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  • 1. ! Nurgul Karadeniz Interaction Designer - Ustwo UX Camp London 2014 UX AND SEMANTIC WEB @nurdeniz @ustwo

2. AGENDA Punk Big & Bold Beautifully Clean About Semantic Web Semantic Web and UX Semantic Web Project Now and Next 3. WHAT IS SEMANTIC WEB? 4. An extension of the current Web that provides an easier way to nd, share, reuse and combine information more easily. ! ! Transforms web of document into web of data Gives data well dened meaning Enables users, computers and devices to work in cooperation 5. Program Pages BioNews CURRENT WEB SEMANTIC WEB 6. WHY 7. USERS I know exactly the penguin resource I need, I just want to find it again. Known Known OR I need something about Penguins. Known Unknown OR I need something about those funny tuxedo birds... What are they called again? Unknown Known I have absolutely no idea what I need. OR Unknown Unknown 8. HOW 9. CURRENT WEB SEMANTIC WEB 10. SEMANTIC WEB THINGS AND RELATIONS 11. MORE RELATIONS 12. USERS AND WEB ! Punk Big & Bold Beautifully Clean Search Results Page Browsing Auto curated pages Recommendation More Links 13. SEMANTIC WEB UX PROCESS Discovery User Research Interaction Design Visual Design Usability Evaluation Linked Data Ontology RDF FOAF Development 14. CASE STUDY 15. BBC Project ! People Places AND Events Things 16. People Places AND Events Things 17. ! 18. People Events Things Places Related Events Related People Related Things Related Places People Places AND Events Things 19. ! Understanding Relationships Christmas day Charlie Chaplin died Christmas - Religion Level of information needed Project Boundaries ChallengesPeople Places AND Events Things 20. ! Dened Relationships Linked Data Ontologies & RDF Development ResultsPeople Places AND Events Things 21. UX AND SEMANTIC WEB Learnings Semantic web technology offers methodologies that help information to be more structured and easy to discover. ! In more UX terms, it supports ongoing user journeys, provides seamless interactions across different domains. 22. CONSPROS Level of information required at concept phase ! Concepting for different users e.g. cultural stereotype ! Extensive IA and Analysis required to spot edge cases ! Cost Easy to discover content ! Guided navigation* ! Presents structured information ! Multiple ways of accessing information ! Opportunity to crete intelligent service 23. CURRENT USE WEB GIANTS AND SOME FIRMS 24. FUTURE USE ! ! CLIENTS AND AGENCIES ! Decision support applications Personalised insurance policy Healthcare Smarter Patient - Doctor/Hospital allocation Advanced recommendation Flight Tickets shows rainfall on your arrival Better searching and ltering Go on holiday to the safest destination ! 25. Improve Services ! ! CURRENT AND FUTURE Show me only rooms with mountain view and close to Turin station. 26. Improve Services ! ! SMART SEARCH I want to cook something that easy to digest. I am looking for ingredients 27. Improve Services ! ! ONLINE MORTGAGE ASSESSMENT I am getting mortgage from Lloyds what rate would Barclays offer me? 28. MY VISION ! ! WEB OF THINGS AND USERS ! Improves Web and Experiences More online service design Auto curated web pages Better personalization Changes web infrastructure Improves communication between computers, connected devices and users. ! ! 29. UX AND SEMANTIC WEB ! by @nurdeniz @Ustwo Punk Big & Bold Beautifully Clean References Article: Too much information? Improving user experience of semantic web http://www.publishingtechnology.com/ 2011/03/user-experience-semantic-web/ Bing vs. Google - http://www.entrepreneur.com/blog/224639 Duane Degler - Design for Semantic Web, Design for Context www.designforsemanticweb.com/ Crowdsourcing, citizen sensing and sensor web technologies for public. http://link.springer.com/article/ 10.1186%2F1476-072X-10-67/fulltext.html#Fig11_459 Facebook Graph Search - https://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch Faceted Semantic Search - Massimiliano Dal Mas http://arxiv.org/pdf/1202.6685.pdf Find out about Semantic Web in simple terms - http://luca.wordpress.com/2008/02/03/semantic-web-for- dummies/ Frankfurt Show Daily Article: The future of content delivery in publishing http://www.publishingtechnology.com/ 2012/10/the-future-of-content-delivery-in-publishing/ How a Facebook Search Engine Could Change the Way People Find Your Business http://www.entrepreneur.com/ blog/224452 Lee Feigenbaum (May 1, 2007). 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