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    Mar 29-April 4, 2013 Issue #00121


    NOSEYby Patricia L. Cook

    This issue of Tidbits is not just about nosey neighbors or co-workers (but they will be mentionedshhh! Dont tell them!), but also about noses that are superior in sensing aromas.

    Therehavebeenanumberoftelevisionshowsandmoviesthathavefeaturednoseyneighbors.Whether putting a glass against the wall to listen tovoicesinthenextroomorpeepingthrougha keyhole, there are times when curiosity gets the best of a person and they just want to know whatisgoingon!ExamplesofthesesnoopytrickscanbefoundinvideosofI Love Lucy, Friends, Bewitched.

    One of the main characters of the show,Bewitched, was Gladys Kravitz. She wasconstantly spying on her interesting neighbor, Samantha,whohappenedtobeawitch.Whenthe showwas on television in the 1960s andhad quite a following, many would refer to their nosey neighbors as having the GladysKravitzsyndrome!

    In case you are wondering, nosey can bespelledwith orwithout the e, according It is an adjectivemeaning:offensivelycuriousor inquisitive.While people can be nosey in the inquisitiveway, many animals have superior smellingabilities.

    turn the page for more!

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    usually begin6 Agnus __7 Lofty lines8 With The, 1960s series set in the North African desert during WWII9 Hunter killed by Artemis, in some accounts10 TV drama narrated by a teen blogger11 If not12 Revivalists14 Words indicating betrayal15 Trivial Pursuit symbol19 Rembrandt van __21 Phillips, e.g.: Abbr.22 Wine orders24 Tuna preserver25 Common Zen temple feature27 Nursing a grudge29 Gave two tablets to, say30 The Mikado weapon, briefly31 Smackeroo32 Hall & Oatess first Top 10 hit33 __ Brith35 Howards End author37 Transportation secretary under Clinton42 Cousin, for one45 Gettysburg general47 Sweet ring48 Cork sources49 Attracted to, with of 50 Food associated with the starts of 16-, 36- and 56-Across51 Hydrocarbon suffix53 South Seas staple54 Tonsorial sound56 V x XI x XI57 Country that incl. Sharjah58 Map feature

    NOSEY (continued):One such beast with an extraordinary

    sense of smell is the bear. A bears brain isonlyaboutathirdofthesizeofahumanbrain but his nose is approximately fivetimes larger; the nasal mucous membrane in a bears head is 100 times larger than the membrane in a human! Their nostrils have folds that house thousands of smellreceptors making their sense of smell better than bloodhounds and possibly the best of any land animal. Bears use their sense ofsmelltofindmates,identifytheircubs,findfood,anddetectandavoiddangeroussituationsinvolvingotherbearsorhumans.

    InCalifornia,ablackbearwasseentravelingupwind in a straight line for three miles to findadeaddeer.Somestudieshaveshownthatabearssenseofsmellisactuallyseventimes better than a bloodhounds.

    Speakingofbloodhounds;theyarepossiblythe best detectives known! Their senseof smell is so good that they beat the best man-made odor detecting machines. Evenafterseveraldaysofapersons trailgoing through streets, shops and more, a bloodhoundcanstillfollowthescent.Somedogs have been trained to detect types ofcancer with greater accuracy than veryexpensivescreeningequipment.

    Detecting scents underwater is what asharks brain does well. Approximatelytwo-thirds of a sharks brain is focused on smell. They can detect a tiny drop of blood frommorethanamile(1.6km)away.Theycanevendetectnervousness inotherfish,which helps them find and destroy preyveryeasily.

    In many instances humans have betterrecall of smells than visual recall. Onestudyfounda65%accuracyforsmellaftera year, while visual recall of photos wasbelow50%afteronlythreemonths.

    NOSEY (continued): Rats can be trained, like dogs, to use theirextraordinarysenseofsmelltohelphumansinlife-savingways,oneofwhichistodetectlandmines.Ratscansmell instereo,witheachoftheir nostrils working independently!

    Theadvantagetousingratsinsteadofdogsforthis type of defense work is not just because of dogsreputationasmansbestfriendandtheclose relationships handlers form with dogs but also because they are cheaper to keep and train.

    GiantAfricanpouchedratsareusedforminedetectionbyAPOPO,anacronymfromtheDutchlanguage which means Anti=Persoonsmijnen Ontmijnende Product Ontwikkeling. In case you dont speak Dutch, it is translated Anti-Personnel Landmines Detection Product Development. APOPO conducts researchand develops and disseminates detectionrats technology for humanitarian purposes.It is a company registered in Belgium with headquartersinTanzania.TheirratsarecalledHeroRATs.

    Three countries that have been helped withminedetectionratsareTanzania,Mozambiqueand Thailand. When the land is cleared of landmines, not only does it make an area safer for those living nearbybut it alsomakes theland accessible for use and many times opens up water sources nearby as well.

    HeroRATs are also trained for tubercolsisdetection.Readaboutthesesupersmellersat:


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