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  1. 1. The text of the crucial Vikramaditya inscription, found inscribed on a golddish hung inside the Kaaba shrine in Mecca, is found recorded on page315 of a volume known as Sayar-ul-Okul treasured in theMakhtab-e-Sultania library in Istanbul, Turkey. Rendered in freeEnglish the inscription says: "Fortunate are those who were born (and lived) during king Vikrams reign. He was a noble, generous dutiful ruler, devoted to the welfare of his subjects. But at that time we Arabs, oblivious of God, were lost in sensual pleasures. Plotting and torture were rampant. The darkness of ignorance had enveloped our country. Like the lamb struggling for her life in the cruel paws of a wolf . we Arabs were caught up in ignorance. The entire country was enveloped in a darkness so intense as on a new moon night. But the present dawn and pleasant sunshine of education is the result of the favor of the noble king Vikramaditya whose benevolent supervision did not lose sight of us- foreigners as we were. He spread his sacred religion amongst us and sent scholars whose brilliance shone like that of the sun from his country to ours. These scholars and preceptors through whose benevolence we were once again made cognizant of the presence of God, introduced to His sacred existence and put on the road of Truth, had come to our country topreach their religion and impart education at king Vikramadityasbehest. " For those who would like to read the Arabic wording I reproduce it hereunder in Roman script: "ItrashaphaiSantu Ibikramatul Phahalameen Karimun Yartapheeha WayosassaruBihillahaya Samaini Ela Motakabberen Sihillaha Yuhee Quid min howaYapakhara phajjal asari nahone osirom bayjayhalem. Yundanblabin Kajanblnaya khtoryaha sadunya kanateph netephi bejehalin Atadari bilamasa-rateen phakeftasabuhu kaunnieja majekaralhada walador. As hmimanburukankad toluho watastaru hihila Yakajibaymana balay kulk amarenaphaneya jaunabilamary Bikramatum". (Page 315 Sayar-ul-okul).
  2. 2. [Note: The title Saya-ul-okul signifies memorable words.] A careful analysis of the above inscription enables us to draw the following conclusions: 1. Thatthe ancient Indian empires may have extended up to the easternboundaries of Arabia until Vikramaditya and that it was he who for the first time conquered Arabia. Because the inscription says that kingVikram who dispelled the darkness of ignorance from Arabia. 2. That,whatever their earlier faith, King Vikramas preachers had succeeded inspreading the Vedic (based on the Vedas, the Hindu sacred scriptures))way of life in Arabia. Sorry to All From Me & @ For My Country & For All Continent Countries ; Its Religious Importances info. @ World . Theirs Following * Snap Photo For Fig.34B Era of Vikramaditya in 50 BCE ( From .