch: place a pole or stick in the ground at two adjacent post locations. Tie a string from one stick to the other. Measure from the ground up to the string at both sticks. The difference is your ground pitch.

Normal post depth is 24" in ground. If ground pitch is 4" over 6', then the second post should be "pulled" 4" higher than the first post (24' 4" =20" in ground). If ground pitch of second panel is 5" over 6', then the third post should be "pulled" 5" higher than the second post (24" 5" =19" in ground), etc.

4" lower than last panel 5" lower than last panel

4" pitch 5" pitch

4" less post in ground 5" less post in ground

Reducing The Width Of A Lattice Top FenceThe width of the 6' x 6' and 54" x 6' Lattice Top fence panel can be reduced with some careful planning. Check to see if the shorter space requirement can be filled with a gate panel. This would be the best recommendation. The gate width is 40-3/4" and can fill a 42" opening. To cut the vinyl, use an ordinary hand saw, trim saw, or circular saw with a medium to fine tooth blade. Please read instructions completely before starting. To fill smaller sections: Step 1: We recommend you shorten the width of the panels in full board increments only. Cut off both end boards and use the middle of the section.Step 1

Step 2: Mount to the post in the same manner as other sections.

To fill larger sections:

Step 2

Step 1: If you need to maintain the look of the end boards, cut off only one side.

Step 2: Using the board that was removed from the panel, cut a portion long enough to fill the space between the top rail and the middle rail.Step 1 - 2

Step 3(Top View)

Step 3: Slice the narrow side of the board and cut through the internal "ribs".

Step 4: Open the board and wrap around the lattice at the "open" end.

Step 5: Trim and adjust the ends for a finished look using any name brand white silicone cement.

Step 4

Step 5

Vinyl Fence At An AngleThe following drawing shows a possible fence installation method to be used on corners other than 90 degrees. A small piece of wood and vinyl rail covering can be cut to the desired angle and placed between the fence rail and the post. * *(Suggestion: Convert on center measurement to between bracket measurement for this section. Angle mount will affect on center measurement of posts.) Place the vinyl rail over wood. Mark desired angle, then cut through both wood and vinyl rail simultaneously. Add the end cap to wedge. Fasten the fence bracket to the post going through the bracket, end cap and wood wedge using 2 aluminum or stainless steel screws. It is strongly recommended that you pre-drill the wood to avoid splitting. (You may wish to drill holes in the center of the bracket rather than use the pre-existing holes.)

Top View

Detail ViewFence Panels

Fence Post Bracket Cap

Wood Wedge Fence Post

Vinyl Rail Installation3 Easy Step Instructions Step 1 Mount yo


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