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  • Tickets: $10.00

    Mini-Buses For Rent16, 24, & 30 passenger buses


    *Birthday Parties*Weddings

    *Sports Teams*Schools Camps

    *Vancouver/Alberta Trips

    35 Years Experience

    Ph. (250) 545-80542813 - B, 35th St., Vernon BC

    Ch oiceFlooring gallery carpet lino hardwood cork tile laminate

    Darrel or Joanna250-260-1042

    5103 25th Street, Vernon

    FREE front end & brake inspection and FREE Spring Estimates

    2815-44th AveVernon BC


    Xanders Hauling & Delivery

    Snow Plowing & Blowing, Firewood, Lumber, Car Removal, Brush & Debris, Landscape

    Material, ATV Delivery; 7'x14' Dump Trailer: U Load ~ I haul

    Residential & Commercial250-307-2945

    Gold N TimeJewellery

    #106 3334 30 Ave.Next to Welkmart, downtown Vernon


    * Your Diamond Store* Goldsmith & Watch Repairs on Premises

    health is not a luxury, it is a necessity

    Do you miss your skinny jeans?At Healthy Insights, We have solutions to give you the edge you seek, to make a long-term dierence in your weight loss and overall health

    Lipo LaserInstant Results



    Inch Loss Guarantee 3006 30th Ave. Vernon, B.C. P:250.558.7258

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    of Vernon


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    Jan 11, 2013 Issue #00110


    BAD DOGSby Janet Spencer

    A lot has been said about hero dogs but not all of them are heroes! Lets take a look: When Haroldo Renato Mota of Sao Paulo,

    Brazil let his dog out one day in February of 2002, he knew there was a high likelihood that the dog would return carrying something he had found- a stick, a bone, a piece of trash. But the dog, a black and white mixed breed named Chumbinho, came back carrying something Mota didnt recognize. He told the dog to drop it. Mota recognized it all right- a rusty hand grenade. He called police; police called the bomb squad; and the bomb squad detonated the grenade safely.

    Mark and Lara Tomlinson live in South Africa with their kids and their dog Digger. Digger is well named, perpetually burying and unbury bones. One day in February of 2002 when Digger began to dig industriously underneath the childrens playhouse, Mark became curious when another neighborhood dog, a puppy named Jack, joined in the excavation. Going to see what they were so interested in, he found to his alarm that the two dogs had uncovered a bomb. Police removed the 60mm mortar bomb left over from World War II. The playhouse had been built the previous April. Never did we think that we were building it on top of a bomb, said Lara.

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    109-3334 30th Ave


    hair & tanningesthetics studio

    For the month of December - Tanning Specials-Inquire within. Seniors Specials all the time!

    Free parking in back

    Too many dishes and cups and not enough cabinet space? Try rotating your serving pieces as you would a wardrobe. Use different patterns for different seasons. When you need to quickly clean the microwave and there is stuck-on food, thoroughly saturate a washcloth or dishrag with water and microwave it for about a minute. Leave it in the microwave for another minute, and then use it to wipe away the food. It comes off like magic! (Always check the cloth to make sure it is not too hot to handle first.) -- N.C., via e-mail Heres a great discovery our family made after a recent snowstorm. Its fun to paint on snow. Use wide paintbrushes and watercolors. Mist the snow with a water bottle to create a semi-hard surface, then paint away. We used sticks and leaves to create a border and took photos of our creations. This way we have a memory of it after it melts away. -- R.O. in Ohio I save the plastic containers that margarine comes in. Then buy fresh fruit, cut it up and store it in the containers in individual servings. I usually do a few days worth at a time, so if my containers are still in the fridge, I know I havent been eating enough fruit. -- E.C. in California

    Q: There is a show on cable that my husband and I really love called Paranormal Paparazzi. Can you tell me if/when the second season will air?

    A: I spoke with Paranormal host Rachel Fine, and she told me that it might be up to the fans as to whether it gets a second season. Paranormal Paparazzi is one of the most interesting projects Ive ever worked on. While I was excited to take a fun, TMZ-style approach to the paranormal, I was

    seriously surprised by some of the things I encountered. Working on this show for the Travel Channel really changed my outlook on the world -- I legitimately had experiences I cant explain. My eyes were opened this season, and I definitely hope well come back for more!To help facilitate the approval of a second season, I suggest you head over to Click on General Comment, then TV Shows, then Other. And then write a couple sentences about how much you loved Paranormal Paparazzi and really hope they renew it for a second season.

    ***Q: I read on your Twitter feed that Heart had been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recently, and I wondered if they had gotten in? A: In December, the HOF committee

    announced that Heart -- including sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson -- would indeed be in the class of 2013. Other inductees include Canadian rockers Rush, the late disco queen Donna Summer, singer/songwriter Randy Newman, hip-hop group Public Enemy and blues guitarist and singer Albert King.

    ***Q: I thought I had seen or read that Elizabeth Perkins would be a new sitcom this fall, but I havent seen her anywhere. Was it canceled?

    A: Elizabeth can be seen this spring -- April 3 at 9:30/8:30c to be exact -- in the new ABC comedy How to Live With Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life). She co-stars with Sarah Chalke and Brad Garrett. Of the show, Elizabeth told me: What I love about this show is youve got three generations of people living

    in the same household, mostly because of the economy, which is happening all over the country. Its wacky in the way that real life is wacky. Its not this big style of sitcom acting; its funny in a character-driven way. Its the situations we find ourselves in that are funny, as opposed to setting up this whole big plot point.

    ***Q: I love Steven Pasquale of Rescue Me. What can I see him on now? --

    A: Beginning Thursday, Jan. 31, you can catch Steven in NBCs new drama called Do No Harm. Steven plays a neurosurgeon who has a serious problem when he learns that his body is no longer responding to the serum that keeps his dangerous alter ego in check.

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    It was American humorist and columnist Josh Billings who made the following sage observation: Reason often makes mistakes, but conscience never does.

    You think there are a lot of lawsuits being heard in the courts these days? Statistics show that half of the suits filed never even make it to court.

    In France in the 1700s, capital punishment was not uncommon, and criminals thus condemned were decapitated by the countrys Chief Executioner. This position was hereditary, which posed a problem when, in 1726, the holder of that title, Charles-Jean-Baptiste Sanson, suffered an early death, leaving his 7-year-old son, Charles, to take up the grisly duties. It was obvious to all that a child could never wield the heavy axe required for the decapitations, so it was deemed acceptable for a helper to actually perform the executions. Only the official office-holder could put the official seal on the act, however, so the poor boy had to witness every one. It wasnt until the ripe old age of 12 that he began to take over the full duties of the office.

    When famed inventor Alexander Graham Bell died in 1922, he was dictating a memo. His final words were, So little done, so much to do!

    If youre a fan of big brass, you might want to head to Millersville, Pa., in May. Every year during that month, the town celebrates International Tuba Day, with some 50 tuba players on hand to serenade the crowd.

    Theres been much public conversation about the growing girth of Americans in recent decades. Its not just people who are gaining weight, though; between 1996 and 2006, the average motor vehicle made in the U.S. gained 500 pounds.

    Canadian-American Singer-Songwriter Leah West adds yet another accolade to her bustling career as it was standing room only at the Minstrel Cafe and Bar in Kelowna, British Columbia. The new CD release Speechless was a complete sell out as her sparkling stage presence was enjoyably eloquent. Furthermore, Leah West held the audience spellbound from beginning to end.

    Leah West is the winner of the 2011 BCIMA Peoples Choice Award and was also justifiably nominated for three other awards, including Songwriter of the Year Single of the Year and Pop/Contemporary recording artist of the year. Leah West has many more fine tuned talents as a dancer, actress, photographer, oil painter and much more. She is both Canadian & American and speaks English, French & Spanish.

    This beautiful and talented songstress is assuredly on her