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<ul><li>1.Social networks as reporting tools<br /></li></ul> <p>2. tools<br />Use a people finder<br />Searches the deep Web<br />3. Finding sources<br />Search for key terms on Facebook and Twitter within content of posts<br />Find user profiles and reach out directly<br />Seek out user groups<br />Contact members<br />Post open messages<br />Just ask for insight (think Kevin Bacon)<br />4. tools<br />Track the conversation over time by searching Tweets<br />Enter your search at, then click Updates<br />5. Finding stories<br />Follow your users<br />Encourage users to reach out<br />Ask questions (they dont have to be open-ended)<br />What issues do you think are important during the next election?<br />Did the Council make the right decision with the smoking ordinance.<br />Seek out expertise<br />Are there any experts out there who understand how road construction works. Call us: 555-5555.<br />Grab person-on-the-street quotes<br />Tell us what you have to say about the Lions win. Well print a few responses in next weeks story.<br />6. tools<br />Monitor keywords and phrases<br />Search at or<br />Use an app such as Hootsuite<br />7. Give credit<br />Reward your tipsters<br />Twitter user Jake White informed the Times of the issue on Facebook last week.<br />News reader Jack Johnson submitted this photo via Facebook.<br />Attribute responses from social media<br />Smith said in a post on his personal Twitter account.<br />Doe wrote in a comment on the Tribunes Facebook page.<br />8. Background sources<br />LinkedIn and Facebook often contain employment histories<br />Look for common connections to facilitate difficult conversations<br />Have accounts before you need them<br />9. Crowdsource content<br />Ask for pictures and video<br />Users can upload content to YouTube and send you links<br />Pictures can be emailed<br />Items can be posted as fan content on your Facebook page<br />10. Monitor trends<br />Stay updated on developing trends<br />Let others do your research for you<br />Find experts before you need them<br /></p>