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Background on Google Scholar and search tips.


  • 1. Just It!

2. About Google Scholar Google Scholar provides a familiar, user-friendly interface to conduct cross-discipline searches for scholarly literature. Source: 3. Scholarly vs. Popular Resources Whats the Difference?... 4. Scholarly vs. Popular Scholarly Lengthy articles Fewer graphics Use technical language Give references Written by subject experts Popular Shorter articles Lots of images Uses simple vocabulary References are rare Written by journalists 5. Why Google Scholar? Uses a familiar interface Free (some minor exceptions) and can be accessed from anywhere Can link to your librarys subscription databases More reliable results than Google or Wikipedia Search across multiple disciplines simultaneously Uses natural language 6. Beginning Your Search Define your search terms What are search terms and why are they needed? 7. Formulating your search Combine terms with AND in the basic search or use the Advanced Search feature. Google Scholar is less picky than databases, but why start bad habits now. Test different search terms, and keep track of the ones you have tested. 8. Example Search Search terms: Immigrants Migrants Refugees Children Kids Youth Juveniles Adolescents Citizenship Citizens Residents Should undocumented children be granted citizenship? 9. Practice Makes Perfect Topic: Does capital punishment reduce violent crime? Think about what search terms you might use for this topic 10. Dont Stop at Google Scholar Google Scholar doesnt have all the answers??? Well, in short No! Disadvantages of Google Scholar include: Difficulty narrowing down results No option to search by full title Defaults to sort by relevancy rather than publication date 11. Things You Should Know Now Why you might use Google Scholar How to link Google Scholar to your librarys databases Ways to brainstorm search terms Executing and refining your search 12. Need More Help Searching? You can: Ask-A-Librarian Text-A-Librarian Call the library at: 982-5363 or 982-5364