using social selling & technology to build great relationships

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Use social selling, technology & any tool at your disposal to build great relationships.


  • 1. Using Social Selling + Technology To Build Great Relationships Yuhannes Watts LinkedIn Expert
  • 2. THX for checking out this Slideshare presentation Im Yuhannes Watts I want to show you how to CRUSH relationship building with Social Selling, Technology & People Skills
  • 3. Focus on the RELATIONSHIP! I connected with my main man Aziz Abdur-Raoof back in 2012 who at the time was the Director Of In the upcoming slides Ill show you how I used Social Selling + Technology + People Skills to build Ultimately this is about using every tool at your disposal to achieve your goal 3 Lets get started!
  • 4. Use LinkedIn To Connect - Duuh!! (Social Selling)
  • 5. USE iPHONE & FACETIME (Technology)
  • 6. USE TEXT (Technology)
  • 7. USE EMAIL (Technology)
  • 8. USE TWITTER (Social Selling)
  • 9. CONNECT IN PERSON (People Skills)
  • 10. SHARE ON LINKEDIN (Social Selling)
  • 11. USE PEBBLE SMART WATCH (Technology)
  • 12. FOLLOW & ENGAGE ON INSTAGRAM (Social Selling)
  • 13. SHARE BACK ON LINKEDIN (Social Selling)
  • 14. HANG OUT FOR BREAKFAST (People Skills)
  • 15. TEXT SOME MORE (Technology)
  • 16. CIRCLE BACK AROUND TO TWITTER (Social Selling)
  • 17. Re-Focus On Relationships People respect when you build relationships the RIGHT WAY! Use Social Media, Technology and ANY Think OUTSIDE OF THE BOX Come on folks - you can do it! When you do this, youll be more TOP OF MIND for opportunities. People will gravitate toward you Heres what happened after I carefully built my relationship with Aziz using Social Media, Technology
  • 18. OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS! Aziz invited me to do a LinkedIn training for the University Of Maryland Football Team on Networking & Leveraging Their Brand (Go Terps)! The opportunity to work with such a prestigious organization would have never happened without the help of Aziz who rolled out the red carpet for me - thx Aziz! How many people would love to work with TOP COMPANIES But just cant seem to get in Or gain access Or find the right person to bring them in?
  • 19. SOCIAL SLLING & TECHNOLOGY (The Truth Behind It) This is the essence of SOCIAL SELLING - the big buzz phrase that everyone thinks is magic. In reality Is it worth is? Well, if youre willing to invest some time to engage with folks in a space where most For those of you who are knocking on doors, making aimless telephone calls, blindly submitting resumes Most importantly, combine social media & technology with common sense, creativity, people skills Is it starting to make sense now?
  • 20. Thanks for staying awake for at least 75% of this presentation have a stellar week! Yuhannes Watts @Yuhanneswatts LinkedIn Training that gets Results!


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