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1. By : Vivek A Tiwari 2. In mid 90s more than 60% of all used car sales was C2C Trade use to happen within friends and relatives, with circle of trust Remaining 40% sales done by local unorganized dealers In 2001,with the entry of Maruti True Value brought trust and organized selling of pre-owned car 3. Market is at nascent stage in India as compare to US and UK For every new car sold, around 1.3 used car are sold In US this Ratio is 1:3 and in UK 1:2 Due to economic slow down and increase in fuel prices Indian used car market is growing unprecedently and will continue to grow 4. Maruti is leader in used car market followed by Hyundai,TATA,Honda 5. Maruti True Value Hyundai H PROMISE Mahindra First Choice Wheels Tata Motors Assured BMW Premium selection Chevrolet certified Toyota U Trust 6. On-line availability has made customers life easy Plethora of cars at one click Valuable information regarding pre-owned cars make these marketplace very popular 7. 8. Generally indian family comprises of many member therefore they hold need for more than one car or bigger car Availability of wide range of such cars in fair prices make customer more comfortable with used car Multitude of quality choices 9. The significant increase in disposable income among middle class will contribute to a CAGR of 23.46 percent in the used car market in India from 2014- 2018. Looking at the figures a good growth can be expected, as per analysis market has potential to reach at the ratio of 1:3 till 2020. 10. Thank you 11. RNCOS Business consulting service Technavio analysis