versatile scalable ... efi colorproof xf is a versatile proofing solution which can be adapted to...

Download Versatile Scalable ... EFI Colorproof XF is a versatile proofing solution which can be adapted to every

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  • Versatile



  • The Ultimate Proofing Solution

    EFI Colorproof XF™

    Digital colour is at the heart of every graphic communications business – print

    shop, pre-press service provider, publisher, creative agency, imaging/

    scanning service provider, copyshop, professional photographer, photo store

    or photo lab.

    As a professional working in this world of digital colour, you have to accept

    colour data in a host of formats, process it, and deliver it to a variety of output

    devices – offset, flexo, gravure, silk screen and digital presses, wide-format

    inkjet printers – located in the next room, or the next continent.

    The backbone of the workflow is fast, flexible, easy-to-use, consistent digital

    colour proofing. The answer is EFI Colorproof XF - the new, modular proofing

    solution from the market leader. Whether you're looking for your first proofing

    system, or seeking predictable colour across multiple plants, EFI Colorproof

    XF's combination of power, flexibility, expandability and affordability will meet

    your proofing needs today, and tomorrow.

  • EFI Colorproof XF Configuration

    EFI Colorproof XF combines the latest version of EFI's best-in-class colour technology with industry-standard off-the-shelf hardware, safeguarding your investment and assuring you of a stable, cost-competitive growth path embracing the latest technology developments as they become available.

    • EFI Colorproof XF's support for the internationally accepted data formats means you can add value to whatever your customers give you, including PostScript, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, TIFF/IT, Scitex CT/LW, Delta list, and DCS.

    • Sophisticated colour management based on universally accepted ICC profiles provides almost unlimited options to build colour-controlled proofing from image capture to monitor, to stock, to output device.

    • Compliance with the latest JDF data exchange format opens EFI Colorproof XF to the widest range of workflows, maximising efficiency through two-way digital information exchange.

    • Cross-platform working delivers ultimate flexibility – mix and match Macintosh workstations with Windows-based servers and vice versa.

    • Even the basic configuration of EFI Colorproof XF includes multi-technology output as standard – to inkjet, laser and others.

    • The new-design Graphic User Interface (GUI) adds a new level of ease-of-use, shortening the learning curve for operators, and increasing their productivity.

    Exceptional technology, worldwide standards

  • Configuration Examples

    Newspaper printer Newspaper printers want three things:

    • Proofing on press paper • Exact content control • Check for data integrity

    Recommended product configuration

    EFI Colorproof XF is a versatile proofing solution which can be adapted to every user's needs by composing Product and Output Options. While the available Options are described in detail on the following pages, we have compiled a few sample configurations here.

    EFI Colorproof XF is the perfect solution for you if you are a ...

    The OneBit Option will process the screened high-res data from your existing front-end RIP, meaning that the same one-bit files are used for printing and proofing, following an all-out R.O.O.M. concept. What you see on the proof will be in the print, including even the screening structure. This gives your advertising clients the best possible impression of what their job will look like. Obviously, newspaper formats require wide-format inkjet printers, of which some have excellent capabilities of proofing on newsprint paper. That means the Printer Option M, which is part of the basic con- figuration, is free for other applications – why not for contone proofs of your newspaper inserts?

    Digital photographer A digital photographer needs:

    • The capability to proof and print • Conversion of image data between

    colour standards • Export as TIFF

    Recommended product configuration

    In Printing mode, EFI Colorproof XF with the Photo Option reads your digital pictures (TIFFs and JPGs) and brings them to the printer in the largest possible colour gamut, thus keeping vivid, saturated colours. A contact sheet func- tion allows you to get a quick overview of what you shot; a portrait set function lets you compile a collection of different sizes of a picture. In-depth control over the grey balance lets you create high-quality prints which can be sold as large-format photo prints.

    In Proofing mode, you obtain a realistic impression of how your images will look when being printed – an enormous help when retouching and handing over your images to the prepress stage.

    Your images can be converted to virtually any colour space for which you have an ICC profile, like sRGB, ECI-RGB and others. The export to TIFF is easy as well and enables you to exchange your data in a standardised way.

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    Commercial printer Commercial printers want to:

    • Check colour and content of their jobs • Reduce make-ready times • Cut ink and paper waste • Work according to standards like ISO

    12647, SWOP or Sicogif

    Recommended product configuration

    The Spot Color Option offers extensive support of Pantone, HKS and Toyo colours, including handling of full and half tones, as well as overprinting.

    The Color Manager Option lets you create and optimise paper profiles to exactly match wide-spread industry standards, such as ISO 12647, SWOP, Sicogif and others - and the Color Verifier Option helps you to check and document that you really land within the allowed tolerances. It also helps you to control the con- sistency of your press — that's contract proofing at its best!

    This configuration allows you to install the Proofing Server centrally on powerful hardware. From the Client Option, an unlimited number of network users can be equipped with the Job Monitor, allowing an easy submission of jobs to the Proofing Server. One privileged user can be designated as administrator, managing workflows, settings and user rights.

    The Colorproof XF Server functionality offers everything you need for state-of- the-art contract proofing: PostScript, PDF, Scitex CT/LW and Delta list files are processed, colour managed and output on your proofing printer, thus producing colour-accurate predictions of the final press result. This enables you to catch colour and content issues at an early stage, when correcting them is still easy.

    Creative agency/ Corporate marketing Creative agencies and corporate marketing departments need to check if their ideas work in practice.

    Recommended product configuration

    If you work in a creative environment, you need the freedom of trial and error. How will the layout draft look when printed on press? Does the orange hue match the corporate colour? How does the picture look when it’s been retouched?

    Using EFI Colorproof XF with an LED laser printer will give you the answers in just a minute. With a really quick laser engine you will be able to produce 300 copies of a product flyer for next day’s exhibition – in litho colour quality. And printing the director’s presentation for the executive board presentation will also be a minor effort. And, if you have a need for hi-fi contract proofing, just drive an extra inkjet printer by adding a Printer Option.

  • "The speed at which digital technology is moving in the printing industry is breathless. EFI Colorproof XF's Client- Server architecture and host of features provides us with a proofing solution that helps us keep ahead of change." Markus Giesselmann, Printing house Westfalia,

    Bad Oeynhausen, Germany

    EFI Colorproof XF Server + Client Option The right workflow – Whatever your business

    With EFI Colorproof XF's state-of-the-art client-server architecture and modular concept, you can specify the proofing solution that's right for your business today, secure in the knowledge that it will grow and evolve with you.

    Solutions start with the basic package of EFI Colorproof XF Server, EFI Colorproof XF Client Option and EFI Colorproof XF Printer Option M. By adding extra Output and Product Options, you can expand and tune the configuration to stay competitive and innovative.

    EFI Colorproof XF Client Option – Customise your configuration

    The EFI Colorproof XF Client Option is the window to the EFI Colorproof XF Server, controlling its functionality. With EFI Client Option's three-tier architecture, you can allocate specific access and management privileges to each client workstation, enhancing flexibility and building a customised configuration. The tiers are:

    • The Administrator has complete control of the EFI Colorproof XF workflow, including setting up and configuring software, allocating access rights, managing calibration and profiling, viewing/adding jobs, printing/stopping/cancelling jobs, changing job priority, overwriting workflow settings with job settings, and so on.

    • The User can view all the jobs in any workflow that he/she is part of, but can only manage the processing of his or her own jobs. The user cannot change any workflows, but needs to make settings on a per-job basis.

    • The Job Monitor is the basic tool for working with the EFI Colorproof XF Server. The user can view, add, cancel and move own jobs in the workflow.

    EFI Colorproof XF Server – At the heart of things

    The main proofing and printing operations take place on the EFI Colorproof XF Server. The following key functions come a

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