Vaginal Dryness and Vulvar Atrophy

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Vaginal dryness is a natural problem that women experience for a number of reasons. We've compiled information on the symptoms and solutions for women in this infographic.


<ul><li> 1. Feeling Dry?www.sinclairinstitute.orgHeres Why:Facts about Vaginal Dryness44%hat Wis it?of women between the ages of 40 - 59 in menopause or post-menopausal stages experience vaginal dryness.ation amm &amp; infl o your ing ue t g, dry innin al walls d trogen. e th Th vagin ss es agiions/v of the having le ondit ses-c /disea 768 body 5 002 oclin .may n/CON-2 io /www http:/ ics/definit e: Sourc ophy/bas tr nal-a87%describe it as at least moderately bothersome.51%70%of women age 60+ experience vaginal dryness. Source: This is according to a 2004 Gallup report on Vaginal Dryness. it VERY bothersome.3,046 post-menopausal women with VVA (Vulvar and Vaginal Atrophy) symptoms were surveyed. The most common VVA symptoms were:55%44%59%DyspareuniaDryness37% IrritationSymptoms affected enjoyment of sex(Painful intercourse)Other symptoms affecting lifestyle:What women think is happening:24% Experienced interference with sleep Felt a decrease their general 23% enjoyment of life &amp;intemperamentThink its due to hormonal changes12%56% 40% Had never discussed symptoms with their doctor.Currently use topical treatments.24%Attributing symptoms to menopause62%29% Currently use OTC products.of those who had discussed symptoms with an HCP used OTC products.11%Currently use prescription drugs for treatment.Insufficient symptom relief and inconvenience were cited as major limitations of OTC products, and concerns about side effects and cancer risk limited use of topical vaginal prescription therapies.Do women talk to their health care provider? Source: perso gel uality ts, and ke h aq f c Use o s, lubrican nded, su rizer recomme from tu le mois ers is ailab ercis oducts av itute ex st as pr air Inwww.sinclairinstitute.comWeve got solutions for you!ABCDl SincTry it! An organic quality personal moisturizer &amp; A lubricant like the Sinclair Select Organic Moisturizer &amp; Lubricant B Sinclair Select Optima Kegel Exercise BallsENERGIE by Natural Contours for your C kegel exercise needs.About usA quality moisturizing agent on vulva tissue D like the Sinclair Select Organic Feminine Moisturizing BalmDid you know?Kegel Exercises increase blood flow to the genitals which, in turn, increases lubrication. Use of a kegel exerciser is recommended to ensure exercises are being performed correctly.Since 1991, and with over 2.5 million happy customers, the Sinclair Institute is the leading and most respected source for information, guidance and products focused on improving the quality of sexual health, intimacy and communication in relationships. Sinclairs Advisory Council is composed of the foremost sex educators, therapists, and researchers who help guide the development of Sinclair products and policies that reflect the concerns and needs of healthy individuals and couples who want to enhance their intimacy.</li></ul>