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Take time to read through this Report and see the health and freedom opportunities that are open to you right now. This is your opportunity to make a choice. Choose a Business that has proven its name by industry standards. USANA has been voted the number one network marketing business by Network Marketing Today and MLM Insider magazine 11years in a row. Choose an industry that continues to grow in uncertain economic climate.USANA continues to grow with a new 16 million dollar regional office in Sydney and new international market opportunities in the Philippines and Malaysia Choose only the best ingredients Usana has just the right ingredients creating the highest quality science-based health products to help you achieve optimal health. Choose the best business plan. With a premium product line and award winning compensation plan Usana offers multiple ways of earning income


  • 1. HealtH & FreedomUSANA Fast FactstHis inFormation could cHange your HealtH and Financialsituation Forever. Please read this information carefully. In the following pages you will discover: 1) How one company, USANA Health Sciences, is changing the way the world looks at nutrition.2) Nutritional products based on years of scientific research and sound formulation by some of the worlds top scientists. USANA products can make a significant difference in your health.3) An opportunity for YOU to secure your future and earn a lucrative income with USANAs award-winning compensation plan.4) How you can have the freedom to do what you want, when you want, and enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams.SEPTEMBER 2008 USANA Fast Facts page 1

2. Success is Just a Matter of Time HealtH & FreedomMatt and Shanna Ryan areWe look at people and things inUSANA Fast Factsliving a life they never woulda different light. Knowing thehave believed was possible before impact we can make in each and inside tHis issuejoining USANA 10 years ago. We every person we meet has kept usanas mission . . . . 3really didnt allow ourselves tous going.dream because we would be let Today, the Ryans are reaping thePhysiciandown, they state. We doubtedrewards for their years of hardourselves and our dreams and putrecommended . . . . . . 4work. We have a beautiful home,limits on what we could achieve drive cars we never thought webecause that is what seemed usana Products. . . . 5would, have recreational vehiclespractical. and boats that we can actuallyadvantages of aIt wasnt long ago that Matt was Shanna & Matt Ryan, Texas,USAenjoy, and have traveled around Home-based Businessbusy running his own landscapethe world. But most importantly,business and chasing work whenwe get to be stay-at-home parents.................. 9he was introduced to USANA. Shanna, however, for our son and daughter, Shanna says. Through itWhat usanawanted nothing to do with the business for fear it all, we have met people who have forever enrichedwould take time away from the little amount she and and changed our lives.can offer you. . . . . . .10Matt spent together. After seeing the many benefits As Matt and Shanna reflect on their experience, theyUSANA offered, though, she changed her mind and hope others will see the possibilities for themselves.compensationtoday is thankful it has become something they can Success is just a matter of time, Shanna explains. Plan . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11do together.Quitting before the game is over is not an optiondreams areIt is their commitment to each other and their for us and never was. Their best advice to Associatesbusiness that has helped this couple succeed. Life is is to never, never quit. Make sure you are doingBecoming reality . . . .14more fulfilling now, Shanna says. Before USANA,something to move your business forward every day,we were not changing anyones life. Now we hearand you can make it to the top too. Its up to you topeople say, My life is different because of USANA.make it happen.Expert in Personal Development, Dr. Denis Waitley says USANA Health Sciences Provides the Way for True Health and Real OpportunityAs a speaker and consultant over the years, I have been invited to associatemyself with dozens of companies. Until business partners the ability to achieve financial security, freedom to do what you want when you want, and a lifestyle that you have probably only dreamed of. And the best part is,now I have always chosen to remain you can have a successful USANA business on a full- or part-unaffiliated with any of them, yet withtime basis. Anyone can succeed in this business if he or sheUSANA, I saw an opportunity that met puts in the effort.and exceeded my expectations regarding Ive never seen a company that has excited me as much asnetwork marketing. USANA. They combine the grandest vision and the power ofIn a world cluttered by marketers, teamwork with the best products. They have the most integrity by Denis Waitley,USANA Health Sciences has a clearand forward-thinking leadership of all the top multinational voted Outstanding message of health and wealth tocorporations that I have worked with. I believe that is why Platform Speaker ofthose who join in sharing the vision USANA has made Forbes 200 Best Small Companies list in the Year and trainerof Dr. Myron Wentz. The company2004, 2005, and 2006 and why you owe it to yourself to look of Super Bowl andmanufactures most of its own high- deeper into this exciting opportunity. Take the time now to Olympic athletes,quality health-care products and employs carefully read this entire document and learn for yourself how Apollo astronauts, some of the industrys most outstandingUSANA Health Sciences can offer you true health and true and top Fortune 500scientists. Because of the quality of theirwealth. executives work, USANA provides its independent $91,800 is the average yearly income for an established, full-time USANA Associate (Gold Director and above). $23,225 is the annual average of those who earned as little as one commission check each month. Surveys show that 83% of all Associates self-report they joined USANA to improve their health. Of those remaining, 21% earned a check at least once a month even though 56% reported they were not joining to replace their full-time income. Of those that were, 41% have been Associates for at least one year and 56% are considered full time with the title of Gold Director or above. These figures shown should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. Success with USANA results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, and leadership. If you include all 126,146 with the title of Associate, which includes, Associates not actively building a business (acting as wholesale buyers), Associates who just joined (as little as one day), and those who are just beginning to build their customer base, the average yearly income is still $734.27, with more than one in three earning a check.These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure,or prevent any disease. USANA Fast Factspage 2 3. USANAs MiSSiONTodevelopandprovidethehighestquality,science-basedhealthproducts,distributedinternationallythroughnetwork marketing,creatingarewardingopportunityforindependentAssociates,shareholders,andemployees.Nutrition for the Cells By Dr. Myron Wentz, Founder & Chairman, USANA Health Sciences For the most part, as NorthAmericans we deny our bodies the proper nutrients to maintainOur vision for USANA HealthSciences is to use our research andtechnology to change the health health. We are overfed yet of people in North America and undernourished.throughout the world. The researchers at USANA Today we know more about what Myron Wentz, Ph.D., is a world-renowned scientist in the field of disease diagnosis and nutrition. Health Sciences and I have known causes poor health. However, until for a long time that nutrition now, few have taken the initiative Aninternationallyrecognizedpioneerintheuseofhumancellculture,Dr.Wentz plays an important role in in the field of medicine to use thehascontinuedhisdevotiontodevelopingmaintaining health, and we feeltechnology and knowledge westate-of-the-artscientificproductstoimprovethelivesofmanypeople,both that its significance needs to behave today to make productsphysicallyandfinancially.emphasized.that allow us to take control of Intheearly1970s,Dr.WentzfoundedGull Can We Have Optimal Health?our health.Laboratoriesandspent20yearsdevelopingproductsthatwouldbeusedtoaccurately I founded USANA Health Share the USANA Vision.diagnoseviralandotherinfectiousdiseases,includingthefirstEpsteinBarrvirusSciences because it becamedetectiontest.increasingly apparent to me that Afterextensiveresearchintothequalityofthe nutritional requirements ofhealthsupplements,hemadeacommitmenttoprovidehimselfandhisfamilywiththethe human body were not beinghighestlevelofnutritionpossible.In1992, met in todays environment. IhefoundedUSANA. knew that our knowledge and Dr.Wentzdevelopedalineofdietarysupplementsthatrewrotethestandardofexpertise in growing humanexcellenceinthenutritionindustry.Itis cells could be used to design aninpartbecauseoftheseproductsthatDr.WentzwasnamedUtah2003Ernst&Young advanced nutritional system thatEntrepreneuroftheYearandawardedthecould maintain peoples health andAlbertEinsteinAwardin2007. quality of life. USANAs Products Offer Remarkable Consumer Value I discovered USANA while on a journey to find a quality supplement to help deal with a personal health challenge. A scientist by training, I felt compelled to investigate and compare the wide variety ofnutritional products available in order to seek out the best.With over 1,500 nutritional supplements evaluated,USANAs Essentials continue to set the gold standard, earning the NutriSearch Gold Medal of Achievement forproven product excellence. Lyle MacWilliam, BSc, MSc, FP USANA Fast Facts page 3 4. Health-care Providers Place their trust It is becoming increasingly and Professional credibility in usana clear amongst scientists and health-care providers thatThe results that I have observed in my patients nutritional supplementationsince recommending the USANA Nutritionalsplays a key role in achievinghas been nothing short of amazing. USANA hastaken the sophisticated science of cellular nutritionoptimum health. All nutritional and produced products that I believe will help supplements are not createdchange the health of this world. equal; my recommendation is the Ray Strand, M.D., Family PracticeUSANA products. They have been formulated as a result of I love the integrity of the people who are doing years of cellular research by Dr. research for us in USANAI have been impressed Myron Wentz, and they have been with the results I have seen with friends, patients,engineered to