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The Annual Newsletter launched by Shree Vanza Gnati Mandal, Dar Es Salaam on 29th December, 2012.


ANNUAL NEWSLETTER ANNUAL NEWSLETTERShree Vanza Gnati Mandal Shree Vanza Gnati Mandal P.O.Box 38220, Dar P.O.Box 38220 Es Salaam, Tanzania. Website: Dar Es Salaam E-mail:Tanzania

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Issue 1 Message from the Editorial Team We seek blessings from :

December 2012 Management Team for the Year 2012Chairman - Anoop M. Rathod. Vice Chairman - Jiten R. Borkhataria. Treasurer - Satish C. Vanza. Secretary - Jayanti L. Parmar. Assistant Secretary - Deepak P. Rathod. Members: Ashish L. Parmar. Bhavin J. Borkhataria. Bhavin V. Parmar. Bunty L. Parmar. Chetan R. Borkhataria. Jiten M. Parmar. Kumiben Borkhataria. Madhyaben Borkhartaria. Mansi J. Parmar. Poonam A. Rathod. Premal J. Chohan. Ritesh M. Parmar. Sachin L. Parmar. Sailesh D. Parmar. Sanjay D. Parmar. Sarlaben Parmar. Shirish B. Rathod. Shweta D. Jethwa. Vishal S. Limbocha. Trustees: Jayanti D. Borkhataria. Lilaben J. Chohan. Vrajlal N. P armar. IT Team :Hitesh J. Chohan. Vimal V. Rathod. Newsletter Editorial Board: Deepali S. Vanza, Heena R. Chohan, Meera S. Rathod, Shweta P. Chohan. Supported by :Dhiraal S. Parmar, Hitesh J. Chohan, Pal A. Bhadreshwara, Pooja J. Borkhataria,

Mata HingrajDear Reader,

Guru Gopal lal

We would like to introduce Vanza Life - Dar Es Salaam to you. This is an Annual Newsletter which will be published every year before the Annual General Meeting. The aim is to provide brief descriptions of festivals celebrated at our premises, events/activities and any other information which is relevant and reflected to the year gone by. We would like to thank all our sponsors for providing their support in printing of this Newsletter. We are looking forward for their continuous support in future publications too. We couldnt have done it without the support from the community as a whole. Therefore, we would like to thank everyone for making this happen. The descriptions of events have been very brief and not all activities are included. Therefore, please bear with us if something is missed out or omitted. However, if you have any comments or suggestions, then please write to us at newsletter@ Thank you very much and Jay Gopal! Editorial Team.

Issue 1 The History of Shree Vanza Gnati MandalSince some of our ancestors landed in East Africa as in 1920s, the Vanzas were on move between Tanganyika, Zanzibar, Mozambique and Comoro Islands. On 28th May 1942, Late Keshavji Ramji Borkhataria and Late Naranji Trikamji Tank took the initiative to call a meeting of the entire Vanzas of Dar es salaam at late Harji Karsan Solankis shop and formed Shree Va n z a G n a t i Mandal. In the year 1945, the committee decided to have a building for the mandal and looked for a freehold plot in the vicinity of the Hindu temples on Kisutu Street. For the ownership of the plot, the mandal and the trustees were registered with the registrar of societies. The Yuvak decided to publish a quarterly magazine through which all the community members would be informed about the activities and all other social events related to the mandal. The main committee gave their blessings. Yuvak gave their free time for collection of donations and dispatching the circulars of the meetings of the mandal by going from shop to shop on Sundays. But in the year 1948, the Yuvak protested to carry out such activities. The building committee decided to buy the plot from the Chavda family in 1952. The formalities for procurement of the plot from the administration general were finalized. Transfer registrations of the plot in the name of Shree Vanza Gnati Mandal with the title deed were received on 27th July 1953. Late Velji Valji Chohan volunteered for the design of the building. The foundation stone for the building was laid by

December 2012

Keshavji Daya Jethwa of Madagascar on 19th August, 1956. The Opening Ceremony of the building was performed by Shrimati Liruben Harji Solanki, grandmother of Mohanlal Virji Solanki on 2nd May, 1957. In early 1968, it was decided by the Mandal to host the Parisad of Vanzas of East Africa in Dar es Salaam. A few sub committees were formed for the implementation of the Parisad. The Parisad was held on 4th April, 1969 and the Chairman of the Mandal, Shree Mohanlal Virji Solanki welcomed the delegation from various centers. A Prayer Hall and a small Temple of Shree Hingraj Mata and Guru Gopallal were built on top of the existing Building in 1974. The Pranprathistha of Higraj Mata and Guru Gopallal were performed on 13th September 1975. The present Shed in steel structure and corrugated galvanized Iron sheets in the back yard was constructed in 1983. The latest structure of Kitchen Complex was built in 1994.Special thanks and appreciation to the following Vanza Gnati Team for creating a beautiful beginning: Naranji Trikamji Tank, Savji Ramji Borkhataria, Tulsidas Karsan Parmar, Savji Hirji Dodia, Visram Kanji Sonigra, Keshavji Ramji Borkhataria, Valji Sunderji ChohanHarji Karsan Solanki, Nanji Khimji Parmar, Maganlal Lalji Borkhataria, Bachubhai D. Rathod, Mohanlal Virji Solanki Purshottam Ramji Jethwa, Ramji Valji Chohan, Morarji Karsan Parmar, Parmanand Ramji Bhadreswara, Vanravan Maganlal Borkhataria, Jeram Mulji Chavda, Velji Valji Chohan, Anand Kara Solanki, Valji Trikamji Tank.


Issue 1 Sagai & Marriage CertificatesMarriage is a very important Ceremony in every ones life and Marriage Certificate is a must document for passport, visa and many other businesses. DSM Vanza Gnati has Sagai and Marriage Certificates ready to be issued for the above ceremonies. Some 50 years back our elders chocked out Rules and Regulations for these Ceremonies. The purpose was to make Marriage Ceremony affordable and remove the difference between rich and poor. These Rules contain how much and what to give to bride and groom during these Ceremonies. With society and people becoming affluent, these Rules have lost its meaning but DSM Vanza Gnati still observe them with a different meaning and still give the Certificates as a record.

December 2012

Marriage: -

At this Ceremony the Chairman and Secretary are invited verbally or by a letter to grace the occasion and bless the couple. The Marriage Certificate is kept ready with all the details filled in by both the parties such as name, birthdates, passport details, place of marriage and so on. After the Marriage Ceremony is over the Chairman is invited to bless the couple on behalf of the Gnati members. In case of absence of the Chairman either Secretary or a Trustee can perform this duty. The Secretary gets the Certificate signed by the couple, their witnesses and the priest. The copies are given to the bride, groom and one is kept as Gnati record. In DSM, these Certificates just serve as a record only. The official legal Marriage Certificate should be obtained by getting Marriage registered at Ilala Boma office or at Hindu Mandal Office by giving the notice of 21 days before the Ceremonies.

Sagai: - If Sagai is a proper function either brides orgrooms party invites Chairman, Secretary and elders of the community to grace the occasion. Before the actual Sagai Ceremony the chhaab is brought to the elders to be blessed and not to discuss the contains of it. The chhaab is given to the ladies to finish the chundadi ceremony. The Secretary fills the form with help from both the parents and get it signed by the relevant persons. The copies of this certificate are given to both the parties and one is kept as Gnati Record. Sometimes only Chundadi ceremony is performed just before the Marriage then the above procedure is not followed to save the time.






Ensuring your Familys Health



Issue 1 Community Welfare Health & EducationThe Management team has opened a separate account to deposit the amount collected every month from Gnati Bandhus who are donating voluntarily 10,000/= every month. This amount is being used to provide loans with no interest to Gnati Bandhus for their Health & Education needs. If you want to have further details about this facility, please contact our Management Team.

December 2012

Garbi DonationWe are grateful to Ronak & Hemal J. Gohil for donating Garbi for Navratri celebrations as shown in the picture below:

InfrastructureOur Bore Hole project has been successfully completed this year. We are grateful to the following who donated towards this project. 1. Late Dhanji G. Borkhataria. 2. Jayant Chohan. 3. Babulal D. Jethwa. 4. Harish B. Pratap. 5. Rasiklal D. Borkhataria. 6. Smt. Ambaben M. Gohil. (UK) 7. Suman Mandalia. 8. Late Mrs. Kantaben N. Makwana.. 9. Liladhar M. Parmar. 10. Dharmendra N. Parmar. 11. Arvind D. Vanza. 12. Late Manoj B. Rathod. 13. Vinod B. Rathod. 14. Madhavji D. Gohil. (UK) 15. Late Natwarlal M. Patni. ( Soni Samaj ) 16. Suresh Lavingia. ( Soni Samaj ) 17. Late Nanji K. Parmar & Family. 18. Shirish B. Rathod. 19. Shiv & Yash S. Parmar.

Blood DonationWe are grateful to the following Gnati Bandhus for donating blood to various people in need: Manoj P. Govind, Bhavesh P. Govind, Vishal S. Limbocha, Paresh J. Chohan, Rajesh J. Chohan, Ritesh M. Parmar and Ashish L. Parmar.


Issue 1 Events 2012 Makar Sankranti - 15th January

December 2012

In brief, Makar Sankranti, apart from a harvest festival in India, it is also regarded as the beginning of an auspicious phase in Indian culture. It is said as the holy phase of transition. It marks the end of an inauspicious phase (Kamorta) which according to the Hindu calendar begins around mid-December. It is believed that any auspicious and sacred ritual can be sanctified in any Hindu family, this day onwards. Scientifically, this day marks the beginning of warmer and longer days compar


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