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It’s Your Time To Shine


  • Its Your Time To Shine

  • J U L Y 2 0 1 1Volume 1/Number 1

    Contents( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( H E Y P R O F E S S I O N A L S ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )3 WelcomeOn the way to making waves and providing a medium for businesses to make it big! LaNette K is all about the busi-ness of helping people to succeed.

    B U S I N E S S SENSE4 Pros and Cons of Being A Vendor Texting: Good and Bad Helpful Hints For Small Business Owners

    EVENT CALENDAR5 Upcoming EventsWherever you go, whatever you do, stay abreast of what VP Members are doing.

    VENDOR SPOTLIGHT6 Kathy Rollwage of Merry Heart Face Painting


  • Welcome to our FIRST "It's

    Your Time To Shine" Vendors Preferred Newsletter. This

    newsletter comes from the group on Facebook called

    "Vendors Preferred"that was cre-ated by LaNette Kincaide or as

    many of you may know her simply as Just Pearlz. LaNette is the owner of Just Pearlz -a FINE fashion jewelry and accessory company. Just Pearlz (

    jewelry has been considered as FINE jewelry because it is both

    rare and considered as the "best of the best". The Vendors Pre-

    ferred Group started only one month ago and currently has

    over 400 members. Although the group is called Vendors

    Preferred, it is meant for all types of businesses that include

    also soloists, actors, actresses, make-up artists and the list can

    go on and on. The purpose of the group is to create a positive

    arena to showcase products without always paying a fee of

    some sort that I am sure that

    many of you have done to be a vendor. VP is also a place for

    business owners to post their needs for vendors or for ven-

    dors to post dates that they are

    available to be a vendor.

    LaNette has also created a net-work called "Vendors Meet Up,"

    which allows vendors and busi-ness owners to come together

    once a month and network face-to-face FREE of charge. The

    newsletter was created to be a notch above passing our busi-

    ness cards and meeting some-one face-to-face. The purpose

    of "It's Your Time To Shine" is to take businesses of Vendors

    Preferred to another level; maybe to a national level or

    even a global level by sending our business information nation-

    wide using an E-Blast (email)


    ((((((((((((((HEY PROFESSIONALS)))))))))))))))


    In the business world, I thought

    I had seen it all but since work-ing so close with a lot of

    "professionals" I must say I learn something new everyday. I've

    seen business owners curse out their customers. I've also heard

    feedback from customers stating that they stopped using a certain

    product or service because of the constant so-called follow-up

    calls they received from certain representatives. Whether you

    are self-employed with a home-

    made business such as candles

    or a multi-level marketing rep-resentative of a company like

    Scentsy you must remember that you represent your busi-

    ness to the fullest and anything you do or say could hurt your


    Contact Abuse Remember that if you receive

    someone's business card that doesn't mean you shouldn't

    treat them as a customer.

    When a business contact gives

    you their business card you

    should actually LIMIT contact

    unless they have requested oth-

    erwise, because they are just as

    busy as you.


    LaNette K.

    Founder, CEO Vendors Preferred

    Its Your Time To Shine!

  • Vendors Preferred LaNette Kincaide will be interviewed on July 6, 2011 by Online Radio host

    Becky Collier-Hagler take a listen on We will discuss everything

    regarding Vendors and Business.

    The Devil is a "LYA" Gospel Stage Play WHERE: Garland Plaza Theatre

    521 W. State Street

    Garland,Texas 74040

    WHEN: July 15, 2011 8pm-11pm

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    Be sure to visit Latoya Garrett-Richardson on the web at or on FACEBOOK as

    BeeFLYProject for further details regarding this event. Support BeeFLY Project, the new company that educates,

    entertains and empowers plus size women and girls to embrace their curves and celebrate their beauty.

    Vendors Meet Up

    Monday, July 18th @ 7-9 p.m.

    Location: Shaneens Touch of New York 3939 East Highway 80, Suite 421

    Mesquite, TX


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  • Pros and Cons of being a Vendor *DO your research when looking for a vendor opportunity.. Ask other vendors about the event you are interested in. Trust me most of them will know the history of most of the event AND vendors

    don't mind sharing about a good or bad event. *Don't assume that your vendor fee covers the entrance fee. Especially when you are a vendor for

    events such as concerts, conferences or any event similar. *DO make the best out of an event that has mostly vendors instead of customers. Instead of getting

    upset, take your business to another level. Pass out business cards, speak to everyone passing not just the ones close to your table. LOL... seriously its what I would call a BAD event. What do you have to lose? *Do ask about ticket sales and projected attendance rate!

    *Do ask if your vendor fee will cover items such as advertising, free meal, table/electricity if necessary or whatever you need to make your time as a vendor productive.

    *Don't assume that the person coordinating the event cares about you and your business, remember that they are in business too. With that being said, if you sell jewelry don't get upset if it's ten or

    more jewelry vendors at one event..It's just business.

    potential customers a favor and

    UNBLOCK your page! How will your business contacts and

    customers know about your business if you don't let it out

    the bag... LOL.! If you are concerned about

    security then create two pages: one for business and one

    personal one. *Stay Positive! No one wants

    to do business with a person with a STANK attitude.

    *Diversify your business. If you are marketing to all types of

    platforms then make sure your

    business displays that via pic-tures on Facebook, website

    and etc. .





    From a personal standpoint, I would rather receive text mes-

    sages from my family members. Not a text that reads, "Girls

    gone wild and DJ Busy Body on the mic" from someone I hardly


    Receiving texts from a so-called

    colleague for anything related

    to business for me is a total

    turn off. Especially when tech-

    nology is constantly upgrading

    to meet the needs of small

    business owners. Remember

    you are a reflection of your

    business. Are you killing your

    business? U nless a business contact or cus-tomer has given you permission

    to text them then you should-n't. It gives them the impres-

    sion that you are too busy for them to pick up the telephone

    to call or to send an email. Although our society is moving

    towards a huge social technical industry don't assume that your

    customer or business connects have made it to the texting

    Dont assume

    that your

    customer or


    connects have

    made it to the

    texting stage.

    Page 3


    Image courtesy of Corbis


    Image courtesy of Corbis Images.

    U se any and every-thing FREE to pro-mote your products and your

    business services. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace

    and any other social networks to blast your business.

    Also if you are looking for a free website you can also use *If you have a page on any of

    the social networks like Face-book please do me and your


  • Its Your Time To Shine

    VENDOR SPOTLIGHTKathy Rollwage of Merry Heart Face Painting

  • Face Painting for Your Event by Kathy Rollwage of Merry Heart Face Painting That big event is coming up and you are looking for something fun and different! The nice thing about face painting is that is enjoyable for those, being painted and those simply watching! But, before you just randomly go online to search for your entertainer, heres a quick checklist:

    ALLOW PLENTY OF PLANNING IF POSSIBLE. It is never TOO SOON.and I recommend you allow a couple of months if you have it, so youll have

    more options. Im as happy about last minute gigs as any others, but youll get my best service if I have at least a week. Im sure that most entertainers feel the same way.


    * (Ive seen anything from 50 -250 an hour in the DFW area; 100-150 is probably the average) Generally speaking, you will get what you pay for! ?

    * Services Desired * Cheek A