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Video Facts

The outer of the video can be any size making it perfect for business cards, interactive packaging, direct mail and point of saleThe size of the video can be as small as 2.4, other sizes include, 3.5, 4.3, 5, 7, 10The video will start a couple of seconds after the video is activatedA logo or waiting message can be customised whilst the video starts required in a jpeg format (note: this can not be changed later)The video unit can be charged or the content changed via the mini USB on the unit. Cords can be packaged with the video if this is a function you need. There is an extra charge for thisUp to 5 buttons can be added, these can be used for chapters, volume, pause or to start and stop there is no extra charge for this Minimum order quantity: 1, most cost effective quantity around 100

Perfect for:

Magazine InsertsBrochures & Direct MailersReal EstateRetailAutomotiveFinanceWills & BequestsPharmaceuticalSales PresentersPoint of Sale DisplaysPackagingTraining & Instructional ManualsSpecial Event Albums

File formats for video content

Each unit has 256mb of memory which allows 1 hour of play. (More memory can be added if required.) The most suitable video format is either a .mp4 or .avi file. (We are happy to assist you to convert the file to the correct format and size)The ratio of the video file should be 4:3The opening/ wait while video starts screen for a 4.3 screen is 480 x 272 pixels as a .jpeg file (check your screen size - see next slide)The battery life is 2 hours and can be increased if required(batteries are fully rechargeable via the mini usb port & cord)

Screen sizes & format details 3.5 480 x 272 pixels4.3 480 x 272 pixels; 4HD 800 x 480 pixels5 480 x 272 pixels; 5HD 854 x 480 pixels7 480 x 272 pixels; 7HD 1,024 x 600 pixels10 480 x 272 pixels

Lead times

Each video request needs to be quoted separately usually within 1-2 daysPre-production samples - 2 weeks to deliver after artwork approvalUp to 500 units usually airfreighted & take 3-4 weeks after sample approval

Suggested brochure sizes for a 4.3 screen

Suggested brochure sizes for a 5 screen

Suggested brochure sizes for a 7 screen

Suggested brochure sizes for a 10 screen

5 screen in A5 Audi DM5 16 page A4 brochure for Pfizer

7 screen in 20 x 20cm Bentley DM

2.4 screen in business card4.3 screen in leather folio