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  1. 1. Van Hire Birmingham - The Ideal Way to Enjoy Your Vacation to the Fullest Whether you want to be frugal or simply want the convenience of having your own vehicle to drive during a holiday, renting a car can help you enjoy your vacation better than having to take public transportwhich, though admittedly adventurous, may also be a hassle. Renting also means you dont have to bring your own carwhich means a good deal of lost mileage and beating especially when you are going on long road trips. Here are some good reasons why you should consider hiring a van when going on road trips: You can snag really good, cheap deals from reliable rental firms, which means plenty of saved money on gas and maintenance (when taking your own car) or on public transport. If you take time to compute youre on the road expenses, you will be surprised at the kind of savings you can get from renting a van for a road trip. Rental vans are likely to be very well maintained and have the latest safety features as well as additional gadgets, like mp3s and other in-car entertainment hook-ups. This means additional convenience, especially when taking long trips. If you rely on your own car for everyday transport, you really wouldn't want to put additional wear and tear on it for a thousand plus-mile road trip. This is one of the biggest advantages of hiring vans for vacation, because you are able to put the mileage on a different machine than your own. Another good reason for renting a car during long road trips is that when the car breaks down any moment during your trip, the rental company will be able to provide you with a replacement car, without any hassle. Having your own car breakdown in the middle of your long road trip can be a huge hassle and a definite roadblock that may take away all the fun of your vacation and even cause you head home prematurely. Your own car is also your own responsibilitywhich means added cost for repair and maintenance. Renting also allows you to drive something that you wouldn't ordinarily use or want to use the rest of the year (an SUV will be impractical to maintain if you don't really need a huge, powerful car or an engine for everyday use). This makes van rental more cost efficient than owning your own suburban or taking two small cars on a road trip. There are lots of sites available online today that are providing van hiring service in Birmingham and other cities as well.
  2. 2. About The Author: Direct Van Hire is Britain's largest van hire company offering van rentals in over 450 locations throughout the UK. They can supply van hire for a single day to long term leasing of all vehicle categories. Visit for van hire on fully inclusive rates that include VAT, fully comprehensive insurance, unlimited mileage, and breakdown recovery charges.


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