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  • Mini-Buses For Rent16, 24, & 30 passenger buses


    *Birthday Parties*Weddings

    *Sports Teams*Schools Camps

    *Vancouver/Alberta Trips

    35 Years Experience

    Ph. (250) 545-80542813 - B, 35th St., Vernon BC

    Ch oiceFlooring gallery carpet lino hardwood cork tile laminate

    Darrel or Joanna250-260-1042

    5103 25th Street, Vernon

    FREE front end & brake inspection and FREE Spring Estimates

    2815-44th AveVernon BC


    Xanders Hauling & Delivery

    Snow Plowing & Blowing, Firewood, Lumber, Car Removal, Brush & Debris, Landscape

    Material, ATV Delivery; 7'x14' Dump Trailer: U Load ~ I haul

    Residential & Commercial250-307-2945

    GOLD N TIMEJewellery

    #106 3334 30 Ave.Next to Welkmart, downtown Vernon


    Recycle your gold & gems.We can Create new

    treasures for you and your loved ones!

    2 for 1 Appies2pm - 5pm DAILY,

    7pm - close DAILY except Thursday

    Newly expanded liquor store, hundreds of new wines and liquor to choose from.

    250-549-21446301 Stickle Road, Vernon

    Bea Jackson & Brietana Jacksonlook forward to helping you with your hearing needs. Call today for a free hearing test.

    #201-5100 Anderson Way, Vernon

    Hear Better, Love LifeExperience the Next Generation of service

    with our free 21 day hearing instrument trial.Bea Jackson (left), RHIPRegistered Hearing Instrument Practitioner & Owner

    Free Hearing Test

    SaraS ruff HouSeA day spa for your pet.

    Sara Allfrey, Professional Pet Stylist250.938.9046 |

    Time to release your cats inner lion! Top quality, low stress cat grooming in the comfort of your own home. Summer specialjust $80.

    Local Buyer Will be at the Prestige Hotel

    Friday & SaturdayApril 12th & 13th from 9AM - 6PM

    Buying the following goods:All Gold, Sterling Silver, Coins, Vintage

    Watches & Costume Jewelery.


    Micfly Will Buy

    Bold Medias Publishing For Advertising Please Call (604) 454 - 1387

    of Vernon

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    Make a difference in your community today.

    April 12-18, 2013 Issue #00123

    by Janet Spencer

    Juno History The Juno Awards are named in honor of Pierre Juneau, who was the very first President of the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission and former President of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. In the early 1970s, Juneau was the architect of the CRTCs Canadian content regulations which require that a certain percentage of radio and television time be devoted to programming or music which is produced in Canada. This action created a market for Canadian music and fueled the subsequent boom in music production. In 1971, Juneau received a special Juno Award, being named Canadian music industry Man of the Year.

    The Juno Award was originally called the RPM Gold Leaf Awards, created by RPM Magazine publishers. They were awarded for the first time in 1970. That evening, 250 people showed up at the doors, which was twice the number of people who had actually been invited. Anne Murray had the flu and almost didnt make it to the ceremony. The name was changed to Juno Awards the following year, simplifying Juneaus name.

    The ceremony was broadcast on TV for the first time in 1975. CBC had the rights at the time

    Starting in 1964, RPM Magazine polled its readers to determine the best artists in Canada, releasing the results in December. From 1970 to 1973, winners of the Juno Awards were announced in RPM Magazine prior to the awards night. Starting in 1974, the award winners were not made public until the Juno ceremonies.

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    109-3334 30th Ave


    hair & tanningesthetics studio

    For the month of December - Tanning Specials-Inquire within. Seniors Specials all the time!

    Free parking in back

    Congratulations Gabriella on being

    nominated for the Business Excellence Award of 2013 for

    Professional Service of the Year!

    CrossWord Across1 Dinner wear for the highchair set5 Talisman11 Spoil14 Working without __15 Next to16 Sam Adams product17 Invasive airline inconvenience19 Groovy relative?20 One with an office couch, maybe21 Untrustworthy23 __ garden24 A/C measure26 Durantes __ Dinka Doo27 Wood-dressing tool29 Uncomfortable airline inconvenience33 President when Texas was annexed35 With 1-Down, discoverer of cave treasure36 Island ring37 Salon polish target39 Flippable card file43 Mag. edition44 Fathers Day mo. in Australia45 Congenial46 Wearying airline inconvenience51 Lawn strip52 Moonfish53 Lumberjacks tool54 Subj. with xs56 Faraway59 Paid no attention to63 Roam (about)64 Excruciating airline inconvenience (the last straw!)66 Due-in hr.67 One way to share68 Clickable image69 Not optional: Abbr.70 French film festival site71 __ la vie

    down1 See 35-Across2 Part of, as a plot3 Awe4 Panache5 Basics6 Spaghetti go-with7 Mil. branch8 Connection9 Barbara who played a genie10 Giga- x 1,00011 Oceanic12 State with the Big Dipper on its flag13 Papa Smurf s headgear18 Pop musics N__22 Sight25 More than I need to know!27 Suited28 Scooby-__30 Mrs. Gorbachev31 Skip church, in a way?32 Sci-fis Lester __ Rey34 Jumping chess piece38 Comm. for the hearing-impaired39 Military day starter40 Shame41 Green prefix42 Struck (out) of the text44 Red or White team46 Inn resident47 Morphine, e.g.48 Where YHOO stock is traded49 Chinas Sun50 Pealed55 Spocks forte57 Baldwin of 30 Rock58 Bright star60 Dolls dates61 They may not be quiet on the set62 Small body-shop job65 Former Opry network

    Junos Contd The first Juno Award trophies wereconstructedfromwalnut,stood18 inches(46cm) tall, and resembled ametronome.Whenthe ceremonies were televised beginning in1975,theawardwasredesignedandwasmadeoutofclearacrylicinstead,whilestillretainingthe metronome shape. In 2000, producerscomplained that the trophy didnt look goodonTVandtheyaskedforare-design.OntarioartistShirleyElforddesigned thenewaward,made from glass. It depicts a human figuresurroundedbyanickel-coatedspiral(whichissymbolicofamusicalstaff)situatedonabaseofaluminum.

    TheJunoAwards,customarilyheldinToronto,were hosted outside of Toronto for the veryfirst time in 1991, being held in Vancouver.Since then theyve been held in cities fromcoasttocoast.TheceremonydidnotreturntoTorontountiltheyear2011,whichmarkedtheceremonys40thanniversary.

    George Wilson, who hosted for fiveconsecutiveyearswhentheJunoAwardsfirstbegan,hashostedmoreprogramsthananyoneelse.BurtonCummingscomesinsecondplace,withfourappearancesashost.



    AND THE WINNER IS ThenominationsforeachyearsJunosarebasedon an eligibilityperiodwhich lasts for13to14months,endingonthemid-Novemberpriortotheawardsceremony.

    The Artist of the Year and Group of theYear nominations are determined by salesand aCARASmember vote. CARAS standsfor Canadian Academy of Recording ArtsandSciences,andtheyareresponsibleforthemanagementandoperationoftheJunoAwards.


    HoPPersMany types of bugs and animals hop. There are also hoppers of other sorts: hopper cars on trains, hoppers that are used on farms and people who hop (or maybe they jump) on trampolines! Usually when we think of insect hoppers, grasshoppers and crickets come to mind. These insects from the order Orthoptera have powerful hind legs that allow them to propel themselves long distances. Also noteworthy about the order Orthoptera (sounds a little like opera, right?) is that these insects sing by performing stridula-tion, which is the action of rubbing parts of their bodies together. National Geographic named the wierd frog-hopper bug the Worlds Greatest Leaper in 2003. The froghopper is a sap-sucker that coats plants with foamy spittle yuk! Froghoppers are about 1/5 of an inch (6 mm) long and can leap an amazing 28 inches (70 mm). That equals 140 times their body length. For a human to leap this distance, in comparison, would mean a long-jump record of 840 feet (256 m)! According to neurobiologist, Malcolm Bur-rows, of the University of Cambridge, in the United Kingdom, the secret to the long jumps of some insects is a specialized catapult mecha-nism that allows the insects to store and then release energy. Kangaroos, the largest hopping animal, can cover a lot of ground with their hops. When kan-garoos need to go faster, they dont increase the frequency of their hops, instead they increase the distance for each hop. Kangaroos can bound 25 feet (7.6 m) or more forward and 6 feet (1.8 m) high in a single hop. The back legs of kangaroos always move in tan-dem except when swimming! The greater the range of a kangaroos hop, the more energy harnessed in their muscles and ten

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    Historyof theWorld Canada Starting at $8,500

    This is your chance to work for yourself, doi