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<ul><li>1.COMMON ENGLISH EXPRESSIONS </li></ul> <p>2. certainly definitely absolutely Sleep wellOf course that's fine that's right same to you! me too not bad I'm in a hurry I've got to go I'm going out sure I don't likeHimHerItI like ... him Her it it doesn't matter it's not important it's not serious it's not worth it that's enough as soon as possible OK POSSITIVE WORDS OR EXPRESSIONS 3. thanks for your ... help hospitality email sorry I'm late sorry to keep you waiting sorry for the delay Im sorryIm so sorryIm really sorryTHANKS AND APOLOGIES 4. bless you!great! that's funny! come on! damn it! just kidding! only joking!look! that's life! I have a questionEXCLAMATIONS 5. why not?Why? are you sure?Really? What time is it? What is todays date? have you got a minute? how? who?when? where?What? where are you? May I be excused?what happened? what's happening? what's going on? How do you sayin English?What doesmean?what's this? what's that? what's this called? Could you repeat that?, Could you speak more slowly? How do youpronounce? is anything wrong? what's the matter? is everything OK? COMMON QUESTIONS 6. hang on a second hang on a minute one moment, please just a minute take your time come in!please sit downcould I have your attention, please? please be quiet shut up! don't forget don't worry let's go!hurry up! help yourselfgo ahead let me know! calm down INSTRUCTIONS 7. merry Christmas! Congratulations! good luck! sorry to hear that what a pity! what a shame! well done! bad luck! happy New Year! never mind! happy Easter! happy birthday! glad to hear it happy Valentine's Day! CONGRATULATIONS ANDCOMMISERATIONS 8. I'm exhausted I'm bored I'm tired I'm worried I'm in a bad mood I'm hungry I can't be bothered I'm looking forward to it I'm thirsty I'm in a good mood EXPRESSING NEEDS AND FEELINGS 9. what do you think? I think that ...I hope that ... I'm afraid that my opinion, ... that depends I agree I disagreeorI don't agree I don't mind it's up to you that's interesting you're right you're wrong that's true that's not true I think so I hope so ASKING AND EXPRESSING OPINIONS 10. what languages can you speak? I speak ... how do you say ... in English? how do you spell that? how do you pronounce this word? yes, I understood sorry, I didn't understand do you understand? did you understand? I'm learningwhere did you learn your English? at school at university I took a course I taught myself you speak very good English your English is very good LANGUAGES AND COMMUNICATION </p>