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  • 1. Uses of a Collection Development Policy March 19, 2014 1
  • 2. Purposes: To create a collection of library materials that supports the library's mission. All decisions about the kinds of materials to be collected or accessed should be made with the mission statement in mind. 2
  • 3. -provides information to the library's stakeholders about how the collection is chosen, and it explains who is responsible for making decisions about the collection.
  • 4. -provides information for people who are interested in the library's collection include: *staffs *members of the public *the librarys governing 4
  • 5. -to assist librarians in selecting current, diverse, balanced collections of materials to support the instructional and institutional needs of students, faculty and staff
  • 6. -to supply integrated access to collections of materials in all appropriate formats in the most cost-effective manner.
  • 7. -to assist in both long and short range fiscal planning.


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