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  • Valley Power and Sail Squadron Member of Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons

    Training in safe power and sail boating

    Squadron Homepage:

    Inside this issue: Commanders Corner Cruises & Events Sailpast 2011 Thanksgiving -Harrison Lake Learning Opportunities Upcoming Christmas Party

    November 2011

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    Commanders Corner

    Valley Squadron Members,

    Hope you are all well as we head into the no boating season for most

    of us, although there are probably a few hardy souls with heaters in their boats

    that are still having fun on the waters of the west coast.

    The Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons is a coast to coast

    organization run mostly by volunteers from the Governing board down to the

    local squadrons. We teach safe boating, and our flag is respected by all groups

    concerned with boating and boating safety.

    Most of the Valley squadron bridge is halfway through their second

    year and we are looking for members, old or new, to step up and take over the

    reins of the squadron so that we can continue to be a viable part of this great

    organization. The hours involved in most cases is not that great but every person on the bridge contributes in some

    way to making the Valley squadron an intricate piece of the whole. Please think about your future participation as

    we head into winter and I hope to see you all at the Christmas party on November 25th at Yarrow Hall.

    Yours Truly,

    Ray Salloway VPS Commander

    DESOLATION SOUND CRUISE July 2011by Ray Salloway & Barb Marshall

    The first day saw five power boats and four sailboats anchored in Smugglers cove. The next day was discussed

    and a good evening had by all. The next morning saw Ted and Charleen in Abracadabra head on out to meet John

    and Carol in Valley girl at Copeland Islands. The rest of the boats headed for Westview harbor at Powell River. Sea

    Bear, Misty Mac, Someday Lady and Wandering Star, all sailboats rafted up there. Cruise Master, Tim Marshall

    and wife Barb (Tatika), Indigo and Special rafted next wharf down.

    The third day saw everyone leave for Grace Harbor on Malispina Inlet. Mark OReilly and Family went off

    wandering in Wandering star. Ray and Betty (Misty Mac), Peter and Angela (Sea Bear), and Hank and Joanna

    (Someday Lady) decided to drop into Lund for lunch and a little gas. At the end of the day we all ended up at Grace

    Harbor rafted all in a row (see Picture front page of September GAM) Earl and Suzanne (Luana) anchored nearby.

    Some of the braver souls went swimming as it was a beautiful warm evening. Tim and Barb Marshall celebrated

    their 30th wedding Anniversary, they had steak and I had sidekicks!!

    The next day saw a few of us go ashore and hike up to the small lake and a little waterfall. Betty and Angela

    managed to find some huckleberries. After that we all headed over to Melanie Cove and rafted up in three different

    groups for another beautiful evening. Barb and Tim went swimming again. Hank (Someday Lady) also went

    swimming but not intentionally. He fell out of his dinghy while coming back on board, but no harm done. After

    supper several dinghies went for a little cruise around the area.

    Day five saw heavy rain in the cove, so everyone hunkered down except for Valley Girl and Wandering Star

    who headed over to Refuge Cove. Next day saw some clearing and everyone headed over to Refuge Cove for

    supplies, gas and a shower. However the rain came back again and we all decided to stay the night. Next day saw

    more rain most of the day. Mark (Wandering Star) decided to take his wife and youngest back to Campbell River

    Front Cover: Sailpast 2011, Snug

    Cove, Bowen Island

    Photo by: Barb Marshall

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    and join us again later in the cruise. Earl and Suzanne also headed back to Lund as they only had Luana for a week.

    The rest of us stayed another night in Refuge Cove.

    July 16th dawned cloudy but only intermittent rain. Abracadabra, Indigo, Valley Girl, Tatika and Misty Mac went

    over to Squirrel Cove. Someday Lady and Sea Bear decided to stay another night in Refuge. I chickened out going

    through the rapids with my dinghy at the north end of Squirrel cove. I did not think I would be able to come back

    through for quite awhile with my little motor.

    July 17th had everyone heading up to Von Donop Inlet on Cortes Island. On the way Tatika, Misty Mac,

    Sea Bear and Someday Lady made a side trip up Teakearnne Arm to see Cassel falls. Shortly after this the weather

    broke and we ended up having a beautiful evening rafted up in Von Donop. Wandering Star rejoined us there. Betty,

    Angela and Ray went ashore for a walk through the forest to Squirrel Cove. Apparently there are wolves on Cortes

    Island but we did not see any, however we did find more huckleberries.

    July 18th. All boats left Von Donop and headed down Sutil Channel. A Southeasterly came up and all the

    sailboats had a great afternoon actually sailing, without the motor!! Steve and Kelly ( Special) left us to go home.

    Tatika and Wandering Star went into Herriot bay Marina for the night. The rest of us anchored at Rebecca Spit on

    Quadra Island. Another beautiful evening. Thats two in a row!!

    July 19th dawned with a few broken clouds but generally another great day for us sail boaters as we had a

    beam reach all the way to our next destination, Gorge Harbor. Going through the narrow channel at Shark Spit was

    quite interesting for the first time.

    Herman and Irene Rabbe (Emily D) met us at Gorge Marina for the night. There were quite a few big boats there.

    The weather report forecasted a big storm coming through later the next day, so Wandering Star, Tatika and Indigo

    left very early in the morning for Westview The rest of us decided to stay another night at Gorge Harbor. Angela,

    Peter, Ray, Betty, Hank and Joanna went for a walk down to Whalers Bay and guess what lots and lots of

    huckleberries along the road.

    The next day Someday Lady, Misty Mac and Sea Bear headed out to Westview. Ted and Charleen

    (Abracadabra) and John and Carol (Valley Girl) and Mark & Ivy (Wandering Star), Steve and Rita (Indigo) carried

    on straight through to Pender Harbor, spending the night at the Garden Bay Marina. The next morning Sea Bear,

    Misty Mac and Someday Lady spent the night at Westview and went out for supper. The next day we decided to go

    over to Jedadiah Island Marine Park and anchor in Deep Bay for the night. We had a fairly brisk wind (20 knots+)

    over the bow for most of the day. That evening we all went for a walk on the Island and saw quite a few of the sheep

    and goats that live there. We decided to stay another day as the weather was nice, Peter, Ray and Hank went sailing

    in Sea bear and the ladies stayed behind. That evening we had beverages on the back deck and discussed the great

    cruise. Hank went out in the dinghy and caught a rock Cod (to small) and a ling Cod that Angela cooked up.

    Abracadabra, Valley Girl and Wandering Star left Pender Harbour and went on to Secret Cove Marina for an

    overnight stay while Indigo headed straight to Gibsons. They had a mighty rough ride.

    Wandering Star headed south to Blaine and Abracadabra and Valley Girl joined Indigo in Gibsons. Gibsons

    had their Sea Cavalcade activities to enjoy flypast, street parties, blowing up of a ship and a fantastic fireworks

    display. We joined Roy Bailey (Ventnors Pride) to enjoy these activities. Next day Gibsons to home another safe

    journey with good comradeship and fun, despite the unseasonable weather.

    July 24th Misty Mac headed home while Sea Bear and Someday Lady headed over to Newcastle Island and

    points south for a few more days.

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    Cruising Cruises have ended for this year so that means

    plans are getting underway for the 2012 Cruises. If you are interested in going to Princess Louisa Inlet and/or helping with the plans please contact

    our Cruise Master. Contact Cruise Master: Tim Marshall 604 820-6810 or [email protected]

    Sail Past at Snug Cove September 2011 by Sandra Clow

    Our most recent social event was last weekend, Sept. 9-11 at Snug Cove, Bowen Island.

    The Sail Past was held