vert.x clustering on docker, coreos and etcd

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This talk was held at the Vert.x Meetup Amsterdam on 30-07-2014. The subject is on how to get a Vert.X cluster running in Docker containers running on CoreOS without any manual configuration.


  • Tim Nolet Vert.X clustering on Docker, CoreOS and ETCD =+{ }+
  • So whats magne; - Next-gen e-commerce platform aimed at the enterprise market - Integrate Continuous Delivery from the ground up - Cocktail of PaaS, containers and micro services
  • CoreOS - Just a Linux Distro - Run apps in containers - On the fly updating - Fast boot times - Systemd images:
  • ETCD - Distributed key/value store - Like a directory tree - JSON/REST API - Uses a Discovery URL images:
  • Docker - REALLY portable - Images/containers - JSON/REST API - Emits events! Starting cluster bootstrap... ==> info: Hazelcast port => 5701 ==> info: Vertx Eventbus port => 5702 ==> info: ETCD host => ==> info: ETCD port => 4001 ==> info: ETCD base path => /vamp/bootstrap ==> info: Public IP => ==> info: Physical hostname => core-03 ==> info: Container hostname => f9dc53532ff4 ==> info: Vertx module to run => vamp-agent-0.1.0 ==> info: Connecting to ETCD ==> info: Connected to ETCD at ==> info: Vamp Bootstrap will try to cluster with started remote host ==> info: Starting Vamp Bootstrap with module vamp-agent-0.1.0 ==> info: Waiting for Vamp Bootstrap to come online... ==> info: Vamp Bootstrap was started with PID 24 and public IP
  • coreos Lets boot a cluster on AWS! vamp_loadbalancer vamp_agent coreos vamp_agentvamp_agent coreos vamp_agentvamp_agent coreos vamp_agent autoscale REST coreos vamp_ controller three AV zones traffic
  • and while thats running
  • the good parts - Vert.x with Docker/CoreOS/ETCD is cool because: - Size: in MBs and in complexity - Event bus makes distribution easy - polyglot works nice with the idea of micro services
  • the bad parts - Once it becomes complex, boilerplate rises - Actor-like maybe to coarse and without the build in reactive stuff which Akka has - Not enough control / insight over the event bus as a system
  • Ques;ons? we are hiring!