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Only the best sweepers will ensure that a facility is kept clean and safe and that surfaces remain free of dirt, debris and other hazardous and unsightly waste. Different types of sweepers are available to suit different business types and needs, and knowing what these will allow you to choose one that ensures a quick, efficient and effective clean-up


  • Various Types Of Sweepers If youre new to the industry or are looking to upgrade to or invest in a new sweeper, knowing what the different types of sweepers are along with their unique features and benefits is integral to ensuring an informed decision is made. Sweepers effectively clean multiple surfaces and handle large commercial and industrial areas and the best types are examined below: Street Sweepers

    Designed to handle tough city cleaning jobs, street sweepers are versatile machines that combine efficiency with ease of use. They are able to clean areas of all sizes, ranging from smaller car parks, loading bays and footpaths to more expansive roads and streets. These sweeping machines feature powerful suction and high air-flow for high performance levels and are built with an ergonomic positioning and straightforward control panels to allow for easy operation.

    Ride-On Sweepers Although slightly smaller in size than street sweepers, ride-on machines are still effective for cleaning large indoor and outdoor areas such as warehouses and factories. The unique thing about these machines is that they are multi-functioning, which means that they have the ability to sweep, scrub, and dry all in one pass. What a lot of cleaning professionals find advantageous about this aspect is that ride-on sweepers are in fact able to complete amounts of work that would otherwise require multiple machines. As a result, running costs are reduced and so too are costs to purchase supplementary cleaning equipment. Furthermore, with a high capacity dust filter system, ride-on machines pick up large debris as well as small dust particles, are user-friendly, easy to maintain and reduce overall cleaning times substantially. Walk-Behind Sweepers Walk-behind sweepers are basically very powerful brooms. They work wherever you'd use a broom, only five times more efficiently. These sweepers are suitable for use on a range of surfaces including carpets and hard concrete floors in garages and warehouses. They feature powerful brooms that remove paper, nails, screws and other debris from floors. Another nice feature of walk-behind sweepers is that they have low noise levels, which makes them the ideal choice for day time cleaning or cleaning in noise-sensitive areas such as offices, libraries, schools and offices. In conclusion, although all sweepers are designed to produce impressive cleaning results, choosing the right one is integral to ensuring that your specific task will be completed to a high standard. So determine what your requirements are and decide between a street, ride-on or walk behind sweeper, depending on which meets your demands best.

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