vendor’s webinar session on equote doas state purchasing april 4, 2008

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Vendor’s Webinar Session on eQuote DOAS State Purchasing April 4, 2008

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  • Vendors Webinar Session oneQuoteDOAS State PurchasingApril 4, 2008

  • Lets start by talking about eQuote

    The history of eQuoteIntroduced as E-quote in October 2004 with a buying limit of $10,000

    Re-introduced as eQuote in March 2007 with buying limit raised to $50,000

    Enhanced eQuote released late March 2008No limit on buying amount Substantially more robust functionalityTraining provided through webinars and brand new Vendors Guide

  • Who can use eQuote? eQuote is available to all governmental entities in the State of GeorgiaState of Georgia AgenciesTechnical schoolsPublic colleges and universitiesAuthorities Those buying for the legislative and judicial branches of state governmentCounty governmentCity governmentPublic k-12 schoolsOther governmental entities

  • The basics of what a vendor needs to know about using eQuote

    Alternative to faxing for bids less than $10,000 Alternative to posting to the GPR for bids $10,000+Posted eQuotes of $50,000+ publically available from GPR alsoSystem generates award notification emails to successful vendor and to non-successful vendorsGreatly reduces the possibility of arithmetic calculation errors Ability to no bid a line or to receive a partial awardAbility to add comments as well as documentsAbility to edit your response while the eQuote is still openBuyer can add non-registered vendors to an open eQuoteBuyer can re-award a solicitation if there is a problem with the initial awardEases the transition to the PeopleSoft modules coming in 18 monthsReduces amount of paper needed to be submitted for a solicitation response

  • State Purchasing has two manuals on our website to help you with eQuoteThese provide eQuote step by step with examples and screenshots, FAQs and standard terms and conditions Both are available on DOAS State Purchasing webpage at:

  • Getting started with eQuoteif you are registered on the Vendor Registration System and have selected the NIGP Code(s) associated with the eQuote solicitation, you get an email invitation to participate Unique user-id and password. Can only be used for this eQuoteurl address that gives you access to this eQuote solicitationVendors Guide linkEmail contains: Userid and password url link to eQuote Link to Vendors Guide Title of the eQuote eQuote close info Name/email of buyer Governmental entity

  • Access the eQuote system..Click the Submit button

  • You are given a choice: Not to Bid, to Bid Later, or to Bid Now

  • If you click I will not bid on this eQuote and then try to return, you will not be able to do soYou will have to contact the Buyer to get re-set

  • Once this has been accomplished, you will get an email allowing re-entry to that eQuote

  • If you opt to Bid Now, you open the eQuote You can add document(s) at this Header sectionYou can add comments hereDocument added by buyerName of Person, not company

  • On State Agency eQuotes, Standard Terms and Conditions are included and you must click I agree button

    Non-state agencies and those that have certain exemptions will not have these included but will add their own Terms and Conditions

    Additional terms and conditions or contracts may be included in the eQuote solicitation

  • Respond to each lineand you can add documents to any line alsoYou can add documents here to the line

  • To add documents at a line (note that the same method is used for adding documents to the Header):Click Browse

  • Opens your computer---find the document to add

  • Click Open

  • Your document is downloaded firstalways give each document a Titlethen click Upload the DocumentYour document is loaded inGive the document a titleClick Upload the document

  • Screen shows document you attached and allows you to add more documents or to delete this oneDocument you addedClick only to delete!!! Click to add more documentsClick to proceed with eQuote

  • You can No Bid a Line eQuote calculates your bid for you

  • Here the vendor No Bid two of the three linesNote the buyer has deleted this line

  • To submit your bid, just click on the button

  • Box appears asking if you are sure you want to submit the bid at this priceIF you agree, click the OK buttonThen click Submit your Bid

  • Critical Information!!Your eQuote bid is considered as POSTED when it is RECEIVED by the eQuote system---and NOT when you hit that SUBMIT button.

    It might take 2-3 minutes for the eQuote system to receive the eQuote bid response.

  • Screen appears indicating your eQuote has been recorded by the systemClick here to exit from the systemBuyers cannot open your bid response until eQuote closes

  • You will receive an email confirmation that the system has received your eQuote bid. If you do not receive this, your computer and the eQuote system did not communicate!

  • While the eQuote is still open, you could receive an email notification regarding the eQuoteThere might be a change in the specificationsThe buyer might have deleted or added one or more linesThe buyer might ask for additional informationsuch as references or for you to provide a sample An optional or mandatory pre-bid conference might be now includedThe closing might be extendedThe eQuote could have been cancelled

  • Sample email. Note the opportunity for you to return to the eQuote to amend your response (pricing or documents)

  • What if? You accidently delete the email that offers the eQuote invitation? You never receive the email?Your system blocks the email?

    Answer: You can contact the buyer and get the email notification re-sent to you

  • What if?You find out about the eQuote but did not receive an email notification

    Answer: Contact the buyerwho will add you to the eQuote vendor list and you will receive an email invitation

  • If you are not registered on the Vendor Registration System eQuote will take you to that system, have you register, and then take you back to the eQuote to submit your eQuote response

  • What if?You need or want to modify your eQuote response (add or delete a document, amend your pricing)?You want to withdraw your eQuote bid response?

    Answer: As long as the eQuote is still open, you can contact the buyer who will arrange for you to receive an email allowing you to re-enter eQuote to make your changes

  • What if?You clicked I will bid at a later time and are ready to go back into the eQuote and respond?

    Answer: As long as the eQuote is still open, simply re-enter using the same access provided in the original email. You do not need to contact the buyer

  • Is there anything else you might need to do?If the eQuote includes providing reference information, samples, attending a pre-bid conference, signing a contract, or submitting additional information, you must comply to be considered as responsiveNote: You may submit an request for an exception to the contract with your eQuote response If you want to offer an early-payment discount, indicate this in the Comment section

  • After the eQuote closes, you can go to the GPR to see the eQuotes that have closed. Will show the responses, not the results of the evaluation or award decision!!Note: Access Closed eQuotes

  • After the eQuote closes and the award decision is madeall responding vendors receive an email notice of the award decision: An email notice is sent to the vendor(s) who receive all or part of the award

  • An email notice is sent to vendor(s) who do not receive all or part of the award

  • For State Agencies, eQuotes $100,000 and abovefirst a Notice of Intent to Award is issued and is in effect for 10 days. Email of NOIA is sent and the NOIA is publically posted

  • After the 10 days, if there are no protests or problems, a PO or fully executed contract is issued, and a Notice of Intent to Award (NOA) is issued and posted. All vendors are notified through the eQuote system as well as through public posting of the NOA

  • For State Agencies eQuotes, the NOIA and then final awards of $50,000+ will be publically posted on the GPR

  • For any eQuote, the buyer has the ability to re-award if there is problem with the original awardAn email notification will go out stating that the you have been awarded all or part of the eQuote due to a re-awardIf your pricing has a time limitation (such as 60 days), please indicate this information in your eQuote response

  • What happens after you are notified of an award?

    You will receive either a Purchase Order from the buyer or a contract mutually signed ORYou will be contacted by the buyer with P-card information If you will not accept payment by P-card, please indicate this in your eQuote response

  • Important Things to RememberWhen you get an email eQuote invitation and decide to look at the eQuote, use the one-time userid and password provided DO NOT use your Vendor Registration userid and passwordIf you click Do Not Wish to Bid your one-time userid and password will be deactivatedDo not fax in your responses or email them in or send them in via postal services. Responses MUST be submitted electronicallyIf you do not get an email confirmation after submitting your eQuote response, THE SYSTEM DID NOT TAKEYour eQuote response is considered as the time the system accepted it, NOT THE TIME YOU SENT IT (maybe be a minute or two before it is accepted)

  • Help Desk Support and Assistance404-657-6000All trained on eQuote2 Additional Tier Levels of Help [email protected]