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This is a summary of the UX London 2013 conference. It was clear that the Lean startup movement had had great impact on the UX community, and that many teams were doing Agile development inspired by Lean principles.


  • 1. 2 Intro Sara Lern User Experience Specialist @ JidokaQ sara.leren@combitech.se Agile UX Sweden @ LinkedIn
  • 2. 3 UX London 2013
  • 3. UX London 2013 in one sentence: Get it out there 4 UX London 2013
  • 4. Tom Hulme Design director at IDEO What can we learn from urban design? Desire paths Dont fight the needs, remove the friction! Launch to learn 5 UX London 2013
  • 5. Ben Terrett Head of design at Government Digital Service A new team within Cabinet office Gov.uk Single place of information Consistent design Driven by user need No prototyping, launch to test 6 UX London 2013
  • 6. Genevieve Bell Director of user experience at Intel Intel said: We think we need to understand people outside out building and hired an anthropologist New technology is always met with fear and wonder 7 UX London 2013
  • 7. Tim Malbon Founding partner of Made by many The challenge of new digital services that are never finished Experience of going agile but missing the eye of the user Skype in the classroom 8 UX London 2013
  • 8. Jeff Gothelf Managing director at Neo, author of Lean UX Requirements are actually assumptions You need to experiment to validate the assumptions Minimize waste by practicing Lean principles 9 UX London 2013
  • 9. Summary Get it out there Launch to learn Iterate fast 10 UX London 2013