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Video in the studio. Why video in the studio? Record lessons for practicing purposes Record recitals Gift to parents and students Posting on web for public access Studio marketing Creating teaching material Practicing guidelines Etc. Some examples My sample DVD - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Video in the studio

  • Why video in the studio?Record lessons for practicing purposesRecord recitals

    Gift to parents and studentsPosting on web for public accessStudio marketingCreating teaching material

    Practicing guidelinesEtc

  • Some examplesMy sample DVDWebsites that feature recital video

  • Steps for video creation

    RecordingImporting into computerEditingPreparing and burning DVDPreparing for web publication

  • 1. Recording

    Firewire cable

  • 1. RecordingUse a digital camera - easier uploading to computerMost digital cameras can be connected directly to computer to import videoCable used to connect digital camera to computer: Firewire = IEEE 1394 = iLink

  • 1. RecordingSuggestionsBuy a tripodTwo cameras may be better than oneBe sure your hard drive has plenty of space (60 Gbytes or more)Or buy an external hard drive (120 Gb)Some cameras have a microphone input that you can use for better sound

  • 2. ImportingImporting (aka capturing) = loading the video up to your computer

  • 2. ImportingComputer needs:A firewire port (very common). Or USB (slower)A program that will allow the computer to upload video through firewire

    iMovie (Mac, comes with computer)Pinnacle Studio (PC, $100)Ulead VideoStudio (PC, $100)

  • ImportingIf video was recorded in a digital tape

    Insert tape in cameraConnect camera to computerOpen program (e.g. iMovie) and get it ready to capturePress Play in cameraFirewire cable

  • ImportingIf video was recorded directly into DVDInsert DVD in computerOpen program (e.g. iMovie)Import video file into program from program menu

  • ImportingIf video was recorded directly into computerOpen program (e.g. iMovie)Open or import video files from your hard drive

  • ImportingIf video is in an old VHS tapeYou need to buy a digital video converter (aka video capture device)

    Dazzle ($50-$90, Mac, PC)Datavideo DAC ($200)Plextor ($60, PC)

  • Importing

    Video and audio cablesFirewire or USB

  • 3. EditingEdition process:Trimming clipsArranging clips in the right orderImproving, muting, adding or modifying audioAdding transitions between takes or sectionsAdding titles

  • EditingExamples shown using iMovieOther similar programs:Pinnacle Studio (PC)Ulead VideoStudio (PC)

  • Editing

    Clip areaTimelineMonitoring screen

  • EditingTrimming clipsSelect clip in clip areaSelect portions to be deletedPress DeleteOrSelect clip in clip areaSelect portion to be keptSelect Edit->Crop

  • EditingDemo with iMovie

  • EditingArranging clips in right orderDrag clips in correct order to timeline

  • EditingEditing soundFor example, increasing the volume of takes

    Drag clip to timelineSelect View->Show clip volume levelsA purple line appears over the clip. This is the volumeIncrease or decrease with the mouse at any point of the clip

  • EditingDemo with iMovie

  • EditingAdding transitions between clipsSelect the Editing tab (above timeline)Select the Transitions tabSelect the clips between which you want to add a transitionSelect a transition, drag and drop it between clips. Wait a few seconds while the transition is builtYou can later erase a transition by dropping it to the trash

  • EditingDemo with iMovie

  • EditingAdding titlesSame as transitions, but click on the Titles tab insteadType the text you want to insertChoose Over black to add titles over a black background as opposed to on the clip itself

  • Preparing DVDTypical DVD structureMenu

    Movie 1. 2007 RecitalChapter or scene 1. Marys pieceChapter or scene 2. Johns pieceChapter Movie 2. 2006 RecitalEtcMovie

  • Preparing DVDSimplest DVDNo menuOne movieNo chapters or scenes

  • Preparing DVDWith iMovieCreate chapters or scenes within your movieExport movie to iDVDWith iDVDCreate look for menuImport other movies (with or without chapters), e.g. Recital 2006Burn DVD

  • Preparing DVDPrograms to prepare and burn DVDiDVD (Mac)Pinnacle Studio (PC)Ulead VideoStudio (PC)Nero (PC)

  • Preparing DVDDemo with iMovie and iDVD

  • Burning DVDAs simple as pressing a buttonDemo with iDVD

  • Preparing for web publicationSince internet speeds are fairly slowWeb videos tend to be small (as opposed to full screen)Quality is low (smaller files)Highly compressed


  • Preparing for web publicationiMovie is the easiest way to prepareSelect Share->ShareChoose the QuickTime preset and select one of the compression levels

    For web, choose either Web Streaming or WebOther programs: Pinnacle Studio (PC), Ulead VideoStudio, etc

  • Preparing for web publicationThe file obtained this way is ready for:YouTube uploadPublication on blip.tvUpload and publication on your own website or blog