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Video Cameras By: Breanna Trew

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Video Cameras. By: Breanna Trew. Video Cameras. “Video camera – A Camera made for recording images on a videotape or transmitting them to the computer screen” Sense it transmits into the computer that’s why you see videos on certain websites But usually They are very Expensive. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Video Cameras

Video CamerasBy: Breanna Trew

Video CamerasVideo camera A Camera made for recording images on a videotape or transmitting them to the computer screenSense it transmits into the computer thats why you see videos on certain websitesBut usually They are veryExpensive

When Video Cameras Where Created? The first video cameras where invented in the Support of television or Tv. The first video camera was invented in the 1920sThen was evolved into color in the early 1950sWho Invented The Video Camera?John Logie Baird invented the first ever video camera all in oneJohn Bairds invention was influenced by the camera for he wanted moving picturesJohn Bairds invention was usually used for shows on TV Were there any past inventions influenced by the video camera?Well the camera had influenced John Baird here are some that were influenced by the video camera Someone in the UK invented a bouncing video cameraSteve Sasson invented the digital camera

How was this technology evolved?Well it was evolved by having it first in black and white Soon became in very detailed colorThen came the hand held video camera which was made for you to be able to carry it around New advancements in the video cameraWell people have made video cameras in computersThey have made hand-held cameras making it lighter than a regular video camera"Available computers, software and cameras have made it so affordable that anybody can make 'videos' and charge pennies for low-quality work. Paul Lee

The difference between the new and old video cameraNewOldThe new version has colorThe newer version can be hand held or put on a tripod People have there own camera now and its used for entertainment on the internetThe very first one ever to be invented had no color or black & white filmThe older version was usually on a tripodPeople didnt own one they only used it for movies How I see my technology changing in the future?I see my technology changing into cameras that can be holographicIt can be able to make videos from your phone and you can upload it to your cameraThere is nothing really else I can think of because almost everything has been invented for video cameras Websites I used,Google images Wiki.answers.comTechnewsdaily.comBcbr.comAnd

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