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<ul><li> 1. The Appliance Factory Company UShareSoft Confidential Need To Know </li> <li> 2. UShareSoft Simplifying Software Delivery First enterprise platform that hugely simplifies how software appliances are built, maintained, &amp; deployed UShareSoft Confidential Need To Know </li> <li> 3. IT Evolution Creating New Challenges A New Approach to Software Delivery Required The costs of human resources for producing, operating and maintaining software will soon become prohibitive Source Forrester March 9, 2009 70% of IT Budget Version Sprawl &amp; Software Control Spent in operations! Solution Complexity More Formats TTM Too Long Do More with Less Try &amp; Buy or PoCs UShareSoft Confidential Need To Know </li> <li> 4. What We Provide Factory and Tools for reducing the complexity of software integration, deployments, maintenance and delivery Automated deployments Qualified Open Source Distributed architecture Catalogues Many formats Appliance simple creation Optimize a JeOS software image Fine grain flexible build UShareSoft Confidential Need To Know </li> <li> 5. Simplifying Software Delivery Most efficient way to deliver software to physical, virtualization and cloud UShareSoft Confidential Need To Know </li> <li> 6. Software Governance &amp; Control for virtualization &amp; cloud Control TTM, SW Governance &amp; Risks Management Control Software Image Content Control Configuration Sprawl Control Appliance Life Cycle Control Software Licensing Enhance IT Agility and TTM Control Collaboration &amp; Sharing of IP UShareSoft Confidential Need To Know </li> <li> 7. UForge Open Source Catalogue Major Open Source Operating Systems Supported (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora &amp; Open Solaris) 60 of the Top Open Source Projects Qualified and Ready to Use UShareSoft Confidential Need To Know </li> <li> 8. Costs Savings Potential Proprietary Average TCO* Breakdown IT Projects Open Source IT Projects Implementations Costs Implementations Imp UF 50 Costs l em or g en e R Open Source ta t ed IT Projects ion uc 60 s C es Implementations os Support OSS C ts Costs 25 Red ompo 15 &amp; L uces nent V icen Su en OSS Support OSS Support se ppo dors License Cos rt ts 10 10 Costs License Costs License Costs 25 2 2 TCO = 100 TCO = 72 TCO = 29 * Three Years TCO; Source include Gartner and UShareSoft UShareSoft Confidential Need To Know </li> <li> 9. Use Case Use Case : Average Monolithic Virtual Appliance Goal : Develop a high quality virtual appliance Nb Phases Without UForge With UForge 1 Appliance Design &amp; Cookbook 30 hours 30 hours 2 Selecting components and Qualification 30 hours 15 hours 3 OS Optimization and sizing 50 hours 5 hours 4 Developing Pre-Configuration 80 hours 50 hours* 5 Assembly, License Mgt, Kbd and 1st boot 20 hours 100% Auto 6 Image Generation, VMWare, Cloud.... 24 hours** 100% Auto 7 Testing 60 hours 60 hours 100% Auto 8 Upgrade your appliance (New version) 80 hours 10 hours*** Total 340 hours 140 hours * 50 hours for the first appliance, 5 hours for re-use and upgrades ** 24 hours per OS Platform, need 12 hours more for each new OS Platform *** Upgrade with UForge is 100% auto, however 10 hours required for testing cycles UShareSoft Confidential Need To Know </li> <li> 10. UForge Offerings UForge Enterprise Edition Data Center or Private cloud factory for large corporations and cloud providers. On-premise deployment and maintenance. UForge Enterprise Edition UForge OEM (white labeling) Professional Services UShareSoft Confidential Need To Know </li> <li> 11. Other UShareSoft Offerings Professional Services Custom Appliance Services UForge OS Integration Support &amp; Maintenance UShareSoft Confidential Need To Know </li> <li> 12. UForge Features Simple Build &amp; Maintenance Assemble la carte. Choose from UForge qualified open source operating systems and projects to assemble your tailored-made appliances in minutes. Flexible Build. Flexible construction including OS package selection, installation and boot options &amp; software entitlement. Appliance Life Cycle management. Create your private software appliance library. UForge provides version control, automatic update and appliance cloning. UShareSoft Confidential Need To Know </li> <li> 13. UForge Features Full Automation from visual design to image generation Optimize software. Automatically reduce your virtual appliance image size by up to 90% with UForge's one click JeOS feature. Generate your appliances in minutes. One click format generation of your appliance. All the major industry standard formats supported for physical, virtual and cloud computing environments. Easy Update &amp; Maintenance. Maintain your appliance with auto update helping you to reduce software maintenance efforts and release engineering costs. UShareSoft Confidential Need To Know </li> <li> 14. UForge Architecture UForge RIA Client (UShare Builder) - Built using Adobe AIR - HTTPS with UForge HTTPS UForge Life cycle Build &amp; Collaboration Admin - Restful Web Service Web Tier Management Optimisation Services Services JSR-311 Implementation (Jersey) XML &amp; JSON - Coming months exposing Image Update Client API for Web Tier Image Assembly Tier Grid Assembly Tools - Glassfish Application Server - Hibernate Database Tier - MySQL Db Certified Catalogue Appliance Templates - OAR Grid UShareSoft Confidential Need To Know </li> <li> 15. Open Appliance Studio Make your software as simple as an iPhone application Automate Deployments. Make your software ready-to-run, fully pre- configured and self-deployable anywhere. Plug &amp; Play. Live up to the expectations of a software appliance, easily install and automatic deploy, while providing the customer the possibility to customize some of the configuration parameters. Virtual Distributed Solution Deployment (vApps). Deploy automatically a distributed virtualized solution tailored to fit your customers needs. Control Field Deployments UShareSoft Confidential Need To Know </li> <li> 16. Creating vApps with Open Appliance Studio Simple. Predictable. Consistent. Automatically Deploying Distributed Solutions on Physical, Virtual &amp; Cloud Environments vApps - IT solutions packaged into a single appliance UShareSoft Confidential Need To Know </li> <li> 17. Bernard Candy - Business Development ( UShareSoft Confidential Need To Know </li> <li> 18. JeOS Profiling Just enough OS! Full Stack with Fedora Distribution &gt; 4000 packages Today this is manual and takes weeks With UForge size reduced by 90% Reasons for JeOS in a few clicks! &gt;Smaller Footprint &gt;Better Performance &gt;More Secure &gt;Easier to Maintain UShareSoft Confidential Need To Know </li> <li> 19. Software Appliances Examples Collaboration Wiki LAMP Enterprise Content Customer Relationship Management (ECM) Management (CRM) Knowledge Base Repository UShareSoft Confidential Need To Know </li> </ul>