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  • Video Uploaded

    Memoria - Video Link

  • The Brief & Our Rules

    Brief To create a 2-3 minute video about a suburb of London

    in the year 2054

    Our Rules Black & white Only outdoor locations At least two tracking shots

  • Mind Map

  • Synopsis of Our Film

  • Research: Similar Ideas

  • Role Dividing: Pre-Production

  • Role Dividing: Production

  • Location 1 Pontoon Dock

    Very rundown

  • Location 2 Park

    Beautiful, dreamy & calm

  • Scripting & Shooting Plan

    3 main scenes in 2 locations

    Scene 1 and 3 are shot in the same place so we filmed them on the same day

  • Storyboard

  • Props

  • Actor Release Form

  • Intended Audience

    15+ Thriller & Sci-Fi fans

  • Form: Style & Technique

    Narrative/Experimental Techniques include:

    Black and white Quick editing Tilt shot First person view Panning shots Zoom shots Tracking shots

  • Concept & Content

    Concept Our main concept of the our short film follows a character

    who is trying to break a harsh reality through his dreams

    Content Gain a lot of dark atmospheric shots Desolate/rundown locations Eerie feel Make it feel isolated

    We also need to light, bright, cheerful and beautiful shots for the dream sequence

  • Approach

    Our main approach to the film was not necessarily to find a dark location in which we could use as the harsh reality, but to find a slightly abandoned building to shoot around as we could later add the desired feel of the shots while we were editing.

  • Evaluation

    With more time we could have better developed our narrative and planned our shots

    More and better access to locations with different shots

    Mix a better atmospheric sound track

    Had better footage with better camera and stabilizer tripod

    Also realized once we were editing that our shadows were in some of the shots, so next time be wary of the sun and our position

    Added futuristic visual effects