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What is venture capital?

Venture capital means fundsmade available forstartupfirmsandsmall businesses with exceptionalgrowthpotential.Venture capital is long term risk capital to finance high technology projects which involve risk but at the same time has strong potential for growth. 4DefinitionThe SEBI defined Venture Capital fund in its regulation 1996 as a fund established in the form of a company or trust which raises money through loans, donations, issue of securities or units as the case may be & makes or proposes to make investments in accordance with the regulations.

FEATURES OF VENTURE CAPITAL Long term investment:Lack of liquidity:High risk return:Private equity:Wide scope: Equity participation:

ADVANTAGES OF VENTURE CAPITALprovide large sum of equity finance.Venture Capitalist are rewarded by business success & the capital gain. Able to bring wealth and expertise to your companyThe Venture Capitalist also has a wide network of contacts. Providing additional funds. DISADVANTAGES OF VCLengthy and complex process (needs detailed business plan, financial projections and etc.)In the deal negotiation stage, you will have to pay for legal and accounting feesInvestors become part owners of your business - founder loss of autonomy or controlProblems facing by VC Requirement of an experienced management team. Requirement of an above average rate of return on investment. Longer payback period. Uncertainty regarding the success of the product in the market. Questions regarding the infrastructure details of production. Skills and Training required. Time Period. Interference in Business:

9 Top cities attracting VC investments:

CITIES SECTORS MumbaiSoftware services, BPO, Media, Computer graphics, Animations, Finance & Banking BangaloreIT & Bio-technology DelhiSoftware services, Telecom Chennai IT , Telecom Hyderabad IT & ITES, Pharmaceuticals Pune Bio-technology, IT , BPO

VC industry wise segmentation

VENTURECAPITALFUNDINGIN INDIAVC funding in IndiaVCFs in India can be categorized into following five groups:Those promoted by the Central Government controlled development finance institutions. For example: - ICICI Venture Funds Ltd. - IFCI Venture Capital Funds Ltd (IVCF) - SIDBI Venture Capital Ltd (SVCL)

2) Those promoted by State Government controlled development finance institutions. :-For example: - Punjab Infotech Venture Fund - Gujarat Venture Finance Ltd (GVFL) - Kerala Venture Capital Fund Pvt Ltd.

3) Those promoted by public banks. :- For example: - Can bank Venture Capital Fund - SBI Capital Market Ltd

4)Those promoted by private sector companies. :-For example: - IL&FS Trust Company Ltd - Infinity Venture India Fund

5)Those established as an overseas venture capital fund. :-For example:- Walden International Investment Group - HSBC Private Equity - management Mauritius Ltd Remedies taken for VC Reduce the rules and regulations of SEBI.Investment made on development of management and employees through training, improving skills.Avoid venture capitalist in interference in Business activity. Increasing market facilities.Provide more infrastructure facilities.




Sheet1IndustryPercentageIT & ITES6.94Energy7.73Manufacturing11.5Media & Ent.4.32BFSI27.95Shipping & logistics4.82Eng. & Const.11.43Telecom12.92Health care3.36Others9.03