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<ul><li><p>NewsNewsNewsNews</p><p>450 Australian Veterinary Journal Volume 83, No 8, August 2005</p><p>Australian</p><p>VETERINARYJOURNAL</p><p>MANAGING EDITOR MARK THORNLEY</p><p>CLINICAL EDITOR MAUREEN REVINGTON</p><p>SCIENTIFIC EDITORANNE JACKSON</p><p>DESIGNSOUTHERN DESIGN AND PRINT GROUP</p><p>PHOTOGRAPHYMARK THORNLEY</p><p>NATIONAL ADVERTISING MANAGERMcGOWEN &amp; COX MEDIA SALES</p><p>CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS CO-ORDINATORLEANNE BUTLER</p><p>BOARD MEMBER RESPONSIBLE FOR PUBLICATIONS</p><p>DAVID LOVELL</p><p>AUSTRALIAN VETERINARY ASSOCIATION</p><p>CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERMARGARET CONLEY</p><p>AVA BOARDPRESIDENT DR MATT MAKIN, PAST-PRESIDENT </p><p>DR NORM BLACKMAN, BOARD MEMBERS DRS. BILLDARMODY, DAVID LOVELL, DIANE SHEEHAN, BRUCE</p><p>CARTMILL, DEREK MAJOR AND SAM McMAHON.</p><p>PRESIDENT ELECTDR KERSTI SEKSEL</p><p>The Australian Veterinary Journal (AVJ) is the official journal of theAustralian Veterinary Association (AVA). It is produced each</p><p>month and is distributed to members of the AVA and tosubscribers. All expressions of opinion are published on the basisthat they are not to be regarded as expressing the official opinionof the Australian Veterinary Association unless expressly stated.</p><p>The Australian Veterinary Association accepts no responsibility forthe accuracy of any of the opinions or information contained in thisjournal and readers should rely upon their own enquiries in making</p><p>decisions touching their own interests.</p><p> Reproduction of any material without the written permission of theEditor and the Australian Veterinary Association is strictly prohibited.</p><p>CONTRIBUTIONSNews and general correspondence</p><p>News items and general correspondence should be submittedto the Managing Editor, AVA House, 28 Charles St, </p><p>South Perth WA 6154. Telephone (08) 9368 2363, Fax (08) 9368 2193, </p><p>Email Web address</p><p>Scientific sectionArticles for the Scientific section of the AVJ shouldbe submitted to The Scientific Editor, AVA house,</p><p>272 Brunswick Rd, Brunswick, Vic 3056. Telephone (03) 93872982,</p><p>Fax (03) 9388 0112, Email</p><p>Clinical sectionArticles for the Clinical Section should be submitted to The</p><p>Editor, Clinical Section, AVA House, 272 Brunswick Rd,Brunswick VIC 3056. Telephone (03) 9387 2982, Fax (03) 9388 0112, Email</p><p>ObituariesContact the Scientific Editor </p><p>( in advance if you wish to submit an obituary.</p><p>Non-member subscriptionsFor non-member subscription prices for the AVJ, please</p><p>contact Angela Jackson at</p><p>AdvertisingMcGowen &amp; Cox Media Sales, Suite 21/56-62 Chandos St, </p><p>St Leonards NSW 2065.Telephone (02) 9460 7955, fax (02) 9460 8632</p><p>email:</p><p>AVA National OfficePO Box 371 Artarmon NSW 1570</p><p>Telephone (02) 9431 5000</p><p>An Orangutan ponders thespecies future.</p><p>Photo: Mark Thornley</p><p>Renowned for hisinspiring overseasproject work, DrAlan Baker was recentlypresented one of theAVAs highest honours -the Kesteven Medal.Alan received the jointAVA &amp; AustralianCollege of VeterinaryScientists (ACVS) awardat the ACVS annualdinner held on the GoldCoast Saturday 2 July2005.</p><p>Since 1972 Alan hascontributed to manyanimal reproduction andmanagement projects in under developedcountries including Fiji, Vanuatu, Indonesia,Papua New Guinea and Bangladesh.</p><p>A popular Kestevenwinner, he has helpedimprove the quality oflife for many overseascommunities. </p><p>In 2000 Alan servedtwo years as theinternational veterinaryconsultant to the AsianDevelopment Bank andHis Majesty'sGovernment Nepal forthe third LivestockDevelopment Project. </p><p>Paying homage toAlans technical andscientific contributionsto international</p><p>veterinary science, the Kesteven Medalcitation was read by AVA Board member DrDiane Sheehan. </p><p>An Order of Australia recipient andformer Assistant Chief of the CSIROAnimal Research Laboratories, Dr IanParsonson is an unassuming achiever.</p><p>An AVA life member, Ian excelled as alarge animal veterinarian before studyinganimal viruses. Havingserved as an RAAF navigatorflying Lancaster Bombersfrom Britain in the SecondWorld War, he recentlycompleted a book entitledVets at War, A history of theAAVC 1909-1946 </p><p>Launched at TheOfficers' Mess at the RoyalMilitary College Duntroonin July 2005, the ceremonywas officially opened byLieutenant-General Peter Leahy, Chief ofthe Australian Army and a grandson ofBob Wardle (a Veterinary Captain inWWI).</p><p>During the four year book project Ianworked closely with historians at theAustralian Defence Forces, the AustralianWar Memorial to help capture theveterinarians authentic stories.</p><p>I really wrote the book to recognisethe largely forgotten contributions ofthese young veterinary graduates whoserved during the World Wars and then</p><p>returned to organise the AustralianVeterinary Association and our professionas we know it today, said Dr Parsonson. </p><p>I also tried to acknowledge the role ofthe thousands of Australian horses thatnever returned due to quarantine</p><p>restrictions.Published by Australian</p><p>Army History Publications,the book introduces the rolesof veterinarians in the SudanWar in 1887 and the BoerWar in 1900 before focusingon the colourful history ofthe Australian ArmyVeterinary Corps (AAVC)who played a vital role in themobile fighting tactics ofmany allied forces</p><p>campaigns. Many members of the AVAs Veterinary</p><p>History SIG attended the book launchincluding Dr Bob Taylor and his sonGraham, Dr Peter Mylrea (whose fatherwas in the British Army VeterinaryCorps), Dr Frank Doughty (representingthe Henry family), Dr Dick Roe and AVAVeterinary Director Kevin Doyle. </p><p>For further information regarding thisbook </p><p>Vets at War-Lest we ForgetBy Mark Thornley</p><p>Dr Ian Parsonson (left) andLieutenant-General Peter Leahy</p><p>Kesteven Medal winner</p><p>Dr Alan Baker</p></li></ul>