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<ul><li> 1. Group 5Sowmya Murthy FT13246 www.sowmyamurthy.comChandni Gupta FT13214 www.chandnigupta.inJoyeeta Mukherjee FT13428 www.joyeetamukerjee.comAnita Kala FT13108 www.anitakala.comVinu Seshadri FT13291 </li> <li> 2. Creative Ways To Use LinkedIn Design the profile intelligently Optimize the company page to engage the audience Develop a campaign Create leads Network Building and Groups Find new talent and social CRM </li> <li> 3. Profile Matters! Complete your profile 100% for maximum visibility Set up Upload a profile picture for authenticityLinkedIn Request colleagues, friends and Profile partners for recommendation Promote by linking with other SM platforms Customize the profile URLOptimize Customize the anchor text with the the links on your profile Optimize keywords in the Profile summary section, which is m/watch?v=0glUGk81Kfor SEO indexed by Google; Include high importance keywords yg </li> <li> 4. Optimize Company PageBanner ImagesCareers and ProductsProduct RecommendationsFeatured and TargetedUpdatesVisibility on Mobile Apps </li> <li> 5. Optimize Company Page </li> <li> 6. Develop a Campaign Optimize Company Page Traffic, Leads Create Great &amp; Sales Content Become an Attract Industry Followers Leader Build Your Network </li> <li> 7. Create Leads Integrate LinkedIn Create a LinkedIn Use LinkedIn Answer Questions into your Dont spam group DirectAds on LinkedIn marketing Use group to Push relevant ads Ask and respond If you are Contacting create thought to LinkedIn to relevant presenting at a LinkedIn contacts leadership in subscribers questions on webinar or trade directly can be concerned targeted by profile LinkedIn Answers show invite your considered as market. demographic section audience to spam Promote and information Answered network with you Make your grow the group questions shows or join your group message relevant up in the Network Notify all so that people Updates feed for members of your want to hear from all your group about an you connections upcoming event Can win expertise Redirect these points if your members to your answer chosen as blog or website to best answer. convert them into leads </li> <li> 8. Network Building Invite thought leaders, from the industry to connect with Ask and answer questions on LinkedIn Answers to establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry Update your status frequently for getting noticed Link LinkedIn and Twitter accounts; Post LinkedIn status messages to Twitter and pull tweets into your LinkedIn status for leveraging your network </li> <li> 9. Groups - Creating Include keywords in the name Create a group for the industry and not your company Design the group logo to fit the small standard logo size Create a custom webpage for the group on your website ; This will provide more context, engagement and visibility Display the group in the Group Directory and on members profiles </li> <li> 10. Groups - Promoting Leverage your existing network: Invite co-workers, past colleagues, and customers to join and start discussions 1 Promote the group on your website, blog, email newsletter, and social media networks 2 Invite key industry experts to join and engage 3 Cross-market to related groups on different social media networks 4 Integrate LinkedIn into all of your marketing efforts. Every time you do a webinar or go to a conference, notify your group and invite those you meet 5 to join the group as well. </li> <li> 11. Groups - Managing Add discussions, news and jobs to create opportunities for interaction in the community Use Most Popular Discussions to highlight particular content or offers Send announcements (e-mails); These will also get added as a discussion thread for your group and can be marked as a featured discussion for extra visibility Import your blog RSS feed if relevant to the group Make your own LinkedIn analytics to track number of the group size; track the click through rate of links in your announcements, use a URL shortener with analytics like </li> <li> 12. Find New Talent and Social CRMCareer tab a paid feature in LinkedInShowcase your company story and jobopenings effectivelyShow an inside view of what it is like to workat the companyProvide a compelling and attractive valueproposition for drawing in potentialcandidates for employment </li> <li> 13. LinkedIn - The way ahead National Positions drives 300-500 unique visitors/month from LinkedIn 3 times as much as Facebook Drive traffic to your blogs, videos, webinar, presentations and other content </li> <li> 14. Thank You!! </li> </ul>