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<p>Vibgyor Yelahanka Band Strikes Again!</p> <p>Vibgyor Yelahanka Band Strikes Again!</p> <p>After a rousing reception to their first performance, Vibgyor Yelahanka Band creates ripples once more with another class act! Bringing out an album, The Lotus Sutra, they have unleashed their interpretation of yesteryear melodies with a touch of jazz, a huge barrage of rock, beautiful rhapsodies of blues, a harmonious sprinkling of country, topped with folk.</p> <p>How did the young Vibgyor Yelahanka Band with members who are just a little older than being teenie-boppers themselves, manage to pull off such a feat? Versatility in artistes of their age is difficult to find among youngsters of the present generation, who do not appreciate the finer things in life or value them; being brought up on an unhealthy diet of flippant and at-the-press-of-a-button formulae. This age bracket does not even understand the significance of respecting senior citizens, much less acknowledging their era as the golden one, using its essence and blending it with the lavish trappings of the current scenario.</p> <p>Take a bow, Vibgyor Yelahanka Band for such stupendous effort that reflects going back to ones roots, synchronized pace and an eclectic selection that dazzles with the painstakingly improvised tunes, nothing short of pure genius.</p> <p>The Vibgyor Yelahanka Band is very much like a level-headed damsel weighing every thought, word and deed! The band stands united in its credo to create wholesome music, not just regurgitate Hindi pop or blatently copy and call the shoddy result, inspired work in fact, Vibgyor Yelahanka Band steers clear from Bollywood hip-hop and anything that trivializes their art. It may be easy, but it certainly is not their style and they would take the difficult road, especially since they have seen their parents struggle, to beat the odds.</p> <p>Vibgyor Yelahanka Band emulates their spirit, their dedicated commitment to transform the entire neighbourhood and presents to the world, The Lotus Sutra, as an epitome of the best fusion that bridges the sunshiny yesterdays with the trivial todays. </p>