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Design principle for Mobile


  • 1. Mobile UX Design

2. Nir Benita UX/UI Designer 3. Why are we here? 4. 21% of users are Desktop only 75% of all traffic coming from apps LinkedIn Mobile Usage Approaching A Majority Now At 41% Source - TechCrunch 5. iOS 42% Android 52% iOS Android Blackberry Windows 6. Planning an app 7. Native vs HTMLHTML 8. Write once - run anywhere HTML & JavaScript Faster development No approval process Remote updating 9. Slow rendering Only 80% spent on native apps App store ecosystem Offline use 11. Unique programming languages Expensive development More complex updates Support for older versions 12. Mick Johnson, iOS Product Manager at Facebook EMBEDDING HTML5 INSIDE AN APP ISN'T WHAT PEOPLE EXPECT. 13. Change of context, not size 14. Design for insights, not ideas 15. http://www.javelin.com/experiment-board.html 16. Know your users 17. Sarah Aaron - Aspirational Cosmopolitan 22 Story: Avid fashionista who keeps up with the latest trends Reads the S website Buys, shoes, accessories and starting to buy casual wear online Loves live theatre but doesnt go often She is also a foodie and loves to keep up with the latest in NYC When she cans she likes to cook Got promoted to Gallery Dir. Demographic: Female 38 yr Gallery assistant director at Gaggosian 58k YR No Kids Engaged Busy Goals (objectives): She wants to go out more often, because of work and because social She needs to expand her night time wardrobe Seeking more complicated outfits and combinations Needs to look like a million bucks on her budget She wants to be the boss To look the part - sophisticated and trustworthy Needs: To see the latest looks Needs to be able to curate Search by keywords Search by role Search by location Needs to be entrained / engaged To be able to purchase with one click and have deals Related items Favorites Budget planner Pintrest integration 18. Increase Revenue 23 Term Concept Obtainability Desirability Total S Subscription 9 9 18 L Affiliate Program 7 7 14 S Ad Revenue 10 10 20 M Branded Product 6 8 14 S Sponsors 7 9 16 L SAAS for decisions (Visualization) 7 8 15 L Quarterly Periodical 6 8 14 S Mobile ads 9 9 18 S Tiered pricing - Free, Paid is more bespoke 9 9 18 L Network / Connections 5 8 13 L Research Services 6 8 14 M Paid Job Board 7 8 15 M Books - Publishing 7 7 14 19. Feature rich, user poor 20. Its all about your users 21. Go fast, and iterate 22. Laura Klein, Author of UX for Lean Startups Quantitative research tells you WHAT your problem is. Qualitative research tells you WHY you have that problem. 23. Native vs HTML Change of Context Insights, not ideas Know your users Do one thing, well All about the user Go fast and iterate 24. Designing an experience 25. Apps are a commodity 26. +1m +1m 27. Form follows function, right? 28. Braden Kowitz, Design Partner at GV Trust increases when we get the details right. 29. Provide a natural next step 30. Keep users informed 31. Match between system and the real world 32. User control and freedom 33. Consistency matters 34. Less is more 35. When everything is bold, nothing is bold 36. Thumbs 37. Apps are a commodity Form vs function Natural next step Keep users informed Use metaphors Back button Consistency Less is more UI hierarchy Thumbs 38. Thank you nirb@wix.com