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<ul><li><p>AT A GLANCE</p><p>CHRISTMAS PERCENTS</p><p>94%OF PEOPLE CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS</p><p>THE AVERAGE DATE PEOPLE PUT UP THEIR CHRISTMASIS 9TH DECEMBER</p><p>Survey conducted in November 2014 by Vanson Bourne. We asked 1000 people, what they would be doing this Christmas, with whom, where and when.</p><p></p><p>We asked 1000 people, what they would be doing this Christmas, with whom, where and when</p><p>22NDNOV</p><p>9THDEC</p><p> DECORATIONS </p><p>ON AVERAGE, PEOPLE THINKRETAILERS SHOULDN'T PUT UP </p><p>CHRISTMASUNTIL 22ND NOVEMBER</p><p> DECORATIONS </p><p>People with children at home decorate slightly earlier on average (4 days earlier)</p><p>THE AVERAGE DATE </p><p>30% OF PEOPLE START THEIR </p><p>BEFORE HALLOWEEN </p><p>PEOPLE START THEIR CHRISTMASIS 12TH OCTOBERSHOPPING</p><p>CHRISTMASSHOPPING</p><p>Men start on average nearly a month later than women</p><p>Overall half of christmas shopping is done online with a majority of people (53%) now doing more than half their Christmas shopping online</p><p>Of those who travel on Christmas Day, the average journey is 14 miles</p><p>On average respondents with children under 18 open gifts an hour earlier than the rest. Twice as many of them open gifts before 9am (39% vs 19%)</p><p>Nearly twice as many people selected "4 weeks before Christmas" as the next most popular answer </p><p>12THOCT</p><p>90% OF PEOPLE WHOBUY CHRISTMAS</p><p>BUY SOME OF THEMPRESENTSONLINE</p><p>59% OF PEOPLE WHOCELEBRATE CHRISTMAS</p><p>CHRISTMAS DAYSPEND MOST OF</p><p>AT HOME</p><p>ON AVERAGE, PEOPLE OPEN THEIRCHRISTMAS PRESENTS</p><p>ON CHRISTMAS DAYBETWEEN 10AM AND 11AM </p><p>16-24 year olds are less likely to choose to watch the Queen's speech live when its broadcast (13%) than everyone else (22-31%)</p><p>52% OF PEOPLE QUEEN'S SPEECHDO NOT WATCH THE</p><p>Men outnumber women 35% to 22%. Young people are as likely to nap as the 65+ age group.</p><p>29% OF PEOPLE WHO CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS HAVE AN AFTERNOON NAP ON CHRISTMAS DAY</p><p>16-24 year olds are twice as likely to text on Christmas Day as people over 65</p><p>71% OF PEOPLE SENDTEXT MESSAGES ON CHRISTMAS DAY,OF THEM THEY SEND AN AVERAGE OF </p><p>11 MESSAGES EACH</p><p>Twice as many respondents with under 18s at home shop online (15%) vs 7% of those with no children around. This increases to 22% of the 25-34 age group</p><p>These people return or exchange an average of four presents. Approaching twice as many respondents with under 18s exchange or get refunds for gifts (28% vs 16%)</p><p>10% OF PEOPLE USUALLY</p><p>21% OF PEOPLE WHO CELEBRATE CHRISTMASRETURN OR EXCHANGEAT LEAST ONE PRESENT</p><p>Women are far more likely to do it than men (25% vs 16%), so are people with under 18s at home (29%).</p><p>20% OF PEOPLE WHO CELEBRATE CHRISTMASRE-GIFT AT LEAST ONE PRESENT.THESE PEOPLE RE-GIFT AN AVERAGE OF FOUR PRESENTS</p><p>More 16-34 year olds chose "All I want for Christmas is you" (to stop singing?). Perhaps they are unfamiliar with Cli's classic?</p><p>24% OF PEOPLE NEVER WANT TO HEAR CLIFF RICHARD'S 'MISTLETOE AND </p><p>SHOP ONLINE ON CHRISTMAS DAY</p><p>55+ year olds are twice as likely to eat sprouts on Christmas Day</p><p>75% OF PEOPLE WHO CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS</p><p>ON CHRISTMAS DAYEAT SPROUTS </p><p>54% OF PEOPLETRAVEL ONCHRISTMAS DAY</p><p>30%</p><p>90%</p><p>59%</p><p>54%</p><p>75%</p><p>29%</p><p>HAPPYCHRISTMAS</p><p>SALE</p><p>SALE</p><p>21%</p><p>20%</p><p>24%</p><p>WINE' AGAIN</p></li></ul>