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Assignment:. Design a Postage Stamp. Using Adobe Illustrator. Most of us have mailed a letter using a postage stamp. But few of us have considered when and where stamps were first used. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Using Adobe IllustratorAssignment:Design a Postage Stamp

  • Most of us have mailed a letter using a postage stamp.But few of us have considered when and where stamps were first used.

  • De Valayers system was short-lived.The first effort to mark letters for delivery came in 1653, when Frenchman, De Valayer was granted permission to establish a postal system in Paris. He set up mail boxes at various location though out the city and delivered the letters people placed in them, but only if they used envelopes that only he sold. Letters were marked by wrapping them with a slip of paper bearing the inscription "post-paid______day of_________1653." An enemy of De Valayer's put live mice into the letter boxes. They chewed and nested in the letters and ruined his business.

  • Later, in 1716, Spain began experimenting with postage.

  • It wasnt until 1840 that England introduced the first adhesive stamp like we are familiar with today.The 1840 Queen Victoria or Black Penny stamp is now worthbetween $40,000 and $60,000.

  • The first two American postage stampswere issued in 1847, a five cent Ben Franklin and ten cent George Washington.The five-cent stamp paid for domestic letters within a 300 mile radius of the post office from which it was sent, and the ten-cent stamp for anything beyond that.

  • Between 1851 and 1860 new stamps of differing values replace thesefirst stamps. As with the first stamps, the more the postage the greater the delivery distance. A ninety cent stamp went to Europe.

  • In 1869 American stamps began to feature images other than portraits.

  • The first U.S. stamps issued specifically to commemorate our history were issued in 1893 and honored Christopher Columbus.

  • Other Commemorative StampsRequirements for stamp designMore current commemoratives

  • Many of the subjects chosen to appear on U.S. stamps and postal stationery are suggested by the public. Each year, the Postal Service receives from the American public thousands of letters proposing stamp subjects. Every stamp suggestion meeting criteria is considered, regardless of who makes it or how it is presented. On behalf of the Postmaster General, the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee is tasked with evaluating the merits of all stamp proposals. Established in 1957, the Committee provides the Postal Service with a "breadth of judgment and depth of experience in various areas that influence subject matter, character and beauty of postage stamps."

  • The Duke Ellington stamp was part of the 2008 commemorative stamp series honoring black cinema.

  • The Take Me Out to the Ballgame stamp was a 2008 commemorative stamp honoring black baseball history.

  • The Red Grange stamp was part of the 2008 commemorative stamp series honoring football legends.

  • The Love stamp was part of the 2002 commemorative stamp series recognizing the importance of love.

  • Some stamps commemorate people, events or institutions.

  • Some stamps educate.

  • The stamps you design will be created using AdobeIllustrator and will have an appearance like one ofthe following examples.

  • Todays stamps have taken on a new and more contemporary appearance.

  • What kind of information is displayed on a stamp?valuecountryClass:regularfirstairillustration