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  • Value of Fusion Middleware for Oracle Applications Customers

    Margaret Lee Director, Product ManagementOracle Fusion Middleware

  • AgendaFusion Middleware Helps Solve Business Problems Faced by Applications CustomersUnified Business Process Management for Growth & ChangeUnified Business Intelligence for Better DecisionsUnified User Interface for Employee & Customer ProductivityUnified Identity Management for Better Compliance & SecurityApplications Customers Benefiting from FMW TODAYFusion Middlewares Overview

  • Capacity For Growth & ChangeImprove Business InsightManage Risk & Drive ComplianceBusiness Needs Faced by Applications Customers Rip and Replace is not an OptionAbsorb Organic & Inorganic GrowthIdentify & Capture OpportunitiesStrengthen Customer RelationshipsQuality Information, Quality DecisionsTimeliness & ContextCompleteness & VisibilitySecure Access (Internal, External)Holistically Manage ALL RisksEnd-to-End Policy EnforcementImprove User Experience and ProductivityConsistent, Unified AccessReal-time Employee CollaborationMulti-channel Access

  • SOA & Business Process Mgmt.

  • Process ManagementTypical Scenario

  • Oracles RecommendationAdopt BPM with Oracles SOA SuiteOptimizeDesignMonitor

  • Hard to upgrade!Hard to upgrade!P2P Integr.(FTP, PLSQl,DBLink,)UIData IntegrationTypical Scenario

  • Easy to upgrade!Easy to upgrade!UIWSWSWSWSError HandlingOracles RecommendationAdopt SOA-based Integration with Oracles SOA Suite

  • RouteCaptureViewDocument Processes Oracle Imaging and Process ManagementSearch, UpdatePopulate

    Look-UpRoute (Messaging)

    AP, AR automationExpense mgmt.

    New hire processing

    Claims processing

    Purchase Requisition

  • Oracle ApplicationsNow certified with Oracle SOA SuiteNow Generally AvailableE-Business Suite: Releases 11.5.3 to 11.5.10, R12PeopleSoft: Releases 8.47, 8.48, 8.49, 9.0Siebel: Releases 7.4, 7.8, 8.0JD Edwards: Releases 8.95, Under Development - Available CY 2007Pre-Defined Business Process Maps across SuitesKey, Pre-Packaged, Cross-Suite Business Processeseg. Order Capture to Cash from Siebel to EBS FinancialsVertical ApplicationsRetek, i-Flex, Portal Certifications GA Summer 2007

  • User Interaction

  • Call CenterAgentSCMUser InteractionTypical ScenarioBiz IntelligenceContent Mgmt.

  • Call CenterAgentMap Mash UpIntegrateApps, Content, Desktop500 units20 unitsShare viaWeb 2.0 CommunitiesSCMBiz IntelligenceContent Mgmt.Oracles RecommendationCreate Mash Ups using Oracle WebCenter & ADF

  • Oracle ApplicationsNow certified with Oracle WebCenterNow Available Enterprise PortalE-Business Suite: DBI (11i, 12.0)PeopleSoft: Certified 8.45+, 9.0; also PeopleSoft PortalSiebel CRM: Certified 7.8.2+; also 8.0Siebel Analytics: 7.8+, 10gR3Imaging & Process ManagementE-Business Suite: 11.5+, includes 12.0PeopleSoft: Certified 8.4+; also 9.0JD Edwards Enterprise: Certified 8.9x+JD Edwards World: A 9.1Desktop IntegrationsMicrosoft Office 2000, 2003, 2005

  • Business Intelligence

  • Call Center AgentBusiness IntelligenceAnalystEnterpriseData WarehouseCustom ETLCRMSCMFinancialsDataMartsWarehouseManagerFinancialAnalystBusiness IntelligenceTypical Scenario

  • BI EE Analytic ServerEnterprise Semantic ModelMulti-Source Data Warehouse ModelPre-Packaged DashboardsPre-Packaged ETL MapsCRMSCMFinancialsReportDefineAnalyzeOracles RecommendationAdopt Enterprise Analytics Strategy with Oracle BI

  • High development costHigh customization costDifficult upgradeFlexibilityReduced maintenanceReporting with BI PublisherTraditional ReportingOracle BI Publisher

  • Oracle ApplicationsNow certified with Oracle Business Intelligence SuiteNow Available - Oracle BI Publisher 10gR3E-Business Suite R12PeopleSoft Enterprise R9Siebel CRM R8JD Edwards Enterprise 8.12 & World A9.1Oracle DBI & PeopleSoft EPMCertified on Oracle Business Intelligence 10gR3Oracle BI ApplicationsE-Bus Suite(11i, R12): Order Mgmt., Supply Chain, FINS, HRPeopleSoft (8.4, 8.8, 8.9, 9.0): Financials, HR (Q1 2007)Siebel(6.3+): Sales, Service, Marketing, Order MgmtSAP (4.6c, 4.7, mySAP 5.0): Financials, Order Mgmt., SCMVertical Applications: Pharma, CPG, Retail

  • Identity Management

  • EmailPwd 1Pwd 3Pwd 2Reset Pwd HR AdminFacilitiesManagerApprovingManagerApprovingManagerITAdminISAdminmanualentrymanualentrymanualentryemailhelpdesk tickethelpdesk ticketFinancialsHRIdentity ManagementTypical Scenario

  • EmailHR AdminFacilitiesManagerHRFinancialsIdentity ProvisioningSingle Sign-OnOracles RecommendationLower Security Costs using Oracle Identity Mgmt Suite

  • Oracle ApplicationsNow certified with Oracle Identity Management SuiteNow Available Single Sign-OnE-Business Suite: OAM certified (11i), SSO via OID (11i)PeopleSoft: OAM certified (8.45+), SSO via OID (8.47)Siebel: OAM certified (7.8.2+), SSO via OID (7.8)Works in heterogeneous environment, e.g. MSFT ADNow Available Identity Provisioning ConnectorsE-Business Suite: OIM connector (11.5+)PeopleSoft: OIM connector (8.4+)Siebel: OIM connector (7.5.3+)JDE: OIM connector (8.9x+)Also works with SAP ApplicationsSAP: Provisioning connector (R/3 4.6c+)SAP: Single Sign-On certified (4.6+)

  • Certified with Apps Unlimited

    ComponentPeopleSoft EnterpriseE-Business SuiteSiebelJ.D. Edwards EnterpriseOneOracle Portal (10g R3)8.47 though 9.011i- JDPK12-WSRP7.8, 8.08.95- JDPK8.97- WSRPOracle Identity & Access Mgmt8.47-9.0LDAP, SSO, PRO11i, 12LDAP, SSO, PRO7.8, 8.08.95LDAP, SSO,PROSOA Suite8.46 9.011i, 127.8, 8.08.95OC4J (J2EE Container) & OHS8.47-9.0127.8, 8.08.95

    Oracle Database (10G, 10G RAC)8.46 -9.011i, 127.8, 8.08.95BI Publisher8.48 / 9.011i, 127.8, 8.08.96Oracle Business Intelligence8.47-9.011i, 127.8. 8.0Bundled for custom developmentEnterprise Manager8.47-9.011i, 128.08.97

  • E-Business Suite FMW Certification* Certified with Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter

    Release 11iRelease 12Oracle Containers for J2EEEmbeddedOracle BI PublisherCertifiedCertifiedOracle DiscovererCertifiedCertifiedOracle BI EECertifiedCertifiedOracle Internet DirectoryCertifiedCertifiedOracle Single Sign-OnCertifiedCertifiedOracle PortalCertifiedCertifiedOracle UDDI RegistryCertifiedCertifiedE-Business Suite AdapterCertifiedCertifiedOracle Web CacheCertifiedCertifiedOracle Identity ManagerCertified CertifiedOracle SOA SuiteCertified*Certified*Enterprise Manager + Mgmt Pack for EBSCertifiedCertifiedOracle BPASupportedSupportedOracle Database + Partitioning + Spatial: 10GEmbeddedEmbeddedOracle RAC + Data Guard + TDE: 10GCertifiedCertified

  • PeopleSoft FMW Certification

    PeopleTools 8.46PeopleTools 8.47PeopleTools 8.48Oracle Application Server Java EditionIntegratedIntegratedOracle XSLT Mapper (part of JDev)EmbeddedOracle BI PublisherEmbeddedOracle BI EEEmbeddedOracle BPEL Process ManagerCertifiedCertifiedCertifiedOracle Internet DirectoryCertifiedCertifiedCertifiedOracle Identity Management/Single Sign-OnCertifiedCertifiedOracle BAMCertifiedCertifiedOracle IntegrationCertifiedCertifiedOracle PortalCertifiedCertifiedOracle Service RegistryCertifiedOracle Database 9i, 9i RAC, 10g, 10g RACCertifiedCertifiedCertified

  • JDE EnterpriseOne FMW Certification*Planned with 8.97Roadmap subject to change without notice. The above is intended for information purposes and may not be incorporated into a contract.

    JDE E1 Tools 8.95JDE E1 Tools 8.96Oracle Containers for J2EEIntegratedIntegratedOracle BI PublisherEmbeddedOracle BPEL Process ManagerCertifiedCertifiedOracle Internet DirectoryCertifiedCertifiedOracle Single Sign-OnCertifiedCertifiedOracle PortalCertifiedCertifiedJDE Enterprise One AdapterCertifiedCertifiedOracle Database + RAC: 9i, 10g, 10gR2CertifiedCertifiedOracle Access ManagerCertifiedOracle Identity ManagerCertifiedOracle Web CacheCertifiedOracle BI EECertifiedOracle Enterprise Service BusCertified*

  • Siebel FMW Certification

    Siebel 7.8Siebel 8.0Oracle HTTP ServerCertifiedOracle BI EECertified CertifiedOracle Adapter for SiebelCertifiedCertifiedOracle BPEL Process ManagerCertifiedCertified Oracle Internet Directory + Virtual DirectoryCertifiedCertifiedOracle Identity Manager + Access ManagerCertifiedCertifiedOracle Single Sign-onCertifiedCertifiedOracle BI PublisherCertifiedOracle Service RegistryCertifiedApplication Management Pack for SiebelCertifiedOracle Portal + Web CenterSupportedSupportedOracle Database + RAC: 10gR2 + R11CertifiedCertifiedOracle Partitioning + DB Vault + TDE: 10gR2 Supported

  • Oracle Excellence Awards 2007

  • Some Customers & Partners are Benefiting Today

  • Some Customers & Partners are Benefiting Today

  • Oracle Application Integration ArchitectureAIA is an open standards based platform that connects best of breed applications through composite business processes

  • Enterprise BusinessServicesEnterprise BusinessObjectsHow AIA Relates to Fusion MiddlewareIndustry Reference ModelsProcess IntegrationPacksApplication LogicAccountOrderCustomerProductCRMHCMSCMFINOMBillingHUBTransportFusion MiddlewareAIA ContentOracle BPA SuiteOracle BPA Suite and OAS-EEService Registry/OWSMOracle SOA Suite

  • Benefits of Working with Fusion Middleware Extend and increase the business value of their business applications TODAYIncrease business agility with FMW SOA and Protect business assets with FMW Identity and SecurityImprove end-user productivity with FMW WebCenterMake better business decisions with FMW BIBonus: Better prepared for Oracle Fusion ApplicationsFor Your Customers and ClientsExpand your market reach with standards based technologies Incre