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  • 1. Uses of Fonts

2. Uses of FontsAs you can see in my finished magazine pages I have used different sizes of fonts firstly onmy front cover where I have used quite a bold and dark style of writing for my mast head Ihave done this to attract my target audience I understand using dark style of writing isnot very eye catching but as my mast head was also bold and big making it dark makes iteven more eye catching for my target audience, on the front I have used different types offonts representing the content included in my magazine, this has been done so each storyhas its own impact as my audience will understand which story is the main headline of themagazine. By using this technique I have followed a typical magazine front coverconvention.My contents page also has the same type of bold writing which also stands out to myaudience, I have small simple fonts in my contents page as I want my audience tounderstand what they are reading, as if I had used fonts which were fancy and artistic myreaders may not be able to read the content of my magazine, this is why I decided to usefonts which where simple so that my audience would not have a problem reading whatwas written. 3. Uses Of FontsI used the same conventions and techniques in my double page spread as well asyou can see that the headline on the double page is bold and big so then it standsout for the reader of the magazine. I have also done the same thing with the smallparagraph that gives the reader a bit of insight about the story, I have done this sothe reader before reading can know about the content and also keeping this boldparagraph will help to attract the reader towards the magazine and also keep thementiced to keep on reading on.