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  • Changing the Cultureof Consumer and Enterprise Giants Through UX Strategy

    Mike T. HblerUser Experience Program ManagerNorthrop Grumman

    Tim KlaudaVice President, Global Digital CreativeWalt Disney Parks & Resorts

    September 9th, 2015

  • Walt Disney World Disneyland Disneyland Paris Hong Kong Disneyland Shanghai Disney Resort Disney Cruise Lines Adventures by Disney Disney Vacation Club Aulani

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  • Walt Disney Jack Northrop Leroy Grumman

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  • The Process of Design Squiggle by Damien Newman, Central Office of Design

    Uncertainty / patterns / insights Clarity / Focus

    Research Concept Design

  • Northrop Grumman

  • Giant Enterprise ChallengesCustomers Users

    Contracts incentivize quantity (new features)

    Operations measured by reactive stoplight charts, not leading indicators

    Testing focuses on mechanical checklists, not User mission

    Technological solutions in need of actual customer problems

    Engineer before listening

  • Measuring the SUS and UX quality of projects Many projects do not know their user community

    Sampling projects yielded failing SUS scores and project rejection

    Program stoplight charts moving from green/blue to red

  • Handy Patients Electronic Medical Record(free, open source version)

    Northrop GrummanHealthIT Prototype UI (EMR)

    (Designed and developed by The User Experience Team)

    Wikipedia contributors. "Electronic health record." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 29 Jan. 2014. Web. 30 Jan. 2014.

    Civil Example

  • Northrop Grumman Today

    (Feijo, 2010)

    Integrated Air and Missile Defense Program

    Center for Disease Control & Social Security UX

    Northrop Grumman 2020?

    Measuring our EnterpriseUX Maturity

  • UX Demand is Quickly Exceeding Available UX Supply






    2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016





    s O




    & P



    78 UX Practitioners in Northrop Grumman as of Aug. 2015

    UX Growth

  • Move UX to the leftSoftware Engineering

    Systems Engineering

    Business Acquisition

    Long-term research investment

    Shift from support role to leadership role

    Provide the big vision that guides disparate engineering disciplines

  • Vision: Enable IS to lead as the DoD software vendor of choice

    UX Mission: Execute user-centered processes across the lifecycle, teach UX methodology across the Sector and innovate through R&D and structured collaboration with key technology focus areas.


    Focus Area: Operate (SW COE UX Front Office)

    Make UX resources available across the sector and ensure functional leadership and growth for UX talent.

    OBJECTIVES Manage UX functional resources and rotations Staff front office for UX consultation Manage software design libraries Manage product lines and UX style guides

    Focus Area: Execute (Division UX)

    Ensure that user-centered design is practiced across technology and product lifecycles.

    OBJECTIVES Perform UX work on captures, proposals and programs Set division & OU UX goals Work with MA to establish and measure UX related KPIs and human

    performance success criteria

    Focus Area: Educate (UX Academy)

    Provide UX 101 training for executives, technical training for practitioners and establish standards for UX talent.

    OBJECTIVES Teach courses to executives, adjacent technical positions and UX

    practitioners Oversee T3G and UX Process standards Establish UX talent track and industry equivalent labor

    Focus Area: Innovate (UX Key Technology)

    Manage the UX key technology focus to establish far-reaching R&D efforts and successful translation to products

    OBJECTIVES Perform advanced HCI research Grow global UX adaptation capabilities across domains Enhance mission effectiveness via increases in human performance

    and teaching customers art of the possible

  • Near term strategyDigital narratives in the shaping stage of contracts describe the experience users will have with our systems and services

    Experience maps in the early program and systems engineering phase will lead disparate engineering efforts towards common vision

    Align UX with other engineering disciplines: measurable and repeatable

    UX Academy for changing culture

    Give users a voice

  • Initiate Launcher Control By User

    Storyboards: Systems Engineering

  • Graphic novel storyboards

  • Enterprise Storyboard Production

  • Digital Narrative for the Japanese Delegation

  • Physical

    Task Performance Cognitive

    Behavior, Motivation &

    Attitude - Physiological Responses

    - Physical Workload

    - Work Patterns

    - Teamwork - Decisions - Self-

    Analysis - Attention - Affect - Cognitive

    Workload - Situation


    - Time on task - Task accuracy - Task

    Completion - Errors

    Design decisions are driven by data

    Scientific Methods for Measuring UX

  • Culture





    New Methods & Tools

    Applied UX

    Talent Strategy

    Invest. Strategy

    How Do We Get There?UX Key Technology Strategies

  • Maint./ServiceProgramProposalCaptureIR&DLTP

    Needs and global trends

    Discover user needs

    Innovate and invent

    Shape Demonstrate Design Evaluate

    User research repositories for the domain

    HCI research science

    UX strategy for product line development

    Human augmentation

    Human-machine teaming

    Data analytics

    Media ecosystems

    Adaptive Interfaces

    Art of the possible demo



    Customer relations

    Customer experience

    Interactive prototype

    Updated proposal style

    UX metrics

    Past performance

    Product concept development

    UX design

    UX research

    Reusable front-end framework

    Human performance metrics

    Product line design and development

    Product satisfaction

    Automated metric collection

    User surveys, focus groups

    New product and feature ideas

    UX support across the lifecycle, across domains, across organizations

    UX in the Business Life Cycle

  • ResultsUX is an Information Services sector Key Technology Focus Area

    UX to be corporate Key Technology Focus Area in 2016

    UX Academy established virtually this year, expanding to a physical institution in 2016with diverse curriculum serving the company

    Internal research investment for UX increases 6x in 2016 and becomesan institutional sector commitment

    Creating a services organizational model with new government rate disclosure to allow for

    UX Agency or functional UX group

    UX supporting the top business captures of every Division

  • Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

  • Giant Enterprise Consumer ChallengesCustomers Users

    Complex org means multiple stakeholders & some projects funded by other sources (Ops, Marketing, etc.)

    Contracts incentivize quantity (new features)Consumer demands (constantly playing catch up) make us feature centric over experience centric

    Engineer before listeningTech estimation done before any proper UX Design discovery

    Project based business model limits ability to work on new and puts a premium on prioritization

    Need to balance functionality with emotion

  • Measuring the UX quality of projects Internal dashboard that tracks quality (as opposed to delivery progress and timing)

    Analytics, A/B & Multivariate Testing & every possible eCommerce/engagement metric

    Internal proprietary WDI method for measuring cost per excellent experience

    App store rating, Interviews, Usability Testing, Field Research, Card Sorts, Surveys, etc

    Net-Promoter Score (NPS) and other industry standards

  • The Process of Design Squiggle by Damien Newman, Central Office of Design

    Uncertainty / patterns / insights Clarity / Focus

    Research Concept Design

  • The situation is partly due to UX being within a creative team within a tech centric

    organization within a broader marketing organization

  • Educate

  • (re)Defined our roles& how we work

  • Show dont tell

  • ShopDisneyParksiOS & Android

  • 1.3 shops per visit

    per day

    304 storefronts at WDW

    70,000 products

    two shipping options: home & resort

    %revenue cut

    2000 products

    one shipping option: home

  • Its an app play!WDW app traffic grew 260% YoY (FY 14 - FY15)

    Our in-park consumption/utilization continues to be in app

    We continue to see a decline in desktop traffic and growth in mobile

    The app breaks down barriers to purchase, capitalizes on the emotional connection to our merchandise, and empowers purchasing long after Guests get home by grounding the mobile transaction in their vacation experience.

  • Fight Club

  • When opportunity knocks, its too late to prepare.

    John Wooden

  • give away your expertise(Johnny Appleseed strategy)

    Johnny Appleseed

  • Fun Wheel Challenge@ Disneys California Adventure

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