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ini adalah pertama kali saya membuat proposal usaha makanan ,jadi masih terdapat banyak keurangan dalam saya membuat proposal ini ,untuk itu bagi temen" saya minta kritik dan srannya dalam saya belajar kedpannya.trimakasih


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In a food business there are many types and kinds of variety of food from small to large, cheap to expensive. In everyday activity a lot of students who are busy with their activities. With The increasingly dense activity makes students lazy to go in the cafeteria to buy food. Looking at the analysis I provide solutions for students smk n 1 demak.I will sell one food product is quite popular children smk n 1 Demak, and this food was fit to be food consumed spare time is "Meatballs" .Which where food is always sought people every time in any occasion. By looking at such analysis , I would be interested in selling the " Meatballs " .The different where I made meatballs with meatballs meatballs I usually marketed in the form of a sauce , but not using the sticks as skewers with peanut sauce and covered with a sweet taste which I gave the name " Baksone Puncture " .Where these foods already have a taste on the tongue attached to the children smk 1 demak.I choose to sell the business " Baksone Tusuk "because the majority of market segmentation love this food .



VISION"Being a successful entrepreneur in the field of food with honesty and customer satisfaction".

MISSION1.Produce a successful entrepreneur in the field of food.2.acquire advantage.3.deliver convenience to children smk n 1 Demak to find a cheap but tasty food.4.searching business experience.

A.Aspect Marketing

Things that should be considered in marketing are:

Determining price according to the market price. the place convenient and easy to reach children.right buyer.

B.Planingand Marketing Strategy Plans and strategipemasaran by:1.Buyercan buy our food directly without having to search outside the school environment2. marketing to meet the system directly to the citizens smk.3.Locatedconvenient and easily accessible by the buyer.4.very affordable price for the, cafeteria, school cooperatives.

C.Segmentasi Market

Market segmentation is told is good throughout the school community, teachers, students, staff and employees, particularly bakso.karena lovers may wakrga smk n 1 Demak do not have time to make their own food and to preserve these foods.


1. Have a different taste of meatballs biasannya.2.Maner make it quite easy and efficient.Affordable 3.price bag fitted with school children4.maker Baksone Tusuk without preservatives so it is safe for consumption


SWOT ANALYSIS AND 4P SWOT A.Analisa Swot1.strenght (strength) The advantages of this product are:a.can sold to all people.b.material guaranteed hygienic food.c.mien manufacture is not too complicated.d.use natural materials quality.Raw e.bahan easily obtainable in the market.Smk f.society and residents can buy our foodstrategic h.bidder affordable price.

2.Weakness The weakness of these foods are:This easily imitatedb.Not durable.c.Many peaing.

3.Opportunities Opportunities in this product are: strategic. b.fasilitas easy and adequate.c.condition increasingly consumerist society making it easier for me it market.

4.Threats a.competitors who imitate and sell these products and sell them at a cheaper price.b.emerge new product is superior.The fix makes a larger form, no losses and more active promotion and sales.

B.Analisa 4P

1.Product Products sold "Bkasone Tusuk" which owns favorite food all circles.2.Price The price we offer cheap and of course sting in accordance with you.have RP:1000 .Price is very affordable for all people.

3.Promotion Promotion is done by:a.Delivery from mouth to mouth.B.brochure crowded placec.iklan via the Internet.

4Place (place)Crowded place / strategic.


BUSINESS PLANNINGEconomic A.SituationStable economy is currently It so than it does not hamper our efforts to open later.B.Capitalis Capital required rp 16519500,00 The capital used to purchase raw materials, equipment, and other materials with the following details:

1.Material Baku

1 Meatballs 18000 300.00 grains 5400.000,002 soy sauce 186 ml 12.0000,00 2232.00,003 Salt 5 packs 1000.00 5000.004 Stab stab satai 4000 1000.00 4000.00Fried Peanuts 5 125 kg 7000.00 875,000.006 red chillies 30 kg 36000.00 1,080,000.007 garlic, fried 20 kg 10,000.00 20,000.008 brown sugar 20 kg 12.000,00 240.000,00TOTAL 9,841,500.00


1 Paper slamer 600 sheets 100.00 60,000.002 Electric 400,000.003 Air 300,000.004 Phone 100,000.005 Wage Labor 3orang 600,000 1800.000,006 Promotion 200,000.007 Transportation 200,000.008 Recharge gas 400,000.009 Reserves 1,100,000.0010 TOTAL 4,560,000.00


Estimated turnover in 1 monthWithin 1 month of manufacture: 18000 skewerCost of Goods Sold = total expenditure: sales turnover= Rp.16519500,00: 18000= Rp.917,75 rounded Rp.1000,00 / puncture

Then sold the desired profit 30%Net profit perbungkus = price per pack x30%= Rp.1000,00 x30%= Rp.300,00 / punctureSelling price = price + benefits desired pertusuk= Rp.1000,00 + Rp300,00= Rp.1300,00Opinions skewers per month = 18000 x Rp.1300,00= Rp.23400000,00Net Profit = Revenue - Expenses= Rp.23400000,00 - 16,519,500.00= Rp.6880500,00


BEP = Capital: Net income= Rp.16519500,00: Rp.6880500,00= 2.5So capital would return within 2.5 months

Suggestions:Before opening a business make sure you make a thorough plan in advance including yangbaikt management system, proper promotion, excellent service priority, pour creative ideas and innovative in every business

Hopefully I made this proposal can be beneficial to all. For your attention and cooperation, we thank you. Hopefully we can build relationships better at this particular time and in the future.