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Provides detail;ed ways to use LinkedIn in a job search.


  • 1. Using LinkedIn With Your Job Search Marv Goldstein June 2014

2. Marv Goldstein, June 2014 2 WHAT IS LinkedIn? Electronic Rolodex Social Network LinkedIn is about leveraging your contacts and those of the people that you know 3. Marv Goldstein, June 2014 3 FIRST STEPS Join LinkedIn Enter your personal profile Add a picture Enter your personal network Join groups Invite others to become your connections 4. Marv Goldstein, June 2014 4 INVENTORY YOUR PERSONAL NETWORK Under My Contacts, Discover your contacts feature: - LinkedIn will search your Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook accounts - Allows you to easily submit an invite 5. Marv Goldstein, June 2014 5 INVENTORY YOUR PERSONAL NETWORK Family Close Friends (inner circle) Business Associates Trusted Acquaintances Groups (Professional Associations, etc.) Classmates Acquaintances 6. Marv Goldstein, June 2014 6 ADDING NEW CONNECTIONS Quality over Quantity Add a connection if you can answer yes to the following questions Would you ask them for assistance? Would you contact a close associate on their behalf? Are you okay being associated (linked) with them? Will you remember them a year from now? 7. Marv Goldstein, June 2014 7 ADDING NEW CONNECTIONS Important! Personalize the canned LinkedIn invitation Instead of a generic cold request: I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. - Marv Goldstein, PMP Try a personalized request: Hi Dave: I hope you are doing well. I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. - Marv 8. Marv Goldstein, June 2014 8 THE POWER OF LinkedIn Your Connections Your trusted friends and colleagues 338 Two degrees away Friends of friends; each connected to one of your connections 102,200+ Three degrees away Reach these users through a friend and one of their friends 4,671,100+ Total users you can contact through an Introduction 4,773,700+ Marvs Personal Network 9. Marv Goldstein, June 2014 9 CREATING A PUBLIC URL Go into Profile Edit Profile Create Public Profile URL Then, add this URL to your business card 10. Marv Goldstein, June 2014 10 NOTIFY YOUR NETWORK OF YOUR JOB SEARCH Use Share an Update it is next to your picture Important! Sound upbeat and professional Instead of I am looking for a job Try I am seeking new career opportunities 11. Marv Goldstein, June 2014 11 WAYS OF USING LinkedIn Identify connections at your target companies Example, you are targeting Company X and identify John Smith as a good contact. Searching Company X, you see the following How youre connected to John You Jill Jones John Smith John Smith Manager, Services at Company X Location: Washington D.C. Metro Area Ask your contact, Jill, for an introduction to her contact, John 12. Marv Goldstein, June 2014 12 UNDERSTANDING A COMPANY Use Company Search Wealth of Information Company description New hires and promotions Your Network AND College Alumni Insightful Statistics Type in Hilton Worldwide as an example 13. Marv Goldstein, June 2014 13 ADVANCED JOB SEARCH Run search multiply times with different keywords Even slightly different keywords will yield different results At the end of your search results, select See more jobs from Simply Hired that fit these criteria Also, search on Job Fair, Career Fair, or Open House and enter your Zip Code to locate those events in your area project manLocatedinornear:UnitedStates1122335mi (55km)project manLocatedinornear:UnitedStates1122335mi (55km)project manLocatedinornear:UnitedStates1122335mi (55km) 14. Marv Goldstein, June 2014 14 LEARNING FROM OTHERS Request informational interviews from connections in your career field Look at resumes of others with similar careers to improve your resume See if you are using the correct terminology. Example, is it analytics, statistics, or metrics? Learn from others on how they present themselves Think of your profile as an electronic resume Important!: There is no spellcheck function in LinkedIn, so proofread. You may want to copy and paste your profile (by sections) into a Word document and then run the spellcheck function 15. Create An Inner Circle of Advisors Select from among your connections to fill various roles: The Mentor person you can learn from The Coach encourages you during the job search The Industry Insider knowledge of a targeted industry The Trendsetter keeps you informed of current trends (social media, hot jobs, emerging companies, etc.) The Connector knows people from various groups (as opposed to knowing many in a limited number of groups) The Realist provides a pragmatic voice Marv Goldstein, June 2014 15 16. Marv Goldstein, June 2014 16 THE HIDDEN JOB MARKET ON LinkedIn Jobs are announced in LinkedIn Groups Look in the Job Discussions and Jobs categories For example PM Community Group Latest: Discussions (38) Jobs (37) Members (100) Comments (18) Jobs (37) Product ManagerHollander, a Solera company - Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area Implementation Consultant - Client-FacingAudatex - a Solera company - Hartford, Connecticut Area Field Service Engineer - Midwest TerritoryMerck Group - Chicago, US-IL 17. Marv Goldstein, June 2014 17 SEE WHERE THERE IS INTEREST IN YOU Who has viewed my profile? - Your profile has been viewed by 6 people in the last 2 weeks. - In the last week, you've appeared in search results 44 times. - See who has viewed your profile Look at who is viewing your LinkedIn profile Very telling if you had submitted a resume to a company now viewing your profile Who has viewed my profile? feature located on right side of Home Page 18. Marv Goldstein, June 2014 18 WHO HAS VIEWED MY PROFILE? Your profile has been viewed by 6 people in the last 7 days, including: Administrator at Vanguard Someone in the Executive Leadership function at Retailing Association Mike Jones Title: Consultant at Company A Demographic Info: Bloomington, Indiana | Market Research In Common: 2 shared groups Sherry Doe Title: Web Research Analyst at Company B Demographic Info: Alexandria, VA | Marketing and Advertising Barry Smith Title: VP Sales at Company C Washington D.C. Metro Area | Telecommunications 23 shared connections 19. Marv Goldstein, June 2014 19 JOB SEARCH ENGINES Job Search Engines The Center for Association Leadership LinkedIn Your profession-specific industry/association * Set up search alerts Remember Companies + LinkedIn = Strategic Connections Hiring Staff (interviewing manager)+ LinkedIn = Critical Insights 20. JOB SEARCH SKILL: LISTENING To be effective with your job search and when interviewing Dont rush to judgment (no creating stories in your mind) Ask questions Interpret verbal and nonverbal messages Focus on what is being said Look to learn (no yes but to suggestions) Focus on the meaning behind the words Marv Goldstein, June 2014 20 21. JOB SEARCH SKILL: READING THE JOB ANNOUNCEMENT Resumes often read by machine or clerks They are looking for SPECIFIC keywords MUST adopt their jargon Social Media, is not Facebook, Twitter, etc. They are looking for the word Social Media They will not interpret Make changes to resume with jargon and save as Company 1, Company 2, etc. Marv Goldstein, June 2014 21 22. Marv Goldstein, June 2014 22 CONCLUSION LinkedIn is only one of many tools Free (dont see a need to purchase the fee service) Easy to use Powerful Promotes both computer AND face-to- face job search 23. Marv Goldstein, June 2014 23 TODAYS CAREER SEARCH ACTIVITY Join LinkedIn Today! 24. Marv Goldstein, June 2014 24 THANK YOU