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  • VAMP laying the foundations

    Claire CreaserAngela ConyersSuzanne Lockyer

  • VAMP laying the foundationsBackground to the projectPhase 1Critical ReviewSurvey of SCONUL membersSynthesis and recommendationsOutcomes

  • Value and Impact ProgrammeKey area of concernWGPI role to support membersThree phase programmePhase 1 definition & scopingReview available toolsSurvey understanding & useInform future developments Phase 2 developmentPhase 3 delivery & dissemination

  • Critical reviewEffective academic librarySCONUL statisticsUser surveysOne-off projectsOther sectorsOther countriesSelective, not comprehensive

  • SCONUL resourcesAnnual Library StatisticsHELMSTrends analysisQuality Assurance resourcesBenchmarking supportInformation literacyImpact project

  • User surveysSCONUL templateLibQual+TMIn-house instrumentsRodski

  • ProjectsEQUINOXJUBILEEJUSTEISEvalued project & toolkitE-measures projectOutcomes project

  • Other sectorsBritish LibraryEconomic impact studyPublic librariesPublic library service standardsImpact measuresLibraries impact projectLongitude II

  • Other sectorsHealth librariesFurther Education librariesCoLRiCfforwmSchool libraries

  • Worldwide activityUSA ARLLibQual+tm and DigiQualtmMINEStmE-metricsSAILSAustralia CAULPerformance Indicator databaseCase studiesUser surveysPublications & guidelinesSouth Africa

  • Members surveyQuestionnaire38 respondents68% had undertaken value & impactFollow-up interviewsSuggested percentage might be higher

  • Key findingsReasons:Advocacy within institutionImprove servicesComparison with othersInstigated by head of serviceMethodologies:Customer satisfaction/service evaluationBenchmarking

  • UnderstandingValue & Impact not understood as unified conceptNeed for evidenceLinking to university missionDiffering stakeholder interestsQuantitative measures

  • Institutional driversQuestionnaireLittle institutional requirementUnderestimated?May be implicit rather than explicitLibraries go beyond institutional demandEssential to managementExpected to increase

  • BarriersMethodology/statisticsFlexibility Comparability Resources time and/or costParticularly for first timeSkills/knowledge2/3 had little or no knowledge of relevant tools/frameworksStakeholder buy-in

  • AdvantagesImproved servicesAdvocacyIncreased fundingImpressive

  • Synthesis of resultsNo general lack of toolsLack of understanding of value and impactDefinitions needed:ValueImpactOn institutionOn usersOutcome

  • Tools identified and usedUsed by questionnaire respondentsSCONUL StatisticsSCONUL User surveyLibqual+tmBenchmarking methodsSCONUL/LIRG impact project

  • Tools identified and usedAlso mentionedEvaluedE-measures projectBritish library contingent valuationHealth library workAustralian examples

  • Tools identified and usedWhich leavesEQUINOXJUBILEEJUSTEISOutcomes projectSCONUL QAA guidelines SCONUL WGIL resourcesPublic library examplesUSA examples (other than LibQual+tm)South Africa

  • Gaps identifiedLocating appropriate toolsLack of knowledge, and confidenceAdaptable to local needs, but also allowing comparisonsImpact of the libraryValue with respect to institutional aimsPromotion & dissemination

  • RecommendationsEstablish community of practiceSupport for existing toolsIn-depth assessmentPromotion & brandingTrainingGuidelines on outcomesStaffing & operational issues

  • OutcomesWorkshopsContent developmentImpact on learning and teaching & on researchValue, cost and library staffPerformance portal

  • Performance Portal

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