USS MOMSEN (DDG 92) Navigation Brief 16 April 2007

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<ul><li><p>USS MOMSEN (DDG 92)Navigation Brief16 April 2007</p></li><li><p>Naval Station Everett Outbound</p></li><li><p>Naval Station Everett Outbound</p><p>0815 Sea and Anchor Detail0900 Underway</p><p>Uniform: Coveralls and blue command ball caps for all hands.</p></li><li><p>Naval Station Everett OutboundWEATHER (Harbor)Winds: W to SW 5-10 KnotsSkies: Cloudy 40% chance of rainTemp: High 55/Low 44Seas: 1-2 foot wind wavesVisibility: Unrestricted</p></li><li><p>Naval Station Everett OutboundTIDES Everett +0.8 feet Bush Point +0.7 feet Admiralty Head +0.8 feetCURRENTS</p><p>There is no current information for Everett, however currents from the Snohomish River push to the southwest.</p></li><li><p>Naval Station Everett OutboundASTRONOMICAL DATASunrise 0620Sunset 2008</p><p>Moonrise 0546 (01%) Moonset 1937 (00%)</p></li><li><p>Naval Station Everett OutboundNAVIGATION Equipment StatusNAVSSI ()BME DN ()Bridge WS DN ()DEML UP () CIC WS UP ()SPA-25G UP () NOBLETEC UP ()WSN UP ()AIS UP ()SPS-67 UP ()</p></li><li><p>Naval Station Everett OutboundGYRO</p><p>Repeaters</p><p>DFGMC calibrated 30 March 2007</p></li><li><p>Naval Station Everett OutboundEngineering Plant Lineup/StatusEnginesGeneratorsHPU GTM Controlling BCURudder Control BridgeMode Computer Assisted Manual </p></li><li><p>Naval Station Everett OutboundSignificant Traffic</p></li><li><p>Naval Station Everett Outbound Force ProtectionCondition Alpha +Manning MT(s) 251, 252, 507 and 508Comms NET 68Patrol/Picket: None</p></li><li><p>Naval Station Everett OutboundGround TackleReady Anchor Centerline, hawsed, ready for letting goScope of Chain South of Scatchet Head 1-2 shots, 1-2 shots within the channel, Mutiny Bay 1-2 shots, NE Corner of OpBox 1-2 shots location dependent (bottom type mud and shells)Anchor Windlass OperationalAccom Ladder StowedPilots Ladder PORT fantail and midshipReady Lifeboat CHARLES (254)</p></li><li><p>Naval Station Everett OutboundTugs/Pilot2 tugs/1 Pilot</p></li><li><p>Naval Station Everett OutboundChart DataCharts 18444, 18443, 18473, 18471, 18465DATUM WGS-84Mag. Variation 18.0 ECorrections LNM 14/07, NM 13/07Plot Bridge (Pri), CIC (Sec)Min. Depth Sounding 23ft beneath the keel IVO Pier</p></li><li><p>Naval Station Everett OutboundFix Interval 2 min, 3 min in TSSSpeed RestrictionsMaximum speed while crossing the Clinton-Mukilteo Ferry route is 15 knots for all ships.Vessels passing in vicinity of Buoy SE must slow to 15 knots in the vicinity of the Maxwelton Clam Beds restriction zone.Maximum Deviation 50 yardsCommunications: Monitor BTB Channels 16/74/5A/14</p></li><li><p>Naval Station Everett OutboundRequired Reports: 1 hour prior to getting underway request permission from Everett Control channel 74.Once underway MOMSEN must check in with Seattle Traffic via CH 5A. Seattle Traffic this is Navy Unit __ , underway from NAVAL STATION EVERETT, outbound to Eastern Bank OpArea. (Event __)When abeam of Possession Point on the 201T leg, check out with Seattle Traffic on CH 5A and check in with Seattle Traffic on CH 14.When abeam of Bush Point on the 331T leg, check out with Seattle Traffic on CH 5A. Seattle Traffic this is Navy Unit __, abeam of Bush Pt., outbound to Eastern Bank OPAREA.</p></li><li><p>Broadcast Warnings:</p><p>None</p></li><li><p>Naval Station Everett OutboundEmergenciesLoss of SteeringMan OverboardLoss of GyroLoss of CommsLow VisEmergency Anchorage</p></li><li><p>OPERATIONAL RISK MANAGEMENT1. IDENTIFY THE HAZARD4. CONTROLS5. SUPERVISERISK </p><p> 2. CAUSES</p><p>4 Unlikely to 3. RISK ASSESSMENTHAZARD SEVERITYA - Likely to OccurB - Probably Will OccurC - MayOccurD - OccurI - Death, Grave Damage1 Critical1 Critical2 Serious3 ModerateII - Severe Injury or Damage1 Critical2 Serious3 ModerateMinorIII - Minor Injury, Damage2 Serious3 Moderate4 Minor5 NegligibleIV - Minimal3 Moderate4 Minor5 Negligible5 NegligibleMISHAP PROBABILITY</p></li></ul>