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Presentation by Saros Research Recruitment to UX Camp London 2009, regarding key trends and issues in the recruitment of participants for user tests


  • 1. Respondent Recruitment Trends in 2009 Maya Middlemiss, Saros Research Ltd UXCAMP LONDON August 2009


  • Saros Research Recruitment:
  • 180,000 database of UK participants
  • Strong track record in traditional qualitative market research as well as UX
  • Over 10,000 respondents placed in research over 9 years

3. 3 key trends for 2009: Disclosers Definers Desperadoes 4. Disclosers

  • Love to share, live to share
  • The social networking generation
  • Want to be interesting, even shocking

5. Recruitment implications:Disclosers

  • More ways to validate and backcheck and more necessary
  • Greater potential for pre and post tasking
  • Increased responsibility to take care

6. Definers

  • Anyone is an Opinion-former bloggers, review sites, etc
  • Influence of early adopters
  • Increasing marketing savvy amongst average consumer

7. Recruitment implications:Definers

  • Harder to identify true opinion-formers and shapers
  • Research participation becomes part of their experience and opinion
  • Need to feel like a peer and co-creator

8. Desperados

  • Sign of the times need the money
  • Its not uncool to save or earn some cash
  • More prepared to bluff!

9. Recruitment implications:Desperados

  • Field to recruit from is wider than ever
  • Openness and awareness helps information spread
  • An increasing number are happy to stretch a truth, or outright lie, to get into research and earn cash incentives

10. The bottom line.

  • Interesting times..!
  • Approaches need to be more creative and flexible than previously this takes resourcing
  • Potential to gain more from research than ever before

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