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Enschede November 17 th 2012 Strategy development in an innovative organisation

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  • 1. Strategy development inan innovative organisationEnschede November 17th 2012

2. Lesson I:stick to your strategy until you need a new one 3. version 5.03new release ofour philosphy 4. from hardworkingto inventive from inventiveto innovativefrom innovative productsto market positions 5. Lesson II:people make the difference people differ more and more 6. physical effortsintellectual efforts potential employees 7. Lesson III:develop a sales pitch focused on recruitment 8. The 10,000 hourrule 9. What do you get for your 10,000 hours?How to getthings done ina big organization. 10. What do you get for your 10,000 hours?How to getthings done withlimited resources. 11. What do you get for your 10,000 hours?How to be theone-eyed manin the land of blind. 12. What do you get for your 10,000 hours?Learn to be anentrepreneur. 13. Definition Entrepreneurship: :1. to take upon oneself2. to put oneself under obligation to perform 14. Lesson IV:from an entrepreneurial company to a company of entrepreneurs 15. Andries Jan Oosterhof Nedap ChinaMarketleaderElectronic Sow Feeding 16. A n d r F o e ke nMoves Within two yearsB a r t t e n B r i n ke marketleader care planning 17. A n d r F o e ke n CARENIntroduction new portal informal care 18. A n d r F o e ke n CAREN Development and design in Asuncion, Paraguay 19. Lesson IV:choose the right KPI 20. Key Perfomance Indicator ROACEEBITDAEBIT ROCERevenue GrowthCashflowEarnings per shareEconomic EBITA Value AddedStock price ROE 21. Our Key Performance Indicator:added value per employee 22. Business model Consultancy Projects Productsriskreward 23. Applying the KPI during the 2009 crisis:Focus on the right marketsFocus on the right activities 24. Lesson V:Do the google test 25. Nedaps sales network 26. Lesson VI:It is no longer about economies of scal but about economies of brains 27. Leveraging brains 28. Leveraging brains Nedap solid foundation: Sharing of technologies Sharing of business models Sharing of processes 29. Lesson VII:It is all about growth so be sure to go for relevant growt 30. Our Growth Model Focused on growingthe added value per employee 31. Growth of addedvalue per employee 32. Growth of addedvalue per employee 33. Lesson VIII:Tip the Strategy Pyramid 34. The Strategy Pyramid Challenges enrich life Developing customer value 35. Tip the PyramidMoving markets withtechnology that mattersAttract top talent andgive them purpose,power and possibilitiesDevelop, manufacture andsellpowerful propositions tocapture markets 36. Agri SecurityWell positioned tobenefit from theEnergyworld widemegatrends Healthcare Water