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  • 1. Use, Develop or Challenge?
    Poster and Advertisement

2. We decided to use the convention of having the artist on the front cover because like Skream it was his first album out and therefore promoting themselves to the consumer. We ultimately decided on a similar picture to Benga because of the title of the album, Life is Lifesuggesting something personal and emotional. Bengas album is called Diary of an Afro Warrior and so both are about something personal. In Bengas he doesnt look out to the audience to convey emotion and in ours to we dont have him looking out at the audience to convey a similar emotion.
3. Image
We used the convention of having the font stand out against the image. We chose bright white font because we knew it would stand out against the blue at the back as well the image on the front. The reason for this is to draw attention to it for the consumer. The name Cragga is quite large and therefore is easily identified as the artists. If we have the right software we would have used a font called Forever Black, as seen in the music video, but have it white so it would stand out and also link the music video, poster and dig pack.
4. Colour Scheme and Layout
One thing that we challenged was the colour scheme. Even though the image on the front it similar to other dub step artists the use of the colours of electric blue is more associated with dance or electro. The reason we challenged this is because we wanted to make the album stand out as different and also try and break into the mainstream. However I think that because of the title of the album it may have been wiser to choose subtle colours like Benga did because it is an album about himself and emotions similar to how ours is about the artist.
5. Poster Layout
Like all the other posters I analysed we chose to have the album cover on the poster, The reason it appears is because this is what the advert is promoting and so it sticks in the consumers mind so when they go out and buy it they wont have to go searching because the know what it looks like. Out layout is similar to that of Andy Cs because I found that this was the most exciting to look at and drew your attention more then the others because of the bright colour against the black and also the large image. In some ways we challenged the layout because in all the other advertisements the album was quite small.
6. Poster Layout continued.
In all the advertisements I analysed they always contained the artists name as the biggest word they see which we used. They also contained when and where the album was available and who was featured on it. Which is what we also included. One thing that was missing and would have made the poster even more successful would be tour dates. The reason for this is because dub step music is mainly promoted in clubs. Also Dub step adverts are usually a promotion for all the artists are doing as well as the album and it is missing this. However as mentioned we are trying to draw a larger crowd and not all may enjoy going to clubs so the advert reflects this.