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    11, 2012




    uTorrent Is Now Ad-Supported (and How to Disable)

    This week uTorrent 3.2.2 was released to the public and one of the

    release highlights are the new advertisements present in the client.

    BitTorrent Inc. hopes that these ads will bring in extra revenue so the

    company can continue to invest in the future of distributed technology.

    When the advertising initiative was first announced no opt-out was

    offered, but thanks to user feedback there now is an advanced feature

    to disable the ads.

    When BitTorrent Inc. announced its plan to

    make uTorrent ad supported there was a

    small user revolt.

    The people complaining were mostly annoyed that there

    would be no option to disable the ads. Luckily, BitTorrent

    listened to the feedback and quickly decided that users would

    indeed get a chance to opt-out.

    After BitTorrent Inc. tested the new platform for a while, this week the offer platform

    was officially announced in the release highlights of uTorrent 3.2.2.

    As can be seen below, the ads come in the form of sponsored torrents through which

    advertisers can reach uTorrents worldwide active user base of 125 million. The ads are

    prominently featured in a yellow bar that sits on top of the torrent list.

    uTorrent ad for Facebook Lite

    BitTorrent Inc. tells TorrentFreak that they will continue to closely monitor feedback from

    the community. Thus far users have been largely accepting of the new ads, they say.

    Were very mindful of that feedback and of our core values as a company, and as such

    weve been adamant that we maintain the same levels of privacy as always and that we

    do not interrupt the user experience with our ads, BitTorrents Matt Mason says.

    In online conversations and live walk-throughs, users are largely accepting and in many

    cases interested in the offers we put forward, which include artist content and our own

    new technologies, betas and product news.

    A direct outcome of user feedback is the decision to allow uTorrent users to opt-out from

    the advertisements. Understandably the feature isnt being promoted widely, but users

    who go to Options > Preferences > Advanced will see the following entry:


    When this value is set to false the yellow advertisement bar will disappear the next time

    uTorrent is started. The opt-out feature isnt mentioned in the uTorrent help file yet, but

    the unofficial and updated version maintained by Rafi lists it (see N for more).

    Disabling uTorrent ads

    Me.ga Hackers: Were Real Pirates

    & Well Sell Dotcoms Domain To



    BitTorrent Pirate

    Ordered to Pay $1.5

    Million Damages For

    Sharing 10 Movies



    May Target Private



    Demonoid Is

    Tracker is Now



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    For BitTorrent Inc. the advertisements are part of a series of new test cases designed to

    bring in additional revenue to support the development and innovation of file-sharing

    software. However, the company says that its not blindly accepting all advertisers.

    Since the announcement in August the company has received many inquiries from

    prospective partners, but the company is very choosy.

    Our approach has been to selectively work with partners who understand that BitTorrent

    users are among the most sophisticated online, and thus have a high bar when it comes

    to engaging with advertising, Mason tells TorrentFreak.

    We believe that delivering a quality advertising experience that resonates with a highly

    influential, tech-savvy audience requires careful diligence, and have had to turn away

    some of the demand at this time.

    BitTorrent say that their initial partners are very positive about the new advertisement

    possibilities, and that many users are clicking on the torrent offers. At the moment

    BitTorrent is also experimenting with other types of advertising in addition to sponsored


    In terms of performance, its still early in our experimentation, but weve seen strong

    sustained download rates for partner offers. We are also experimenting with taking users

    to partner websites to see how that experience compares, Mason says.

    It is no surprise that BitTorrent Inc. is looking for alternative means to increase revenue.

    The company employs around 100 employees and is backed by venture capitalists who

    eventually want to see a return on their investments.

    BitTorrents current annual revenue is estimated at somewhere between $15 and $20

    million and with the new in-client advertising this can grow further still.

    Showing 93 comments

    Why Offline

    Privacy Values

    Must Live On In

    The Digital Age

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  • If this means we can now get a secure uT v2.2.1 then I'm all for it!!!

    I'll click on as many fecken ads as they want, just so long as I can continue using my

    beloved 2.2.1.

    I also applaud their option to disable the ads coz they do get annoying after a while and

    folks woll just move to ad-free clients instead.

    15peopleliked this. Like

    I use 2.2.1 build 25110. AdBlock for every other annoying thing on the web

    8peopleliked this. Like

    Adblock? I just use this.


    Why add bloat?

    6peopleliked this. Like

    I forgot to add, this hosts file method also blocks ads outside the browser, unlike adblock.

    3peopleliked this. Like

    This is friggin awesome! :D Thanks. Is there an easy way to keep the list updated all the


    1personliked this. Like

    @Thedude321 I use http://someonewhocares.org/hos... and I just go in every 3 months or

    so (when I remember, heh) and copy it in. Works beautifully. The one I use is a little

    overzealous and breaks some things people might use, so keep that in mind.

    1personliked this. Like

    Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems to me like what you are talking about using requires

    a DNS machine. Very few people have a DNS machine, hell most people don't even know

    how to make a DNS machine.


    @Derp nope! Most computers (windows, linux, and mac) have some form of a hosts file,

    though they're formatted differently. It's stored locally on your harddrive.

    When you put these entries in, it does ACT like a dns server, correct.

    When your browser requests, say, adtracking.domain.com, your computer first looks in

    your hosts file, then other dns servers, to determine where it is. If your hosts file says

    "adtracking.domain.com is at" (aka localhost) your computer will not even touch

    the internet looking for that domain name, and your request to their servers will error out

    on your own computer. They will never see your traffic.

    Sort by Oldest first Subscribe by email Subscribe by RSS

    Rob8urcakesRob8urcakesRob8urcakesRob8urcakes 1 day ago




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  • Neat, huh?

    9peopleliked this. Like

    @Jacob Taylor is right.

    hosts file -> browser dns cache -> web dns

    I wouldn't advise putting too much in the hosts file. It will slow initial connections down.

    Evey time you need an IP address resolved, it will scan through your hosts file first. If you

    have hundreds on entries that will severely slow you down.

    If you think about average web pages, they have more than twenty different urls for the

    page. (twitter buttons, js scripts etc... hotlinked images.... and the ads)

    So if you have a VERY SMALL adblock list of 100 entries, for the typical web page it will

    take at least 20 x 100 comparisons ( 2000 ) before it will load content.

    Given that adblock lists can have thousands of entries....You can see the issue.

    AdblockPlus the FireFox extension doesn't work in the same way.

    One entry in adblockplus could be equivalent to 1000 entries in the hosts file.


    All domain names must be fully-qualified; wildcards are forbidden, and including a domain will

    not affect any subdomain, so for example both facebook.com and www.facebook.com would

    need to be included if blocking Facebook.

    TL;DR ...... Don't use HOSTS file for adblocking IF you don't NEED to. There are better


    3peopleliked this. Like

    @ANo I don't know what you mean by slow you down, Adblock slows the browser and

    uses more resources to do the same thing, Hosts has the added advantage of working

    outside the browser(s)


    you should replace with for a speedier lookup failure, which in turn

    should speed up browsing sites with lots of ads or trackers.

    1personliked this. Like

    @aNo Your findings of slow initial connections do not match my experiences. From what

    I have seen, there is an initial processing period wherein the operating system sorts and

    processes the list (usually at boot-time). After that, the list is only reprocessed if it

    changes. If you change it while you're doing stuff, there is a small hiccup while the list is

    resorted and reprocessed, but it never has any effect on your browsing activity.

    Connections aren't dropped or lost, just put on hold while the new information is folded


    The HOSTS file I use has nearly 10,000 entries. There is no performance impact after the

    initial processing is done. Perhaps it is different for those running WindowsXP? I run

    Windows 7, and have done so for years. I don't remember having performance issues on

    XP with that list, but perhaps my memory isn't perfect.

    The benefit of using a HOSTS file is that it's not in your browser. Your browser is for

    browsing, not network connection management. Also, I can use any browser ever, and they

    are all successfully filtered. I also run a little nginx server locally on my computer that

    only hands out a blank text file no matter what you ask it for, which alleviates the "error,

    connection refused" you often get when using a hosts file. It means I get beautiful blank

    areas where ads are supposed to be, rather than error messages.


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  • @Guest

    Slow you down because every time you load a page your hosts file is crawled through

    first, before you go to online DNS.

    @ Jacob Taylor

    It has to be processed every time a url is loaded. It takes time to check and resolve every


    So if a page, image... whatever url address, is not in your hosts or browser, it still has to

    check through your hosts and browser. So it is slower. It takes more time. It's an

    indisputable fact.

    If you don't perceive a time delay, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

    But with 10,000 entries in your hosts file, I really do doubt that there is no perceivable


    As I said, most web pages have 20+ urls without hotlinked images (some have hundreds,

    eg... those with hotlinked images). So with 100 urls needing resolving to IP's and a hosts

    file of 10,000 ... that's 1,000,000 tests for that one page.

    The faster and better your CPU,RAM..... the more your computer can handle a large hosts

    file without noticable slow downs.

    As for the benefits of entries in your hosts file...... Of course there are many. I never stated

    otherwise. Like .........

    Using your hosts file is FASTER to resolve IP's from URL's

    ( you don't need to connect to a server miles away)

    BIG BUT..... There is a reason you don't run a full dns on your local machine. The same

    reason you ONLY have a dns cache.

    Saying that........

    a larger hosts file = more time to process = TRUE

    adblocking outside the hostsfile CAN BE more efficient and faster = TRUE

    I still stand by my statement that adblockplus is a much better way to block ads in a

    firefox browser and you should find other ways to block ads outside the hosts file.

    BTW... all my favorite sites are IN my hosts file because it will load the pages faster. ( I

    also block some urls too )

    I still wouldn't rely 100% on it tho....

    what happens when you get no URL and just an IP ? ( hosts file is useless )

    3peopleliked this. Like

    ooops. must av miss tagged. Disregard the excessive bold

    1personliked this. Like

    @ANo the point about it being slow isn't very obvious to me, but that could be due to me

    only using fast PCs and not PCs from the 1990s in which I'd run my urls through a ad

    blocking proxy on a faster machine lol


    a good hosts file is awesome i use mine to block all facebook related stuff ... this means

    my internet is clean of this whole facebook nonsense. :D


    @somecooldude shame the hosts file cannot nuke Farcebook HQ from orbit. Now that

    would be justice for the internet.


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  • I've gone back to using 2.2, that disk overload crap was getting on my nerves.

    I just want to use this shit for downloading, i don't need a bunch of useless shit.

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    I use v2.2 and get disk over loaded error.


    I went back to 2.2.1 for the same reason, and never got 'disk overload' anymore. v3.x suck,

    crappy piece of software.

    2peopleliked this. Like

    the program downloads so slowly these days that we dont need more bandwidth taken

    Mine says there is no update from 3.1.3 anyway Why should WE mess round disbaling it -

    just dont put it in the program

    3peopleliked this. Like

    .... we dont need more bandwidth taken ....

    Is that 32KB really that precious?

    3peopleliked this. Like

    it is... its 32kb/s that you can use on something else.. and if you living place like where i

    cant very fast line... max 200kb /s (atleast that was my record). so you go steal from that

    32kb/s that like 15% of whole capasity... but i am not going use these new utorrent clients

    i still got 1.6.0 utorrent its best, simple and lightweight... it just seems that somebody

    should actually make new lightweight utorrent, if i remember correctly utorrent was

    opensource something like 5-8 year ago..


    you're an idiot, 32KB, not 32KB/s, what? do you think they are streaming new ads to you

    every second?

    4peopleliked this. Like

    its not the program its you ISP throttling heavy traffic. but Ne ways, v 3.0+ sucks stick to

    the 2.0 versions or 1.0's

    2peopleliked this. Like

    It would be stupid to use any of the 1.0's, because of exploits... afaik the only safe versions

    are 2.0.4 and up

    ShogunreaperShogunreaperShogunreaperShogunreaper 1 day ago




    useruseruseruser 1 day ago





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  • 3peopleliked this. Like

    Good, I don't blame them for wanting to make a buck. As long I have the option to get a

    "clean" interface (read: no ads) I couldn't care less what they do or not :P

    I update uTorrent once in a while (I still have 3.2) and although I always check every

    setting, so I'd had discovered those to disable the "offers", it's nice to read it here.

    I guess I'll be reading a lot of hate comments here... lol, haters gonna hate xD

    3peopleliked this. Like

    TORRENTFREAK should stop having advertisement on their website. Advertisement is

    wrong according to the freeloading community.

    17peopleliked this. Like

    torrentfreak people need to eat man.

    7peopleliked this. Like

    torrent freak is not the server host. they use adds to help pay for the server cost, NOT to

    fill there stomach.

    4peopleliked this. Like

    Yeah, unlike artists who create digital entertainment. fuck them.

    1personliked this. Like

    > "Yeah, unlike artists who create digital entertainment. fuck them."

    You seem really confused. First of all artist don't create digital entertainment, they create

    creative works. Entertainment is not digital, files and transference of information is digital.

    Secondly, society cares for all people, not just artists, so that they don't starve. That's not

    the responsibility of torrentfreak people.

    Thirdly, the combined revenues in the culture industry are currently higher than ever

    before in history, and the artists are currently making more money than ever before.

    There's no starving.

    4peopleliked this. Like

    Ad-free, oh really? Are you going to pay for their servers, bills and time then? GTFO!

    6peopleliked this. Like

    *smack you in the face with the sarcasm bat*

    4peopleliked this. Like


    TaishouTaishouTaishouTaishou 1 day ago


    PingoPingoPingoPingo 1 day ago







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  • ah yes, misplaced sarcasm about the supposed 'freeloaders' (who simply are fed up with

    being lured in with free software and then slowly forced to accept ads or start paying),

    how very refreshing...

    And oh so original too !

    Seriously, it's imbeciles like you that feed the big companies and keep this whole thing

    going on.

    I wish your kind would follow their example and go the way of the dodo.

    9peopleliked this. Like

    He probably does not even know what is (euh... sorry... was... hehe) a dodo.

    1personliked this. Like

    He's made it this far on the web, i'm sure he can use Google or Bing to find out what the

    dodo was...

    If not then he needs to get off the internet for being too stupid.

    1personliked this. Like

    fuck off nigger

    1personliked this. Like

    "BitTorrents current annual revenue is estimated at somewhere between $15 and $20 million"

    BitTorrent Inc. is making millions of dollars anually and they still need more? What the

    FUCK are they doing?

    The freeware community has proven that developing a top-notch torrent client doesn't

    even cost anything. What on Earth are they spending all this money on? Is the employee

    cafeteria stocked with nothing but 200 year old wine and solid gold lobsters?

    Seriously, what the fuck.


    Yes, Torrent Freak should stop reporting on BitTorrent related news.

    10peopleliked this. Like

    Revenue != Profit

    4peopleliked this. Like

    well no SHIT Sherlock.

    the point in the users comment was its a free software but NOW they are just getting

    greedy. soon they will start charging when the adds stop paying them after the

    entertainment industry puts there to sense in to it and threatens to sure the corporations

    that are supporting them.


    You're incoherent. Please learn how to type words using a computer, or learn how to use

    english in a more-comprehensible way. Thank you.




    GuestGuestGuestGuest 1 day ago




    Page 8 of 16uTorrent Is Now Ad-Supported (and How to Disable) | TorrentFreak


  • 4peopleliked this. Like

    How in the world did they make $15 or $20 million. Where is their source of income.

    uTorrent wasn't ad supported back in the day. Nobody visits their website that frequently

    to make that much money off ads (if they have ads....I got adblock)


    Is this possible in BitTorrent?

    1personliked this. Like

    available after upgrading to version 7.7.2

    1personliked this. Like



    I have just disabled it, and although the yellow ad-filled bar at the top is gone, there are

    still somes ads appearing at the bottom left where it has the "uTorrentPlus Upgrade"


    I mean, it's fine by me, since that box is going to be there anyway, I'm just saying they

    didn't exclude ALL of them. But hey, don't forget if you like uTorrent, just click on any

    random ad, let the page load and close it. You'll be doing them a favour, and after all

    these years, I think it's a small one.

    6peopleliked this. Like

    You can remove the "Plus Banner" just as easily, using the method described above.

    Search "plus" in Advanced Options and you'll find "gui.show_plus_upsell". Set it to false to

    hide the banner. No more ads :)

    3peopleliked this. Like

    Worked great, thx


    The utorrent plus banner is not an "advertisement" by their definition. There's a setting to

    disable seeing that in the options menu. options -> Show Plus Information


    Why don't we let them make extra revenues ...they have served us for many years for

    free ...and we should be happy when they become bigger and bigger ...we have to help


    radioactiveradioactiveradioactiveradioactive 1 day ago




    Pedro Pedro Pedro Pedro MarquesMarquesMarquesMarques 1 day ago





    Ahmed OmarAhmed OmarAhmed OmarAhmed Omar 1 day ago

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  • them grow ..it's our duty ...and we must not forget that bittorrent take risk for the sake of

    us and our freedom

    3peopleliked this. Like

    you don't get it do you? add support could come from ANY corporation. INCLUDING the

    MPAA/RIAA......develop a new way to track your uploading/downloading activity and they

    got you by your BALLS.

    and YES this would be considered Illegal but as long as you are NOT breaking there so

    called laws they could care less.

    do you also know about the REAL LAWS the MPAA/RIAA break all the time and have been

    for years. and THEY get away with it. don't thing ya do.

    6peopleliked this. Like

    Honestly,You may be right ..but that's utorrent job ...they must be aware enough of the risk

    that these ads might pose


    the hole point of my comment was that Utorrent could possibly make a deal with them to

    track your ass. they are dam well aware of the risk to YOU not them. they could care less

    about what happens to you LOL.


    If you read the article closely, you'd see that they are very picky about potential

    advertising partners.

    3peopleliked this. Like

    No doubt there will still be freetards that complain about it bitterly.

    I for one have no problems with them trying to make a buck, especially when that buck

    doesn't come from my pocket.

    5peopleliked this. Like

    They're already making a buck. In fact, they're making shit tons of bucks.

    Which makes putting ads in uTorrent seem crass and greedy.

    7peopleliked this. Like

    "I for one have no problems with them trying to make a buck"

    Me too, I dumped uTorrent year ago.

    2peopleliked this. Like





    GuestGuestGuestGuest 1 day ago




    hmmhmmhmmhmm 1 day ago

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  • i dumped utorrent a few versions back because of this crap Sad because utorrent used to

    be nice and light and good what a shame ho hum

    4peopleliked this. Like

    Fuck all of that I still use 2.0.04 that has no add crap and no bloat and it works fine. Of

    course I am not part of any private tracker that requires a special version so for present I

    have no need to upgrade.

    2peopleliked this. Like

    a) they could say whatever they like, ordinary users have no way of checking whether it's

    true or not

    b) regardless of whether what they say is true or not, will the 'opt out' option be removed

    because they say most users dont mind the ads?

    c) what arrange has been made with which entertainment industries to allow ads to

    various artists content?

    d) if no pre-arrangement has been secured with the entertainment industries, how long

    before they target torrents (and sites and users!) even more than now? everyone knows

    how much torrent is hated by the industries

    e) how does the 125 million users stack up against the number of users of the 'legitimate'

    sites the entertainment industries keep touting to governments as being available? we

    know the industries number of options and figures are bull shit and lies, but everyone

    else, without even disputing or checking them, believes them!

    it's starting to sound to me like time to move to a different client. what a shame after all

    this time.

    4peopleliked this. Like

    Use Torrent alpha (3.4 build 28462) .then you will not have ads !!!!


    Why use stable when its unstable and got ads ?

    1personliked this. Like

    one word: Deluge

    10peopleliked this. Like

    that's three words in total i think, mind you it is late and my fucking eyes are stinging

    2peopleliked this. Like

    @Jacob Taylor: and you are an inconsiderate person. how the FUCK you think I am dong

    this shit you A hole. its not me its the FUCK NUTS @ Google.


    And now you're blaming Google! That's quite a list of enemies.


    FoffFoffFoffFoff 1 day ago


    AnonymousAnonymousAnonymousAnonymous 1 day ago


    AnimetorrentAnimetorrentAnimetorrentAnimetorrent 1 day ago


    ralfralfralfralf 1 day ago



    WhoWhoWhoWho 1 day ago


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  • Perhaps you should go do a bit of research on how all of this works. While you're at it,

    brush up on english. If it's not your native language, my apologies.

    1personliked this. Like

    you are defiantly an ASS HOLE. criticizing people for using a spellchecker that every one

    knows don't work.

    1personliked this. Like

    The last version of uTorrent version 2.2.1 at a trusted download site.

    The is the only version of uTorrent I'll use before it became bloated with the later end of

    the version 2.3 shit and onward to all the crap added in version 3.

    uTorrent v2.2.1 - http://www.oldversion.com/down...

    I recommend this being the highest version you ever run, it supports all the features of

    magnet links and such, without any bloat.

    6peopleliked this. Like

    2.2.1 is what i call per-fu**ing -fection. it is a no brainer

    1personliked this. Like

    everyone of you should use the New and best torrent client.Qbtorrent


    3peopleliked this. Like

    No toolbars or adverts with that software. Interesting.

    Nice client i'll see if it can replace utorrent


    Horrible, capitalism slowly infecting the entire internet.

    2peopleliked this. Like

    The problem I initially had with this the first time it was announced was simply how the

    ads functioned. From what I understood, they were "relevant" ads; meaning that they

    would pull information like what torrents you're currently downloading and seeding to

    serve ads of things you might care about. I simply don't trust anybody with information

    like that. If they are going to pull your torrent list, they might pull other private

    information that I didn't feel like sharing. But maybe that's just me being paranoid.

    1personliked this. Like

    Complete with web bugs/beacons to track your every move.

    1personliked this. Like



    QoaaQoaaQoaaQoaa 1 day ago



    Smartguy22Smartguy22Smartguy22Smartguy22 1 day ago



    An0nYm0u5An0nYm0u5An0nYm0u5An0nYm0u5 1 day ago


    SillySillySillySilly 1 day ago


    21i9783e7921i9783e7921i9783e7921i9783e79 1 day ago


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  • >using latest version of utorrent

    utorrent 2.2 master race

    2peopleliked this. Like

    Post as Nejtillpirater.

    (Note since discus sometime ignore posts I am going to repost this several times so sorry

    for the duplicate)

    I confess. I confess because I just got fired and I am made at them now. Someone else will

    replace me I guess or even try to discredit and deny what I am going to write. But don't

    believe it.

    I was paid by the MPAA to voice fake opinions on pro-piracy forum such as TF.

    I used multiple names such as:




    F**k cybercrime


    Guest. . .

    Of course I make up new names all the time sometime registered and sometime not.

    Also I vote for myself sometime trying to make the world believe that a lot of people

    support the entertainment industry. I know for a fact that this is not the case.

    One example that will open your eyes:

    As "Someone" I voted 9 times for myself under the November 10 article:

    "Pirate Bay Founder Arrested Again On Suspicion Of New Hacking & Fraud Offenses"

    Do you really believe that 9 people on TF will really agree with a garbage post such as

    this posted below?

    "I hope they keep that piece of sh*t locked up. . . "

    Also I voted 4 time for myself as "IHaveNoBalls" under the same article.

    I am sorry I did all of these. To redeem myself I am moving on your side guys. And also I

    will spread all the industry dirty secrets I know on the net with the proof when I can get it.

    You have no idea how evil are these entertainment people! I can also tell you that a lot of

    frightening crap is curently going on within the Swedish governement and it is urgent for

    the Swedish citizen to react.

    So long and take care.


    Read half you're post, I am the real genuine IHaveNoBalls, leave my name out of you're



    "I am the real genuine IHaveNoBalls, leave my name out of you're shit."

    Ya right! and I am Santa Claus! I used this name before you did. I know that you are doing

    the same job I was doing. And by the way trust me they might fire you too soon because

    they believe that we are not worth the money. Just to let you know idiot! I no longer have

    access to any of my credential but I am still claiming my old ones. Sorry!


    DixDixDixDix 1 day ago


    NejtillpiraterNejtillpiraterNejtillpiraterNejtillpirater 1 day ago




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  • Shut up

    1personliked this. Like

    By the way I am so made at the MPAA that I am going to keep messing up with your nasty

    game of dis-info you are playing on their behalf until you get fired too that is.


    Read the rest of my post then. May be I know more than you do about our boss.


    It would be so, so awesome if that was really the real Nejtillpirater. And it would make for

    an amazing Torrentfreak story. "Confessions of a MAFIAA troll".

    Unfortunately, I'm not quite believing this... :(

    3peopleliked this. Like

    No. I know NTP's style, having put up with him for four years spamming blogs with his

    inane drivel.

    First of all, he apparently knows how to spell. Secondly the way he posts is usually with

    the method of running off one or two straw man argumentations in a row, followed by an

    irrelevant guilt-by-association and wrapped off with a conclusion unbacked by either his

    above argumentation nor actual fact.

    Whoever is posting the above certainly isn't "NPT", displaying both a difference in manner

    and style.




    I didn't read all the comments but I saw one about disk overloading. I used to be an avid

    user of 2.2.1 I now use the most up to date version of utorrent without any problems. My

    advice to you would be to try the most updated version every now and then and see if it

    gives you problems. I fell victim to random disconnects and that stupid disk

    overloaded/disk caching crap as well. I ended up sticking to 2.2.1 forever. I forget why I

    switched, I think I wanted to try out the streaming feature...which does not work for shit

    lol, but anyway it works fine.

    But ya I guess with either the most recent update or previous updates they got rid of the

    disk overloaded and random disc crap...at least for me :)

    Rarely do I get a disk caching problem but it will only last 10 seconds max if it does

    happen...which I've only seen it happen 5 or 6 times in the past six months...and I am an

    avid downloader.






    Ray186Ray186Ray186Ray186 1 day ago


    HulivarHulivarHulivarHulivar 1 day ago


    allanontballanontballanontballanontb 1 day ago

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  • How to disable: Download qBittorrent


    Thank God for torrents.

    Skyfall movie SUCKS BALLS!

    It should be called "Pump and Dump" 007.

    I won't even bother downloading a DVD rip of this shite.

    What a complete PROMO SCAM!


    5peopleliked this. Like

    i found 2.2.1 disc overloading was not u.torrents problem, but hard drive shock protection

    software slowing disc down when client was doing serious speeds. adblock plus is good

    and i see no slowing whilst browsing, but hey, each to their own. i forgot what ads look

    like so i go use the kindle, then i get my fix of brainwashing adverts. maybe someone

    should point me to rooting this thing, damn nuisance not being able to get apps for free


    I wonder how much of the $15-20 million finds its way to the artists and rightsholders

    that uTorrent exploits?

    1personliked this. Like

    > "I wonder how much of the $15-20 million finds its way to the artists and rightsholders that

    uTorrent exploits?"

    You seem confused, uTorrent does not exploit any artists or rightsholders?

    Secondly, why do you wonder how much of the revenues of one successful entrepreneur

    that finds its way to other entrepreneurs? If the artists and rights holders want money they

    have to sell something. Their sales are never the responsibility if any other entrepreneurs,

    such as uTorrent.

    That's how the free market works, did you not know this? Or do you have a problem with

    the free market? Do you advocate communism or a planned economy?

    3peopleliked this. Like

    I was quite unaware that the manufacturer of a tool can be said to "exploit" anyone.

    Are you similarly worried that General motors are threatening to put Rikshaw drivers out

    of business?

    That good coach horse breeders are being "exploited" by Volvo Car corporation when their

    products are used to facilitate transport in other ways than by hoof?

    Are you in fact saying that anyone who builds a tool should be obligated to reimburse all

    other vendors who lost business due to the use of said tool?

    I wouldn't be too surprised by now if that were actually your view.


    Wonder how long its going to be until they "accidentally" Remove the option to remove

    ads. There is a reason I switched over to Tixati several months ago.


    SkyfailSkyfailSkyfailSkyfail 1 day ago


    Forkingham MelleForkingham MelleForkingham MelleForkingham Melle 1 day ago


    AnonAnonAnonAnon 1 day ago




    MontisaquadeisMontisaquadeisMontisaquadeisMontisaquadeis 1 day ago

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    Switch to Deluge...problem solved (Tixati takes a long time before starting downloading a

    big file)


    Deluge guys deluge.


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