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3L Research Institute: Using the ICT tools


  • 1. European Women Interactive Learning11.6.2012 | Gaziantep- TurkeyUsing the ICT tools1Dimitris RaftopoulosHead of Strategic Leadership Unit3L Research Institute

2. Learning Experience Framework2 3. Team building activitiesTitle of ActivityShake Hands The aim of the activity is the participants to know each other betterAim All the trainees participate in this activity, including the trainer. In this activity the trainer requests from allDescription of activity: the trainees to greet each other through a shaking hand.3 4. Team building activitiesTitle of ActivityPersonal Object The aim here is to facilitate a connection among the trainees and trainers and stimulate their creativity. The purpose of this activity is the learners to select an object that best characterizes them, or reminds them an incident or an adventure. After all participants having reflected on the story they wish to share,Aim each one will share their experience related to the object with the other participants. All the participants are asked to find an object that would characterize them. This object can be something personal like a pen or a notebook etc or it can be something random, like an object that isDescription of activity: already in the room where the workshop is held.4 5. Team building activitiesTitle of Activity Needs and Expectations To know the expectations that the trainees hold on the project Aim To notify them about the aims of the workshop Task 1: Group Discussion The trainer asks the trainees to finish the statements mentioned below. Then the trainees write their thoughts on the paper and stick it to the wall where the 3 sentences were written. The trainer announces: On the wall there are 3 big papers with following statements to finish, use your post-its to document your thoughts:Description of 1.I want to get to know here Activity: 2.What I want to happen is 3.Tomorrow I will end the workshop with Task 2: Group Discussion The trainer introduces the trainees to the following discussion topics: A. What are your expectations from this workshop? 5 B. What is important for you here? C. What are the objectives of this project; you think you are able to meet them? 6. Absorption of the e-materialTitle of ActivityE-lessons absorptionAimThe trainees are introduced to the basic ICT tools examined Task: e-material absorption The trainer asks from the trainees to access the e-platform and watch the e-material. The trainers have to point out that the flash lessons demonstrate best cases of the activities that the trainees will perform themselves later on.Description of Activity: After the trainees access the e-platform where the e-material is published and they absorb the e-material. The e-material is constituted of interactive flash lessons (Table 2). Other available resources might be e-books and videos. In this first stage the trainers/trainer might answer simple self-assessments questions (included in the flash lesson) in order to evaluate their comprehension about the subjects presented6 7. Choose a cultural related subjectTask 1: Choosing an interesting to the participants cultural topic to work on for the learning experience.The trainees with the guidance of the trainer will proceed in identifying an interesting to them cultural topic after a short discussionbetween them. The trainer will provide useful onsite feedback and walk them through the next steps. The trainers will: Have to identify an interesting topic Identify the resources needed Locate the resources on the world wide web and the available material 7 8. Trainees PracticeTask 2: Creating a mind map at websiteThe trainers will access the site website and create their mind maps. In their mind map they will record theirorganisational approach, information, data, material and tools to use, as well as the management of the tasks of the group, so thatthey will learn how to: Brainstorm Organise Manage resources (information management) Use a new and innovative tool such as bubbl.us8 9. Trainees PracticeTask 3: Creating a timeline at Dipity websiteFor this activity the trainer will ask from the each trainee to: Seek information online and e-material (text, videos) that is already published in the e-platform about cultural content and creative aninteractive timeline at Dipity website The trainees in order to use the functions of the platform have to create new accounts on the website After organising the material collected, the trainees will start inserting the respective events in the Dipity timeline developing a timelearning path with information regarding their selected cultural theme. This is a collaborative task by all the participants of the learningexperience. 9 10. Trainees PracticeTask 4: Development of the Power Point presentationThe trainer instructs the trainees to create a Power Point presentation containing screenshots with the steps followed until this point.For the presentation the trainees are given the following guidelines:Please create a MS Power Point presentation in which: You describe the content of the e-material you found in the e-platform (subject) Present the concept of developing the cultural topic Present the steps followed when finding the resources online and in the platform (book binding) (provide screen shots with webresults) The steps followed when organised the content found online in a timeline in Dipity website (Provide screen shots of thedevelopment of the Dipity timeline 10 11. Trainees PracticeTask 5: Developing a MS Word documentThe trainer urges the learners to create a document:Please create a short report in MS Word in which: You present the ICT and soft skills gained through the whole process so far. While also explain the positive effects this trainingapproach had to your personal development. 11 12. Trainees PracticeTask 6: Developing an interactive presentation in PreziIn particular, the trainer instructs the trainees to create an interactive presentation in Prezi online tool, presenting all the deliverablesthey have developed so far:Please follow the steps listed below: Visit the Prezi website Create a new user account Create a New Prezi in which you will present every deliverable developed so far:o A brief description of the original idea related to the cultural subject,o The exported concept map created in,o The final Dipity timeline,o The Power Point presentation,o The MS document.12 13. Presenting the resultsTitle of ActivityPresentation of the AchievementsAimThe trainees learn how to present information in front of an audience Task 1: Delivery of the tasks This is a group activity. The trainees will present their findings concerning activity 3.1 Developing the presentation in front of the rest of the team members.Description of Activity: Each group present its efforts on the tasks assigned. Each member of the group will be assigned to a role. (e.g. 1 or 2 trainees will take up the presentation of the work done in Dipity site; another trainee will present the Power Point Presentation, another one the final presentation in Prezi tool, and so on). 13 14. Getting feedbackTitle of ActivityFeedback and group discussionAimThe trainees will receive feedback for the work presented so far After the end presentation all the trainees can take feedback on their work, from all the participants. The trainer has a supportive role, he/she can offer instant feedback on the wok presented or can urge the learners to do so. In particular the trainer should: Acknowledge what approaches were correct and what not Describe the correct way that the tasks have to be approachedDescription of Activity: Connection to Key Competences: Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship Communication in foreign languages Social and Civic Competences 14 15. Evaluation process Aim To evaluate the results Task: Online Questionnaire In this part the participants are asked to answer an online questionnaire that is hosted at the e- platform. Task 2: Group Discussion What you think you earned from this experience? Did the learning approach meet your expectations? If you could change something what that be?Description of Activity: In order to have a better view on how the participants performed it is crucial to take into consideration: The scores trainees achieved in the flash lessons The level of performance in their presentations & deliverables The level of collaboration between the members of each one of the groups Final inspection on whether the overall learning goals set were achieved or not.15 16. 16