Using Social Media as a Professional, What You Need to Know!

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Using Social Media as a Professional The Benefits of Sharing Your Knowledge and Connecting With Your PeersMelissa Williamson (Tractor Supply)Jeff Stevenson (ADP)Melissa Williamson (Tractor Supply)Jeff Stevenson (ADP)

@mwilliamson2009@stevensonjefCopyright 2014-2015, ADP, LLC.#Todays AgendaSocial Media TodayPersonal vs. Professional Use of SocialBuilding Your BrandThought LeadershipConnectingBringing it Back to Your BusinessTake Notice: Trends to FollowCopyright 2014-2015, ADP, LLC.#Social Media TodayHow have things evolved?

Copyright 2014-2015, ADP, LLC.#Social Media Today

Source: YouTube Eric Qualman, SocialNomics

Copyright 2014-2015, ADP, LLC.#4HR Professionals in SocialSource:

The number of HR and HR related professionals continues to grow in social media

1,052,927Human Resources Professionals1,848,011Accountants/Controllers99,366Payroll Professionals

Copyright 2014-2015, ADP, LLC.#5Personal vs. Professional Use of Social Whats the Difference (And Whats the Same)

Copyright 2014-2015, ADP, LLC.#Personal vs. Professional

Whats the Difference?

Using social in your personal life is as unrestricted as you choose

Few Social Media users approach their personal presence strategicallyCopyright 2014-2015, ADP, LLC.#7Personal vs. Professional

Whats the Same?

Human to human interaction

Add Value

Be Yourself!Social should still be FUN! After all, there are still people on the other end of the keyboardWhat unique insight do you have?What have you recently learned?Copyright 2014-2015, ADP, LLC.#8Building Your BrandThe Virtual Dinner Party

Copyright 2014-2015, ADP, LLC.#A Strategic Approach To Your Brand

Dress AppropriatelyClear/Appropriate PicProfessional ProfileComplete SummaryMeaningful InformationBe Interesting

Dont be a LurkerBe a Thought LeaderOffer Value Through UpdatesVary Your ContentMake Connections

Connect Beyond Your CompanyJoin GroupsFollow Thought LeadersNetwork at EventsCopyright 2014-2015, ADP, LLC.#10Building Your Brand: Thought Leadership

~85% of Social Media users are Content Consumers

Differentiate yourself by becoming a Content CuratorOr better yetbecome a Content Creator

Your unique approachMarket trendsLocal nuancesLatest winsConsistently posting content in social 2-3 times a week will help establish you as a trusted expert and will grow your network dramaticallyCopyright 2014-2015, ADP, LLC.#11Building Your Brand: Connecting

Step outside of your comfort zone:Connect beyond your business and friendsConnect with other HR pros at conferences/eventsShare your contentComment on the posts of othersShare others contentAlways look to expand your network

1,052,927Human Resources Professionals1,848,011Accountants/Controllers99,366Payroll ProfessionalsDont just build your brandMaintain it!Revisit who your are following, who your connected with and what groups youre in. Youre sphere of influence will change over time. Your social presence should reflect this growth as well.

Copyright 2014-2015, ADP, LLC.#Revisit your brand as well.Who youre connected withWho youre followingWhat groups youre in12Building Your Brand: Bring it Back

When you establish yourself in social, your business benefitsYoure a bullhorn for the great work your business doesTop talent wants to work with other top talentCurrent employees want to stay

But be CAREFUL!Dont just talk about yourselfShare helpful informationCongratulate others when appropriateDont brag!Help others by sharing their content and finding great infoCopyright 2014-2015, ADP, LLC.#You dont when youre going to need to call on your brand!13Social Trends to FollowHow to get ahead of the curve

Copyright 2014-2015, ADP, LLC.#Top Trends in Social

Mobile Apps Are Key:Mobile Apps for Facebook and Twitter are used more than twice as much than desktop or mobile browsersTakeaway: Make sure your content is mobile friendly

Keep it Brief!Best performing posts are short:Twitter: 71-100 CharactersFacebook: 40 CharactersLinkedIn: 80-120 CharactersGoogle+: 60 charactersTakeaway: Stay on point and let the article do the talking

Video is King:Whenever possible, link to videos. They are consumed at a much higher rate. Also, always include an image with your post.Takeaway: People are more willing to view an interactive piece of content, rather than having to read a long, boring, article.Copyright 2014-2015, ADP, LLC.#Sources:Mashable.com

Copyright 2014-2015, ADP, LLC.#Sources:Mashable.com

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Thank YouCopyright 2014-2015, ADP, LLC.#


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