vfb 2013 - seed and startup funding - lessons learner from the hab housing crowdfund

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Presentation by Tom Jarman, Keydynamic & HAB housing Ltd


  • 1. Tom Jarman Knowing Crowd Lessons from 2M world record equity crowd funding by Hab Housing Ltd

2. Crossing the Chasm(Crowd) Funding Keydynamic Ltd 3. Keydynamic Ltd 4. The Funding Journey Keydynamic Ltd 5. Enterprise Investment Scheme Enterprise Investment SchemePR Keydynamic Ltd 6. 1,974,300 raised, 642 investors World record for equity crowd funding platform Keydynamic Ltd 7. Qn: Are crowd investors like other investors? VC / Angels Keydynamic Ltd 8. A: No crowd investors have their own reasons to invest, eg:Valuation Well its very difficult to use a scientific method to value companies as early stage as ours so we took a simpler approach. Basically we worked out how much money we needed using our financial forecasts and then decided how much equity we were prepared to give away and that gave us our initial valuation. From the response we've had I guess we must have got it more or less right You may have your doubts about this approach but this is an excellent and successfully crowd funded business that people believe in The value of trust Keydynamic Ltd 9. Crowd investors value: eg Communication Clear vision Openness Trustworthy Management commitment Shared goals and dreams Common interests Easy to relate to Involvement Tax breaksMost crowd investors need a knowing and trusting relationship with you and your company Crowdcube is an excellent platform on which to build that relationship. However: It is the Companys job to build these relationships Keydynamic Ltd 10. Knowing Crowd Questions?tom@keydynamic.com Keydynamic Ltd